The Future of Mobile Application Development


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The basic mobile apps can be categorized as Native apps and Web apps. Native apps are downloaded to our devices, and engineered specifically for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms.

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The Future of Mobile Application Development

  1. 1. The Future of Mobile Application Development Mobile Application Development The Basics The basic Mobile applications can be categorized as Native apps and Web apps. Native apps are downloaded to our devices, and engineered specifically for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms. Web apps are written in HTML5 and related Web technologies and are housed on the Web to run across all mobile platforms and devices. Comparison of Developer experiences.
  2. 2. Comparison of User experiences The Apps Market
  3. 3. In terms of market and developer revenues the clear winner is Native Mobile App development, if you do not want to miss the 25$ Billion Mobile Apps Development market (Gartner Prediction for 2013). Smartphone owners are expected to download about 56 billion applications this year, reports ABI Research. Of the 56 billion app downloads, approximately 32.5 billion, or 58% of them, will go to Android smartphones. Apple iPhone owners will download 18.5 billion apps, representing about 33% of the 56 billion total. The rest of 9% market is shared between Microsoft and Blackberry platform. The gaming industry has experienced a considerable shift in the past few years. Online and social games have emerged as massive markets showing explosive growth in the form of mobile gaming. Current gaming market is dominated by Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo. As the news started pouring that Google and other gaming companies are developing game consoles based on Android platform, the key players has got stunned and started looking in to options to make their consoles more versatile and gaming interactive. Now Microsoft has
  4. 4. started making Android/iOS games and we expect other key players to follow suit. Remember Video game industry is a 66$ Billion market However, with growing smartphone and tablet markets and increasing advances in mobile device development, Android and iOS devices are becoming the systems of choice for many handheld gaming enthusiasts. Hundreds of volunteers are working in mobile development. Android and iOS smartphones, portable media players, and tablets have most of the essential features of portable gaming devices – touch screens, motion sensors, accelerometers, and fast graphics, in addition to functioning as phones, contact managers coupled with wireless interfaces for Internet access. One more advantage is that Android and iOS users don’t need to go to a store to get titles they can browse and download games anywhere from either App Store or Android Market.
  5. 5. Developers Focus Developers knowledge upgrading is a basic requirement in the present fast growing world. Changes are constant in this world and we need to ride on the changes. Startups and established technology companies alike are coming to realize the value of selling mobile solutions to the enterprise. Developers must widen their knowledge on Mobile ERP, Cloud computing, Cross Platform development, HTML5, and designer skillset.
  6. 6. The current areas of innovative Mobile Technologies are Financial Services, Government agencies, Call center, Hospitality, Healthcare Providers, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing Industry, energy / Power, Events Management, Logistics, Telecommunication, Consulting, Military, Law Enforcement, Agriculture, Transportation, Real Estate, Freelancers, and the list goes on. Emerging market for Mobile CRM/ERP and the service areas are virtually limitless. The future certainly looks bright where mobile application development is concerned, and it doesn’t seem like the technological advances made in the past several years are showing any signs of slowing down.