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Technology Integration in Instruction


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Presented at Lake Forest College on October 30th, 2014.

Published in: Education
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Technology Integration in Instruction

  1. 1. Classroom Integration of Technology Spiro Bolos New Trier High School
  2. 2. Why Teach with Technology?
  3. 3. “Technology is not a fix for poorly designed instruction.
  4. 4. The effectiveness of technology depends on how teachers are able to integrate it into instruction” (Borich 207).
  5. 5. “To what degree did my choice of technology foster the instructional goals of my pedagogical approach?” (218)
  6. 6. Blogging for the Classroom
  7. 7. “In essence, every article is a blog post” (Richardson 5).
  8. 8. “We’re seeing a new model of journalism evolving in front of us, one that is much more immediate and much more complex in terms of who to trust and what to believe” (Richardson 4).
  9. 9. Social Presentations
  10. 10. Social Presentations
  11. 11. “Although these digital natives are familiar with communication and gaming technology, they do not necessarily know how to use or learn technologies in the classroom” (Borich 208).
  12. 12. Collaborative Lectures
  13. 13. The Collaborative Lecture: A Hybrid Approach
  14. 14. The Peculiar Institution
  15. 15. Slavery
  16. 16. kingdoms
  17. 17. absolute monarchies
  18. 18. large landowners
  19. 19. small landowners
  20. 20. slaves
  21. 21. protected
  22. 22. property
  23. 23. hereditary
  24. 24. POWs
  25. 25. “Even though the class does use PowerPoint presentation to get information across, the present- ation…uses student input for discussions…[T]he presentation does not stand alone as the final voice in what the class is about.
  26. 26. Once it is posted on VoiceThread, students can build on it by posting questions, pointing out parallels and contrasts…contradictions, or quoting other sources in order to get a more multifaceted view of the presentation’s subject.” -- Michelle
  27. 27. The Caveat: The Shallows
  28. 28. “The reality is that the vast majority of educators have taken the work they had students do in the paper, analog world and simply digitized it” (Richardson 9).
  29. 29. Twitter: spirobolos Instagram: oripsolob Keep in touch!