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  2. 2. IT’S BEEN TOO LONG Hi folks, Frank & Orlaith here, your new president and vice president calling… We are so sorry it’s been so long and we have not been in touch. We have been so busy trying to balance everything and well we wont bother giving reasons......Here is the result SORRY Ok, so lets get the bad news out of the way. The Canteen has been closed the last few weeks. Why? Smoking. We have been reminded by the “POWER THAT BE” that the act of smoking inside is in fact against the law. We presumed everybody knew this. We are currently in negotiations to reopen the canteen, but unless we show that we have addressed the issue the canteen will remain closed. DO NOT SMOKE INSIDE ON THURSDAYS OR ANY OTHER DAY, IT IS ILLEGAL. So you have been told. While we are on the topic of Thursday nights, which have been a lot of fun and busy in recent weeks, it may come as a surprise to many that we are in ———— fact, not cleaners. WORK Please put your cans in the bins provided, it doesn’t take much time HARDHARD and it makes everything a lot AY – PL——— nicer. And another thing, don’t dump your cans on the street outside, we have had warnings from the GARDA and if such ‘reckless behavior and — lack of respect for others’ continues, Thursday nights will be no more. Ok? These are all simple problems with simple solutions, don’t smoke inside and clean up after yourselves (same applies if you are making your tea or dinner in the union) Thanks. Now, moving on. STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2009 2
  3. 3. STUDENT MICK MINOGUE AT MONSTER TRUCK Mick Minogue a graduate of NCAD has a show on in the Monster Truck Stuios kicking off on the 4th NEWS IN of December. Remember Me in 1983 is an artistic retrospective of all his favourite childhood cartoons of the 80s & 90s. Like all of us, he spent many a Saturday morning curled up on a couch tucking into SHORT some buttery toast or a big bowl of Frosties watch- ing Captain Planet and waiting for the Thundecats to come on. Those were the days when all you worried about was that Shredder and Bee-bop and Rocksteady would be defeated and sent back to the Technodrome. Opening reception is on Friday the 4th of December starting at 7 PM abd open till 9PM so get down early. There will also be a GEPPETTO COlab live Visuals show who will be making live art and giving it away free. Goody Bags for the first 50 in. For more information, contact Davey Moor: davey@ Cartune Xprez website Friday, December 4, 2009 at 7:00pm Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 6:00pm STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2009 3
  4. 4. WINNING! ARTS COUNCIL BURSARY AWARD 2009 Please note that the deadline for the 2nd Round of Bursary Awards 2009, originally scheduled for 5 Novebmer 2009, has will been COMPETITION AND AWARDS DEADLINES extended and the new deadline is 21 Janu- ary 2010. The Arts Council Bursary Award is OPPORTUNITIES designed to support professional artists in the AWARDS / GRANTS development of their work by providing visual arts practitioners with the time and resources INNOVATION ‘09 AWARD AT MEDIA CUBE, to think, research, reflect and develop their IADT practice. Media Cube at the IADT campus in Dun 1ST Laoghaire invites applications for the Innova- The award is open to artists at all stages of their PRIZE tion ‘09 Award. Media Cube is a dedicated career. The maximum Bursary Award available is €15,000 per year per artist, though in a lim- BABY incubation and innovation facility for digital ited number of cases the Arts Council will also media and software companies and the Inno- vation ‘09 Award will provide 1st prize of office support applications for multi-annual bursaries space in the facility for one year, as well as cash of up to €30,000 for a 2 year period or €45,000 prizes, showcase exposure, press profiling and for a 3 year period. the opportunity to pitch to an industry-leading judging panel, as well as the chance to benefit Application forms and guidelines are available from the advice of top business people. online. T: 01 6180200 If you have an innovative product and would E: like the benefit of being surrounded by other organisations and companies with skills and Deadline for applications: 21 January 2010 contacts in your sector, please fill out the online application form at: Deadline for entries: 5pm, 3 December 2009 STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JUNE 2009 4
  5. 5. THINGS TO DO DANGEROUS THINGS is a collaborative residency at EXCHANGE DUBLIN featuring Sam Keogh and Joseph Noonan Ganley. The artists have occupied a studio space in one of the windows of the space for two weeks. These moving mannequins advocate intellectual paper-cuts bent on cleansing our eyes and are negotiating the decisions and objectives that are currency between two artists engaged in a collaborative residency. They rise early in the morning with the objective of creating one artwork SIX FOOT BUNNIES, DANGEROUS THINGS AND AUSTRIAN MAGIC. for each day of the residency and are as approachable as a door to door salesman November 24th 2009, and the country is on its knees, again. that ain’t got no product. Addressing ideas of resistance and radical politics and their No money and water everywhere I passed by the institution that relationship to aesthetics through a process of experimentation and play the work binds us. Cold attendants and technicians circle over their prey, the will culminate in a three day exhibition in the studio space at EXCHANGE at the end cold slippy concrete.’152 people jailed for non-payment of TV licence. of the residency. I hope the guys don’t wrap me up in cardboard for this. Drop down Bonuses and ‘Top-ups’ for the REAL Criminals Get real!--Get Fair!’ and have a look. Here are the details. ‘Thats a cool sign Mick’ yours truly ‘ Thanks Frank, I downloaded last night’- ‘Thats nice’-’What are you going to do today frank?’ ‘I don’t know Mick, I decided to get up early and have a coffee in the botanic Open residency - 16th - 26th November, 9-5 daily gardens, but they are on strike too’- ‘Shame’-’I know’-’Hi Dave’-’Hi Exhibition opening - Friday 27th November, 6pm - 9pm. Exhibition runs Frank, hi Mick, what you guys up to?-’Striking’-’Very Well’-’Anybody until Sunday 29th November. wanna go see a movie later on?’-’Whats on?’- ‘A German movie, the white ribbon’-’Sounds like a plan’ Exhibition opening - Friday 27th November, 6pm - 9pm With FOOD NOT BOMBS. Exhibition runs until Sunday 29th November. The weather was sixth seal territory so I hopped on the 83 and made ‘Popcorn is not allowed in here... sir’. The world may really be ending. After a bit of my way back home. I’ll finish my book. The Death of Bunny Munro is writing and a bit of procrastination I bandyed down to IFI. The White Ribbon (Das the new novel by Australian backward vagabond genius Nick Cave. weiße Band) is the latest masterpiece from austrian filmmaker and writter Michael The Death of Bunny Munro is a novel about a delusional sex addict/ Haneke. Michael Haneke may be best known for Benny’s Video, a highly original beauty products salesman and his reserved, thoughtful nine year horror (for the want of a better word) flick in 1992. old son in the fateful days after the suicide of their wife/mother. This salesman also happens to be a six foot bunny rabbit, probably This is a beautifully disturbing film, executed with sensitivity and raw passion. Not important to mention that. Despite being quite the fan,thus, slightly that it is ones intention to view a film then subsequently rip it apart, I believe that this bias here folks this is an easy read that hits the spot for anyone that film even lacking a soundtrack is completely flawless. The White Ribbon, according has any sort of fleeting imagination, at the very least. If you wanna to Haneke, is about “the origin of every type of terrorism, be it of political or religious borrow it, drop into the office, ill sort ya out. nature.” Set in a small protestant German town the summer before world war one So, I decided after reading I would begin writing a bit about a few 1914, this small village is the setting for strange crimes that almost hint at paranormal shows and events I’ve been at and seen lately. Several sips of coffee activity. The film could almost be a mini-series but is bound by a timely narrative. In later, Jesus, my memory ain’t good these days. Where to start? Cannes, the film won the Palme d’Or prize, given by the International Federation of DANGEROUS THINGS would be a good place. Film Critics, and a special mention from the ecumenical jury. The movie is currently showing at IFI. STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JUNE 2009 5
  6. 6. EVENTS CHRISTMAS CRAFTS FAIR NCAD Presentation Skills Workshops. • Need help dealing with presentations? Struggling to deliver The National College of Art and Design is proud to announce presentations confidently? Well NCADSU will be hosting workshops on they will be hosting their annual Christmas Fair on the 12th of how to present /speak confidently about your work and also how to over- December 2009 in the Cultivate Centre in the heart of Temple come nerves. Places are limited so please book now. Bar from 11:00 til 18:00. Dates of Workshops The NCAD Christmas Fair is an opportunity to see and buy • 2nd, 9th December work from NCAD artists and designers in a variety of media • 13, 20th January finished to a very high standard. Some of the work on display will include pieces in glass, metals, ceramics, jewellery, paint- To book a place: ing, prints, photography, sculptural pieces, textile and fashion Email: Orlaith or Frank at: to name but a few. Indulge in the perfect Christmas shopping experience and en- P.A.L.M. CHARITY MUSIC EVENT joy an eclectic mix of exquisite and handcrafted products that will not only make a perfect Christmas present but also will not Peace, Amnesty, Love, Music (PALM) are a fund-raising break the bank. organisation who have been working together for over three years now. We have staged many successful musical events over that Not only that but the Cultivate Centre will also play host to time. the NCAD Café which has a huge range of seasonal treats This time we venture to the Button Factory on the 9th of including Chai Tea, Hot Chocolate and Mulled Wine. We will December. With generous acts using their time to do something also have music and Dj’s throughout the day spinning Festive great including ‘The Chapters’, ‘Killer Chloe’,’Lorcan Mak’, and Tunes. ‘Tongue and Cheek’... STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JUNE 2009 6
  7. 7. MAKE YOUR EYES SMILE Fine Art and Design Stuff to look at over the next fews of weeks. A few wee links that will make your eyes smile! STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2009 7