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Brainstorm Mkt Latin America


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The Global Ticket Machine a world-wide
electronic hardware and software system
designed by IBM that provides the core
technology to drive ticket sales and venue
entry solutions.

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Brainstorm Mkt Latin America

  1. 1. Brainstorming on GTM for Latin America Mexico and Brazil Orlando A. Moreno 408.656.2498
  2. 2. Overview  The Global Ticket Machine a world-wide electronic hardware and software system designed by IBM that provides the core technology to drive ticket sales and venue entry solutions. Kiosks, Turnstiles and Point-of-sale devises are part of the integrated system 2 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  3. 3. Features & Benefits  The GTM System utilizes a rechargeable and reusable membership card which contains an encoded magnetic strip which allows the event-going consumer to gain access to the venue and also acquire goods and services within. Membership card is pass-code protected for the security of the consumer.  Consumer uses his own pin number to access information tickets, merchandize and concessions contained in the GTM system that he/she pre- purchased. 3 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  4. 4. Benefits of venue operators The GTM System offers a massive data base to venue operators that can be used to track accounting and administrative procedures that will minimize costs and facilitate revenue tracking. 4 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  5. 5. Benefits to the consumer Lost or stolen tickets are a thing of the past. Consumers can use their credit card used to purchase tickets , merchandize and concessions even if they have lost their GTM membership card. If the consumer purchased card at venue with cash, and that card is lost or stolen, consumer can gain access to venue and pre-purchased information simply by providing their name and presenting an I.D. card at customer service. 5 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  6. 6. Penetration Strategy for Mexico and Brazil.  Aztec Stadium (Mx) 350,000 capacity 106,000 300,000  Mario Filho Stadium 250,000 Mex (Brazil) capacity 200,000 Bra 122,268 150,000 Mex * Estadio Universitario 100,000 50,000 (Mx) capacity 70,000 0 Capacity 6 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  7. 7. Applications The GTM System can be integrated into the marketplace not only in stadium and auditorium settings, but has a plethora of applications in the Airline, Hotel and Hospital industries. To bring the entertainment world at ready access to the GTM Membership Card holder. 7 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  8. 8. Specifications  The GTM System can be described as a network medium to facilitate the entertainment needs of the consumer by making the process more convenient through its membership card.  The challenge is to introduce the system to the marketplace in various sectors that encompass a broad entertainment spectrum. 8 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  9. 9. Pricing  For a large stadium the approximate price for the entire GTM system will range from $500,000 to $750,000 U.S. dollars.  However, as a sales incentive we will offer a rebate on full hardware installation at the venues if the system is installed within 12 months of the initial offer. 9 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  10. 10. Availability  GTM will be made available to install not sooner than August 1st, 2002. Sales personnel will utilize all available techniques to disclose GTM to clients. However, all preliminary requirements to embark on this operation must be in place. Full registration of international patents and Licenses, sales presentation materials and other requirements pending. 10 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno
  11. 11. Orlando A. Moreno is a certified Project Manager and consultant with extensive working experience on domestic and International multidisciplinary projects. Orlando Moreno has made his career helping individuals and organizations turn their potential into performance, succeed in every area of their lives and achieve their dreams. Orlando A. Moreno 408.656.2498 11 408.656.2498 Orlando Moreno