NCADSU Newsletter 51.


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NCAD Newsletter

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NCADSU Newsletter 51.

  1. 1. ———5– — O. 1 N——— — – NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 1
  2. 2. HAPPY NEW DECADE Hello and welcome back! This is it, this is the future, 2010. Happy New That was all last year though, and this year Decade!!! First of all, thanks for all the good we have a lot lined up, so pay attention. feedback about the ball. It was truly a night to Also, best of luck to all the fourth years who are remember, it even snowed for all who have no now entering the final depths of the dreaded recollection, which is many our sources tell us. land of the thesis, your almost there. NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 2
  3. 3. NEWS IN Valentines Ball be held Thursday January The ball is going to be on 7th, meet at the union at 11:55 Thursday the 11th of February every Thursday, every two SHORT in a secret location . weeks. These meetings will prove to be very important We are also going to have in the next few months, so a Valentines Day Postbox please take the time to where you can send your come along. College Singer Songwriter has been Valentine a postcard declaring Thesis Time Great news Massage, Pilates getting rave reviews so far your undying love for them. and if you want to get Its that time of the year again. and Yoga are still running We will be hosting a involved head down to This is just a shout out to all and are going great. You can competition to design a the Box in Red Square on the thesis folk, best of luck, sign up at any time and you postcard for Valentines Day. Tuesday’s at half six. drop into the union if you can pop into the Union for So send us in your need anything!! We will be more information. For more information on suggestions. putting details for binding SSEX – Extreme Sports Societies you can check up on our website in the next More information to come. Society has been going really out our Faebook page and week. Also any ideas for the our Website. Battle of the Bands well with Snowsports kicking the thesis hand-in party? of in February with a visit January Blues We are yet to confirm a date Drop in to the union. to Kilternan. If you want in just yet but to all you in a We will be hosting a January band send us in your demo’s Swimming please drop in for a chat in Blues night in the newly (cassette tapes welcome) and Eat too much turkey? the Union. reopened canteen this Thursday enter the Battle of the Bands Get back into ‘shape’ by We are also in the process of night with music coming from NCAD, TODAY! swimming!!! Swim anytime getting a new place to host some cracking DJs. Class Rep Meetings at Markievicz Leisure swimming as Kevin Street You CAN NOT smoke in the Centre. It will cost you 6 euro Swimming Pool has been Class Rep meetings will Canteen. It is ILLEGAL and BUT, bring the receipt back shut-down. We will know by take place every two weeks we are in enough trouble as it to the union and we will get 3 the end of next week so check in a conference room in the is so please do not smoke. it out on Facebook. college. The first meeting will shiny new euros! NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 3
  4. 4. OPENINGS COuNTER EARTH NEW WORkS bY DAMIEN FlOOD Damien Flood another graduate of NCAD is having a solo show in the Green on Red Gallery on the 28th January. Having graduated from Fine Art Painting with an MFA he has continued his exploration of the notions of the real and the un-real. Click here to check out more YOuR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HEll THE kIlMAINHAM ARTS Club NEW WORk bY ENDA MCNAllY The Kilmainham Arts Club has been running successfully Thursday, 21 January 2010, 18:00 – 20:00 since September the 7th and happens on the first Monday of every month. It is a free event and is open to all.This is an Master Thief’s Secret Lair, Top Floor, opportunity for all local artists to share their work. And those 11 South William Street, Dublin 2. with and interest in the arts can enjoy an entertaining evening Enda McNally a recent graduate of NCAD Media is having with like-minded people.They are currently in search of new a solo show in the Master Thief’s Secret Lair on South artists in any department to partake. If you wish to perform, William Street. Find out more at either. exhibit, or be involved email or NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 4
  5. 5. PEOPlES with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The Tribunal will also examine the local and PERMANENT international factors that led to the collapse of the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement. The People’s Permanent Tribunal has a TRIbuNAl long history of carrying out independent investigations of human rights abuses ranging from Vietnam to Guatemala. The People’s SRI lANkA Tribunal on Sri Lanka will be conducted by a panel of eleven eminent persons with vast experience in the field of human rights and in matters of justice, chosen from the Global South and North. The Tribunal will be co- hosted by the Irish School of Ecumenics, The Permanent People’s Tribunal (successor Trinity College Dublin and the School of Law to the Bertrand Russell Tribunal) will be and Government, Dublin City University, conducting aPeople’s Tribunal on the war Dublin, Ireland. The event is being organised in Sri Lanka and its aftermath in Dublin by the Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka. in January 2010. The People’s Tribunal The Tribunal will take place at Trinity College will investigate the allegations that the Dublin on January 14 and 15, 2010, and its Government of Sri Lanka and its armed forces provisional findings will be announced at a committed war crimes and crimes against public meeting on January 16. humanity during its final phase of the war Drop into the union if you like to know more. NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 5
  6. 6. IRISH has condemned this action but has failed to intervene, instead they have ordered that a vote be held by the people of Western Sahara to determine their future. SOlIDARITY the UN have left this vote under Moroccan control, 16 years on this vote has yet to happen! WESTERN Since the invasion Morocco has built a 2700km long heavily fortified wall across the country and declared the mineral rich areas under Moroccan ownership. While 300,000 Saharawi people live in refugee camps SAHARA along the Algerian boarder in an area known as the ‘Devil’s Garden’. The Saharawi people remaining in the Moroccan controlled area’s are condemned to horrifying breaches of human rights on a daily basis. Dearest students of NCAD, as the future free thinkers of this country I would like to draw your attention to The Moroccan ruling class are attempting to wipe out the largely unknown situation of The Western Sahara. a complete race of people to rob what was once theirs A country invaded in 1973 by a tyrant king and a race and cause they believe they are lesser people and of people facing ethnic cleansing and life outside there should be exterminated…one grim historical reference homeland in refugee camps. comes to my mind, HITLER! In 1973 Morocco invaded The Western Sahara, a On the Wednesday the 10th of January there will be former Spanish Colony, to gain control of their large a petition sheet in the concourse to sign and declare phosphate mines, oil reserves and fishing. Since then that you demand a stop to this situation, along with the Moroccan King has ordered a campaign of torture, information. Please come and sign from the freedom of rape and ethnic cleansing to wipe out and drive away The People of Western Sahara. The Saharwi people from their homeland. The UN Neil Rudden Former President of Ncad Students’ Union NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 6
  7. 7. REvIEWS OF THINGS WE lIkE AND DON’T lIkE “Keep away from art fairs, be an arsehole or an angel, don’t eat meat and never take milk in your coffee, some of this advice is total fucking bullshit!!!” If you you have any doubts on your future as an artist and need some advice forget the careers officer, by-pass fas and nip down to your local cultured book shop. Letters to a young artist is a pocket-size book that includes 23 letters written in response to a letter from a fictitious young artist--a recent art school graduate who is struggling with the moral and practical implications of being an artist in New York City. Any graduates still receiving this newsletter, this is worth checking out. It saved my brain over the Christmas, there is still hope guys. NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2009 7
  8. 8. THE FIlM REvIEW This month we got a response from a student who wanted to write a review, here’s what we got. NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2010 8
  9. 9. WARM YOuR MIND TANk! Here are some websites that made our minds warm up. They are a bit random this week but thought that you guys might appreciate them. Enjoy! NCAD STUDENT UNION NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2009 9