Presentation of Treat or Treat


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Presentation of Treat or Treat, the P2P for pre-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and startups.

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Presentation of Treat or Treat

  1. 1. TREAT or TREATNo proposal unansweredApril 2013
  2. 2. We are allconnectedPhoto:
  3. 3. We born andlive digitalSource:
  4. 4. Web startsto becomeorganized(we canconnect witheach other)Peer-to-Peerproductstarts tobecomemainstream &hyper-local2010Elinor Ostromwins Nobel prizefor economics;first to win with atheory in theefficiency ofcommons-basedsocieties2009PresidentObama(, 2008)and 15MMovementproves thepower of masscollaboration2012Smart phones &apps come to age;we enter theperiod ofsharinganytime, anywhere20071960 -1980Web becomessearchable &sociable; trustbetweenstrangersbuildsvirtually1981 -1995TechnologYenables P2Psharing1998 -1999Social mediatools start tobecome a partof ‘real’ lifeBelief in thecommonsmakes acomeback2000 -2001Source: THE NEW SHARING ECONOMY | A study by LATITUDE in collaboration with SHAREABLE MAGAZINE2004 -2006
  5. 5. www.treatortreat.eudefines no monetarymultilateralexchanges2013
  6. 6. “Person A needs something that theartist B creates and the artist B needssomething that the startup C makesand the startup C needs theknowledge that the pre-entrepreneurA has”
  7. 7. Why do personA, entrepreneur B andstartup C must
  8. 8. Seek thereasons
  9. 9. Society has changedHyperconsumption Collaborative consumeFRUSTRATED CONSUMERSource: The new consumer: profound changes and business opportunities
  10. 10. MARKET SATURATION% currently sharing through a service or organized communityDEMANDALATENTE%currentlysharingcasuallyandthosenotsharingnowbutinterestedtoSource: THE NEW SHARING ECONOMY | A study by LATITUDE in collaboration with SHAREABLE MAGAZINEBartering: Newopportunities
  11. 11. We’ve gone from the“generation ME”Me OnlyAlone I have, I know, IamPhoto:
  12. 12. To the “generation US”That’s the eraofcollaborationcollectivecooperationPhoto:
  13. 13. Photo: is the coinof collaborativeeconomy
  14. 14. Bartering, nowadays..Source: Almost 1/3 of all small business in the USuse some form of bartering and 65% ofcorporations listed on the NYSE areinvolved in bartering. According to the U.S. Department ofCommerce, barter accounts for 30% of theworld’s total business.
  15. 15. At end of 2011,worldpopulationreached 7billionsPhoto:
  16. 16. Googleestimates thatthere are morethan 400 millionentrepreneurs inthe worldPhotos:
  17. 17. World startupmapSource:
  18. 18. Short people canreach as high as thelargestPhoto: Jerome "Spud"Webb5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tallHe’s notable for winning aslam dunk contest (1986)despite being on of theshortest players in NBAhistory.
  19. 19.  Detect and exploit new professions. Learn and practice the main commercialtechniques(communication, negotiation, persuasion). Collaborate in joint projectsthat, individually, would not be affordable.BENEFITS FORINDIVIDUALSNo monetary multilateralexchanges
  20. 20.  Portray the image of being a big businesswithout the cash-costs incurred by much largerbusinesses. Avoid taking on projects with partners thatcould cause problems later. Expand the market reach and know theworking methodology from SMEs from anothercountries.BENEFITS FORENTREPRENEURSNo monetary multilateralexchanges
  21. 21.  Increase turnover by increasing the variety ofofferings and markets. Reduce the value of products/services to bepurchased as they are paying with other productionitself, which already include a profit margin. Expand the market reach and know the workingmethodology from SMEs from another countries.BENEFITS FORSMEsNo monetary multilateralexchanges
  22. 22. Source: would you rather belost in the woods?AlbertEinsteinDaveyCrockett“Maybe they don’t teach bartering at businessschool, but it is part of the curriculum at theschool of hard knocks.”Michael Dalton JohnsonAward-winning trade book and magazine publisheror
  23. 23. it’s official:Sharing makes 8 in 10 ofus feel happierSource:
  24. 24. @_treatortreat_treatortreat.2012www.treatortreat.euTREAT or TREATNo proposal unanswered