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Car Seat Safety Mistakes Parents Must Avoid


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Often people make mistakes while choosing car seats for their children. Improper installation can also be dangerous for kids. This slide will help you in many ways for instance, to guide about what you need to consider while buying child car seats, how to install it perfectly and what important points to keep in mind.

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  • Parents should stay alert for all these things.
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  • Yes, I ll avoid for the safety of my kid , in fact all parents should follow these safety tips.
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  • Improperly installed baby car seat can harm the baby. Thanks for making some awareness through this slide.
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Car Seat Safety Mistakes Parents Must Avoid

  1. 1. Car Seat Safety Mistakes Parents Must Avoid
  2. 2. Buying a used car seat without more research
  3. 3. While purchasing a used car seat, make sure:
  4. 4. It meets all safety standards No such damage is there Not a single part is missing
  5. 5. Placing it in a wrong way
  6. 6. Your child car seat should never be placed in the front .
  7. 7. Make sure to place it in the back.
  8. 8. Improper installation
  9. 9. Go through the instructions very carefully before installing the seat.
  10. 10. The owner’s manual can be your best guide during installation.
  11. 11. Turning your child to face forward too soon
  12. 12. Don’t turn your child to face forward until two years old or he/she has reached the height or weight limit of the seat.
  13. 13. Rear facing infant seat having a wrong angle
  14. 14. Make sure you are installing the car seat in a correct angle according to the manufacturer’s instruction guide.
  15. 15. Improper use of retainer clips
  16. 16. Use the clips at the armpit level of your child, resting across his breastbone.
  17. 17. Prematurely switching your child to a booster seat
  18. 18. Do not switch your child to the booster seat until he meets the highest weight i.e. 40 to 80 pounds or height as per the NHTSA recommendation.
  19. 19. Re-using a seat that has been in a crash
  20. 20. Keep in mind your car seat is a one time use deal but in case of minor crashes you can follow the NHTSA guidelines to ensure whether to use that seat or not.
  21. 21. Putting your child in a bulky winter coat
  22. 22. Avoid bulky winter coats in your vehicle as it creates a gap between your child and the harness straps, which is too dangerous .
  23. 23. Using the safety belt too early
  24. 24. Don’t rush for the seat belts. Before using seat belts make sure :
  25. 25. Adjusting two kids with one seat belt
  26. 26. Letting your kids share one seat belt is too dangerous. It can cause their heads collide together during a jerk.
  27. 27. Letting your child share the front seat
  28. 28. Don’t allow your kid to sit in the front seat since it is against the NHTSA recommendation and totally unsafe for the kid.
  29. 29. The middle of the back seat is the safest place for your kid as he/she is protected from all sides.
  30. 30. Thank You Website: veservices 07346/about?gl=US&hl=en-US