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Programa de estudio


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Programa de estudio

  1. 1. MANHATTAN NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF RELIGION INSTITUTE OF RELIGION COURSE 430-431 "DOCTRINES OF THE GOSPEL: A GRADUATE COURSE IN MORMON THEOLOGY" Thursdays, 8:00 p.m., September 17 through December 10, 2009 144 West 15th Street (Union Square Meetinghouse) in ManhattanInstitute course taught by Brent J. Belnap, former New York New York Stake President, starting Thursday,September 17, 2009, at 8:00 p.m. at the Union Square building, entitled: "Doctrines of the Gospel: AGraduate Course in Mormon Theology." The semester-long course will examine in-depth some of the basicdoctrines of the Gospel and how to apply them in daily living using the scriptures and the words of livingprophets.COURSE PURPOSES ▪ To develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ▪ To instill a desire to live more fully the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus ChristCOURSE SCHEDULE Manual Class Reading Weekly Question and Theme Chapter(s) Date Links ▪ What Is Truth and How Can I Know It?: 1, 2 Sep 17 Chapter 1 Divine Truth; Revelation: Avenue to Truth Chapter 2 ▪ Who Is God?: 3, 4, 5 Sep 24 Chapter 3 God the Eternal Father; Jesus Christ His Son; The Holy Ghost Chapter 4 Chapter 5 ▪ Where Did I Come From?: 6, 7 Oct 1 Chapter 6 Our Premortal Life and the Creation Chapter 7 ▪ Why Do I Need A Savior?: 8, 9 Oct 8 Chapter 8 The Fall; The Atonement of Jesus Christ Chapter 9 ▪ Why Am I Here?: 10, 11 Oct 15 Chapter 10 The Purpose of Earth Life; The Agency of Man Chapter 11 ▪ How Do I Begin To Know God?: 12, 13 Oct 22 Chapter 12 Prayer and Fasting; Faith, a Power That Centers in Christ Chapter 13 ▪ How Can I Reconcile Myself To God?: 14 Oct 29 Chapter 14 Repentance ▪ What Lack I Yet?: 16 Nov 5 Chapter 16 The Gift of the Holy Ghost; Charity and Purity ▪ By What Authority?: 25, 26 Nov 12 Chapter 25 Priesthood: What It Is, How It Works; The Oath and Covenant of Chapter 26 the Priesthood ▪ Where Am I Going?: 30, 31, 32, 33 Nov 19 Chapter 30 Death and the Postmortal World; The Redemption of the Dead; The Chapter 31 Resurrection and the Judgment; Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition Chapter 32 Chapter 33
  2. 2. ▪ [Thank sgiving Day] [no class] Nov 26▪ How Can I Be Born Again?: 18 Dec 3 Chapter 18 Spiritual Rebirth: True Conversion▪ How Can I Inherit Eternal Life?: 19 Dec 10 Chapter 19 Eternal LifePlease remember to bring your scriptures and a pen/pencil each week, along with copies ofmaterials listed under the above links that are marked "Primary Materials."To access an e-copy of Religion 430-431, Doctrines of the Gospel Student Manual, click here: or here: questions or comments, please e-mail Education Links ▪ Manhattan NY Institute of Religion ▪ New York City Metro Area Institutes of Religion ▪ Church Education System: Seminaries and Institutes of ReligionLast update: 17 Sep 2009Return to Brent J. Belnap: Home