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Oriflame Catalogue 11 UK & Ireland June 2015 buy at

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Oriflame Catalogue 11 UK & Ireland June 2015 buy at

  1. 1. 11–201524/07–13/08 FALL BACK IN LOVE WITHYOUR HAIR YOUR ALL-TIME FAVOURITES: for effortless beauty wherever summer takes you NEW
  2. 2. 2 1. For medium length hair, pump the eleo oil twice into your palm. Adjust amount for longer or shorter hair. 2. Rub the oil between your palms. 3. Spread evenly through damp or dry hair. Do not rinse. FALL BACK IN LOVE WITHYOUR HAIR HOWTO USE:
  3. 3. 3 Intense nourishment for the tips and lengths of all hair types, but especially frizzy, unruly hair Effective protection and care for the tips and lengths of all hair types, including coloured hair INFOCUS NEW  eleo PROTECTING OIL Luxurious, fragrant inishing oil infused with natural Argan and Rose Oils, Burdock and Vitamin F. Lightweight, non-greasy formula nourishes deeply to restore and strengthen from the inside, and smoothe the outside, for supple, glossy, healthy-looking hair. For all hair types. Ideal for colour-treated hair. 50ml Merch price/100ml: £17.90 31614 £13.00  eleo SMOOTHENING OIL Sumptuously rich and luxurious, yet lawless and non- greasy oil infused with natural Argan and Rose Oils, Burdock and Vitamin F. Deeply nourishes hair from the inside out to leave it smooth, tame, manageable, and delightfully fragrant. For all hair types. Perfect for frizzy, unruly hair. 50ml Merch price/100ml: £17.90 31615 £13.00 FOR COLOURED HAIR FOR FRIZZY HAIR EACH AT £8.95   DISCOVERTHE SILKY CARESS OF ELEO PRECIOUS OILS Luxurious natural Argan and Rose oils, Burdock andVitamin F instantly impart a glorious, fragrant, supple glossiness you’ll adore.And while you’re shining on the outside, eleo oils are working hard on the inside to make hair healthier and more beautiful day after day.
  4. 4. 4  eleo SHAMPOO Luxurious shampoo infused with natural Argan and Rose Oils. Gently cleanses and nourishes for hair that shines with health and smells divine. For all hair types. 200ml Merch price/100ml: £3.48 31609 £10.00 £6.95 FALL BACK IN LOVE WITHYOUR HAIR   
  5. 5. 5 NEW  eleo CONDITIONER Rich and fragrant conditioner infused with natural Argan and Rose Oils. Instantly detangles and nourishes for hair with multi-faceted shine and improved manageability. For all hair types. 150ml Merch price/100ml: £4.63 31610 £10.00 £6.95  eleo HAIR MASK Intensively nourishing hair mask infused with natural Argan and Rose Oils replenishes hair from the inside out to make it stronger, smoother, shinier and divinely fragrant. For all hair types. 125ml Merch price/100ml: £7.16 31611 £13.00 £8.95 Enfold your hair in the luxuriously rich eleo experience. Intensely nourishing shampoo, conditioner and mask restore and protect from root to tip for hair that shines with radiant, healthy beauty. 1 2 3 4 INFOCUS The eleo routine for beautiful, shining hair. Shampoo and condition as often as your hair needs. Apply eleo Shampoo to wet hair. Massage into your scalp and through to the ends before rinsing. Apply eleo Conditioner to your hair roots and distribute through the lengths towards the tips. Rinse thoroughly. Once a week, replace the Conditioner with the eleo Mask. Distribute through damp hair and leave for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out. Finish your eleo routine with a few drops of the appropriate eleo oil for your hair type before or after styling. Rub between your palms and distribute evenly through your hair lengths.
  6. 6. 6 IN THIS CATALOGUE: To learn more about Orilame’s animal welfare policy please visit: animal-welfare Through our collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance, we strive to ensure that all the paper in our catalogues originates from well managed forests. Orilame is a proud member of the Direct Selling Association, relecting our commitment to practising the highest level of business ethics. Such is the belief in our quality that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with your product you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. 08 YOUR ALL-TIME FAVOURITES! Unbeatable summer specials on the beauty products you love the most. 24 BODY & HAIR CARE 42 NATURE 52 SKIN CARE 64 MAKE-UP 76 YOUTH 84 ACCESSORIES 90 FRAGRANCE 100 FOR HIM 110 WELLNESS 116 PROMOTIONS Summer beauty for a steal.The perfect time to refresh your look and redeine your style!
  7. 7. Superb Optimals Seeing is Believing Eye Cream, ONLY £4.95when you spend £15.00 in this catalogue *Automatically added to your C12 order 7 MOSTWANTED MOST WANTED BEAUTY PICK SEEING IS BELIEVING For all skin types 90%OF WOMEN CLAIMED REDUCED PUFFINESS & BRIGHTER LOOKING EYES* *Consumer evaluation on 59 women using Seeing is Believing after 4 weeks Remember, if you purchased Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream in C10 and buy Optimals Seeing is Believing Eye Cream in this catalogue, then the Silk Beauty Hand Cream is yours for FREE!* Optimals Seeing is Believing Eye Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £8.00 25264 £12.00
  8. 8. 8 Evening Primrose Oil nourishes and improves the smoothness of your skin, while providing it with protection and moisturisation. Silk Proteins deep conditioning effects and intense hydration help keep skin looking radiant and feeling silky soft. NATURALLY NOURISHING, PROTECTING INGREDIENTS  Silk Beauty Body Cream 24H softness in a fast-absorbing cream infused with hydrating Silk Proteins and Evening Primrose Oil. 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.73 31279 £7.00 £3.45 Hydrating and nourishing Perfect pick-me-ups for beautifully soft skin all summer long Trust these nourishing Silk Beauty treats to magically revitalise your sun-drenched skin, while keeping it soft and protected. 
  9. 9. INFOCUS 9  Silk Beauty Shower Cream Extra creamy body wash infused with Silk Proteins and Evening Primrose Oil, gently cleanses skin. 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.73 31280 £7.00 £3.45  Silk Beauty Soap Bar Creamy soap bar infused with Silk Proteins and Evening Primrose Oil for a 24H soft skin feeling. 100g Merch price/100g: £1.25 31281 £2.55 £1.25  Silk Beauty Anti-perspirant 24H Deodorant Dermatologically tested Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant infused with Silk Proteins and Evening Primrose Oil. 50ml Merch price/100ml: £4.90 31365 £5.00 £2.45 Cleansing and smoothing Soap bar cleanses gently 24H odour protection SUMMER ESSENTIALS all time favourites -50%   
  10. 10. 10  Feet Up Soothing Foot Cream Soothe and soften with this easily absorbed cream with Wheat Germ and Orange Blossom. 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.30 20563 £7.00 £3.45  Feet Up Reviving Foot Spray Instant freshness and deodorisation for feet and shoes, with Eucalyptus Oil and Mint. 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.58 21441 £8.00 £3.95  Feet Up Anti-perspirant Pine & Witch Hazel Foot Cream Control perspiration and reduce odours, for all day freshness, with Pine extract and Witch Hazel. 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.30 23281 £7.00 £3.45  Feet Up Nourishing Beeswax Foot Cream Nourishing foot cream with natural Beeswax to hydrate, smooth and soften feet. 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.63 30356 £8.00 £3.95 Nourish and hydrate with natural Beeswax Naturally cools, deodorises and refreshes! Revitalises tired feet Deodorising Pine & Soothing Witch Hazel Make these stress-free solutions a part of your daily routine and in no time you’ll be conidently kicking off your shoes to reveal beautiful, rejuvenated feet. Put the holiday feeling back in your feet!
  11. 11. 11 -50% JUMBO SIZES Last longer & better value! SUMMER ESSENTIALS all time favourites INFOCUS    
  12. 12. 12 31492 Black 30971 Silver Grey 30974 Midnight Purple 30976 Forest Green 30969 Black Pearl 30972 Rose Taupe 30973 Pink Mauve 30970 Bronzed Brown 30975 Denim Blue ባ The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash Waterproof Mascara 8ml Merch price/10ml: £6.81 £9.00 £5.45 ቢ The ONE Colour Match Eye Shadow Duo 2g Merch price/g: £3.23 £11.00 £6.45 Step into the spotlight with trendy eyes ablaze with colour, sass and style! The perfect eye look to wow the summer party crowds Eye Liner Stylo – instant, lasting definition Adds intensity to your eyes in one easy line and is the perfect product to help you nail the super-trendy“winged” look. Eye Shadow Duos – endless looks at your fingertips This summer, brighter is definitely better, so don’t hold back. Combine contrasting light and dark shades and blend for a smoky, vibrant finish. Wonder LashWaterproof Mascara – sweat- and humidity- proof Delivers volume, length, curl, care and separation with no smudging or running. Perfect for steamy summer nights! Modeliswearing:TheONEColourMatch EyeShadowDuo30976ForestGreen.
  13. 13. 13 ** Consumer tested with 86 women * Clinically tested *** In vivo assessment in a humid environment 31492Black 30976 Forest Green ቤ The ONE Eye Liner Stylo 0.8ml Merch price/ ml: £6.81 £9.00 £5.45 Completely waterproof - doesn't run or smear* 5-in-1 benefits: Volume, length, curl, care & separation** Sweat- and humidity-proof*** Perfect for swimming in the sea or pool Silky texture for ideal blending Long-lasting contour and intense colour SUMMER ESSENTIALS all time favourites -40% 30475 Black 30475 Black 30476 Brown 30477 Blue 30478 Grey ቢ ባ ቤ 13 INFOCUS
  14. 14. 14  Giordani Gold CC Cream SPF 35 40ml Merch price/100ml: £19.88 £13.00 £7.95  Giordani Gold Lash Panorama Mascara - Black 8ml Merch price/10ml: £8.69 27093 £14.00 £6.95 HOW TO APPLY Use on its own as a combined foundation and day cream. For dry skin, apply over your normal moisturiser. 30988 Light 30989 Natural CC Cream – the magniicent multi-tasker This is a make-up and skin care solution in one. It’s lightweight, offers gorgeous natural coverage and even has SPF 35 to shield you from the days last rays. Lip Pencil and Iconic Lipstick – a truly dramatic duo The perfect contrast to your lawless skin is a vibrant lip look. Remember to outline your lips using one shade darker than your chosen lipstick for full, kissable lips. Lash Panorama Mascara – the name says it all! Complete the look of elegance with this luxurious mascara that conditions lashes and fans them to perfection. Great for day or night! Make sure sophistication travels with you this summer, with a polished look that blends natural beauty with a glamorous pop of summer colour. Infuse your holiday style with a twist of carefree luxury 27093 Black  Model is wearing: Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15 30454True Red.
  15. 15. 31383 Rose 31381 Nude 31382 Coral 31384 Pink 31385 Red 15  Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15 4g Merch price/10g: £22.38 £14.00 £8.95  Giordani Gold Lip Pencil 1.6g Merch price/g: £3.72 £10.00 £5.95 31385Red Perfectly lengthened, curled and deined lashes Intense, even colour & superior comfort Creamy luxury for lips SUMMER ESSENTIALS SAVE UPTO INFOCUS -50% 27093Black 30445 Satin Beige 30446 Creamy Nude 30447 Pink Nude 30448 Pearly Pink 30449 Rose Petal 30450 Peach Pink 30451 Lucent Pink 30452 Raspberry Blush 30453 Fuchsia Divine 30453FuchsiaDivine 30454 True Red 30455 Red Fatale 30456 Muted Plum 30457 Lavender Lustre 30458 Copper Shine 30459 Cherry Love    30448PearlyPink all time favourites
  16. 16. 16 35+ For all skin types  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £27.90 26686 £23.00 £13.95  Ecollagen Advanced Protection Day Shield SPF30 30ml Merch price/10ml: £3.98 31264 £20.00 £11.95 Smooths skin while you sleep all time favourites SUMMER ESSENTIALS Take wrinkles to task The summer sun feels good on your skin, but it can also accelerate signs of ageing. Ecollagen creams will ensure you’re getting the hydration and protection you need to fend off lines and wrinkles – not only during summer, but all year round. SPF 30 helps shield from harmful UVA/ UVB rays and prevent sun- induced ageing -40% SPF Our skin needs sunscreen protection every day – not just when we go to the beach. Daily exposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays contributes to uneven skin tone, wrinkles and other signs of sun-induced aging. That’s why it’s vital to apply a day shield with high SPF rating for added protection against long-term skin damage.  
  17. 17. 17 For Mature Skin 45+  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Day Cream SPF 15 50ml Merch price/100ml: £22.90 24181 £19.00 £11.45  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Night Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £22.90 24184 £19.00 £11.45 Maintains plump, supple skin that radiates vitality and youthfulness. SPF 15. Luxurious texture nourishes, diminishes wrinkles and boosts skin resilience. INFOCUS Mature skin is prone to moisture loss, causing dryness, loss of irmness, deepening wrinkles and more.This problem worsens during summer, but thankfully Time Reversing moisturisers are perfectly formulated to pick up the slack thanks to their rich anti- ageing formula that targets the skin’s deeper layers. TOPTIP: SPF protection is not only for summer. UV rays are just as harmful during the winter, so it’s best to always double up your skin protection by using a moisturiser containing SPF and then applying sun cream with a high SPF before you leave the house.   Rich hydration all summer long
  18. 18. 18 ባ Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair Night 30ml Merch price/10ml: £5.32 21356 £27.00 £15.95 ቢ Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate Day 30ml Merch price/10ml: £5.32 21353 £27.00 £15.95 ALL AGES Cosmetics with medical- like effects Prolonged lifting & nourishment Don’t let sagging skin delate your bubbly holiday mood! ቢ ባ Lifting & repairing by night Sadly, sagging is yet another issue your skin could encounter at this time of year. If you’re already noticing signs of slackening skin, then make the switch from your usual day/ night cream to Bioclinic Lifting treatments today!
  19. 19. 19 INFOCUS  Diamond Cellular Multi- Perfection Eye Treatment 15ml Merch price/10ml: £8.30 22419 £21.00 £12.45  Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment 30ml Merch price/10ml: £6.15 18437 £31.00 £18.45 For all skin types 40+ Beautifully enhances skin luminosity, renews texture and reduces ine lines and wrinkles. Fights dark circles, ine lines and wrinkles all time favourites SUMMER ESSENTIALS SAVE UPTO -40% Embrace the legendary luxury of  Diamond Cellular and experience  how simple it can be to retain  your sun-kissed appearance while  infusing your skin with youthful  luminosity.  Give your  summery glow  an aura of  diamond- like radiance  
  20. 20. 20 ባ Midsummer Woman Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £25.90 25395 £18.00 £12.95 ቢ Midsummer Woman Anti- perspirant 24H Deodorant 50ml Merch price/100ml: £5.90 25397 £5.00 £2.95 GRAPEFRUIT MIMOSA ROSE FLORAL WATERY Evocative day & night scents to deine your summer memories Floral elegance is a trend that’s always in fashion, especially during summer. Bright, playful and wonderfully feminine, MidsummerWoman recalls the classic romance of a sunny day in the Swedish countryside. ቢ ባ
  21. 21. Love Potion Eau de Parfum 50ml Merch price/100ml: £25.90 22442 £22.00 £12.95 GINGER COCOA FLOWER Chocolate ORIENTALVANILLIC FRUITY all time favourites SUMMER ESSENTIALS -40% Make each moment sparkle with fragrances that express your feminine freedom, heartfelt passion and unbridled beauty. There’s no better elixir than Love Potion to help you unleash your seductive powers on a hot summer’s night. It’s spicy scent is impossible to resist, making it the perfect fragrance for an unforgettable evening out on the town. 21 SAVE UPTO INFOCUS
  22. 22. 22  Flamboyant Anti-perspirant Deodorant Spray 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.30 31697 £8.00 £4.95  Flamboyant Anti-perspirant 24H Roll-on Deodorant 50ml Merch price/100ml: £5.90 19640 £5.00 £2.95  Flamboyant Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £17.93 19639 £22.00 £13.45 GRAPEFRUIT CARDAMON WOODYAROMATIC ESSENCE DE BAYLEAF This woody citrus fragrance speaks to the urban globetrotter with its effervescent citrus fruit opening.A potent heart of elemi, black pepper and bay leaves gives Flamboyant a sexy edge as it descends into a base of noble woods and musk. Urbane sophistication is the lasting impression. -40% Let your charm linger like an endless summer!    all time favourites SUMMER ESSENTIALS
  23. 23.  Eclat Homme Anti-perspirant Deodorant Spray 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.30 31698 £8.00 £4.95  Eclat Homme Moisturising Shaving Foam 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.73 30349 £6.00 £3.45  Eclat Homme Aftershave Balm 50ml Merch price/100ml: £6.90 30352 £6.00 £3.45  Eclat Homme Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £17.93 30173 £22.00 £13.45 23 The classic scent for the perfect gentleman, Eclat Homme features top notes of spicy coriander and izzy cedrat blended with jasmine and sensual Himalayan tea, settling into elegant Barenia leather and musk for the drydown.And, thanks to its high concentration of essential oils, the scent leaves a suave and aromatic trail certain to turn heads wherever you go. INFOCUS     ORIENTAL CITRUSWOODY HIMALAYAN TEA BARENIA LEATHER TONKA BEANS
  24. 24. YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ BODY & HAIR CARE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS, SPECTACULAR RESULTS! Sometimes it's the simplest beauty products that make the biggest difference in your life. Products that make you sit back and say "Wow, that was easy!" Our Body & Hair Care collection is always bringing you new ways to make your daily routine effortless while delivering those "wow" moments that put a smile on your face.
  25. 25.  SoftCaress Protecting Hand & Nail Cream 100ml Merch price/100ml: £3.45 31344 £6.00 £3.45  SoftCaress Nourishing Hand Cream 100ml Merch price/100ml: £3.45 31345 £6.00 £3.45  SoftCaress Protecting Hand Cleanse Gel 50ml Merch price/100ml: £5.90 31346 £5.00 £2.95 Nourishing & protecting care for you and your family Helps restore skin's natural hydration Helps to relieve dryness and roughness No stickiness or residue. Helps reduce bacteria 25 BODY&HAIRCARE   
  26. 26. 26 4-in-1 Foot Care Set Four foot-care tools in a three-piece set. Artiicial pumice, plastic brush, sandpaper ile and iron ile, all set in blue plastic. Size: 8 x 3.8 x 4.4 cm. 28435 £6.00 £3.95  Feet Up Advanced Salvation Foot cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £14.00 23276 £7.00 4-in-1 Foot care set  Feet Up Advanced 24 H Odour Control Anti-perspirant Foot Spray 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.67 25448 £7.00 After soaking feet for 15 minutes, clean nails using the brush, then exfoliate using the pumice. Use the iron ile on hard, stubborn calluses and then inish with the smoothing sandpaper ile. NEW ADVANCED CARE FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT LIMITED EDITION  Feet Up Advanced 2 in 1 Deep Action Foot Scrub Advanced scrub with anti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil exfoliates rough skin while helping to protect against foot odour. Combining Intensive Care Complex with Shea Butter and Urea this rich exfoliant removes dead skin cells and hydrates tired feet. 100ml Merch price/100ml: £4.95 23277 £7.00 £4.95  Feet Up Advanced Friction Protection Foot Spray Protect against rubbing action with this friction prevention spray. Formulated with our Intensive Care Complex, this non-sticky spray forms an invisible barrier between the foot and the shoe with PRO-SHIELD Technology, with Cashmere and anti-rubbing agents. Dermatologically tested. 100ml Merch price/100ml: £3.95 31681 £7.00 £3.95 Artiicial pumice Iron ile Nail brush Sandpaper ile   We’ve improved our ADVANCED FOOTCARE formulations and added Orilame’s own INTENSIVE CARE COMPLEX to the entire range, offering you even more effective care for your feet. Feel the difference for yourself.
  27. 27. 79%CLAIMED feet protected from blister formation** ** Due to friction – Consumer tested on 80 women and men BODY&HAIRCARE 27 NEW *Self-assessment of 59 consumers with tired and dry/rough feet EXFOLIATING SCRUB Effectively exfoliates rough skin by 82%* FRICTION FREE  
  28. 28. 28  Swedish Spa Smoothing Face Scrub 75ml Merch price/100ml: £6.60 20371 £7.00 £4.95  Swedish Spa Purifying Face Mask 50ml Merch price/100ml: £7.90 20372 £6.00 £3.95  Swedish Spa Rebalancing Face Serum 40ml Merch price/100ml: £22.38 20373 £12.00 £8.95  Swedish Spa Dual Action Face Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £17.90 23735 £12.00 £8.95 Swedish Spa Refreshing Shower Gel 200ml Reg price/100ml: £3.50 21876 £7.00 Swedish Spa Nourishing Foot Mask 100ml Reg price/100ml: £7.00 23738 £7.00 LIMITED EDITION Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Wash 200ml Reg price/100ml: £3.48 30845 £6.95 Swedish Spa Anti-cellulite Cream Toning, irming cream with cellulite-minimising Caffeine, stimulating Ginger Oil, and Hydracare+. 200ml Merch price/100ml: £3.48 22683 £10.00 £6.95 Rebalancing Face Serum for more radiant, hydrated skin Get toned to perfection with beautifully smooth skin LUXURIOUS RESTORATION Massage irmly into thighs and buttocks with a circular motion, moving from bottom to top. For best results use twice daily, after a morning shower and just before bedtime     SWEDISH SPA SHOWER GEL World’s irst foaming product containing RSPO (RoundTable for Sustainable Palm Oil) certiied segregated sustainable palm oil. For more information:
  29. 29. 29 BODY&HAIRCARE ባ Swedish Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub 150ml Merch price/100ml: £4.63 18483 £10.00 £6.95 ቢ Swedish Spa Exfoliating Massage Bar Limited Edition 100g Merch price/100g: £1.45 30005 £1.95 £1.45 Cleanse, exfoliate,  invigorate and  massage in one  simple step! BODY SCRUB EXFOLIATING MASSAGE BAR Gently exfoliates to smooth your skin,  while toning, soothing and protecting EXFOLIATE AND RESTORE WITH NATURAL DELIGHTS ቢ ባ
  30. 30. 30 This multi-purpose brush has soft bristle tips that stimulates the scalp while brushing.Also works well for detangling. STIMULATING  Cushion Brush L: 25 cm x W: 6.5 cm x H: 3.8 cm. 27131 £4.95 £2.95 BLOW DRYING The ideal choice for creating volume and texture while providing maximum air circulation for reduced drying time.  Blow-Drying Brush L: 23 cm x W: 7.8 cm. 27134 £4.95 £2.95 The versatile vent brush aids air low, making it ideal for quick blow drying and styling. BLOW DRYING  Vent Brush L: 23.2 cm x W: 4.5 cm x H: 4 cm. 27133 £4.95 £2.95 CURLING A round brush helps you add curl, curve and gorgeous volume to your hair.  Round Brush L: 24.5cm x Dia: 5cm. 27132 £4.95 £2.95    
  31. 31. BODY&HAIRCARE  HairX Heat Protect Styling Leave in Spray 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.30 30552 £6.00 £3.45  HairX Supreme Hold Styling Hairspray 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.73 30551 £6.00 £3.45  HairX Volume Boost Styling Hairspray 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.73 31091 £6.00 £3.45  HairX Curls & Waves Styling Hair Mousse 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.73 31090 £6.00 £3.45 48H BEAUTIFUL HAIR BEGINS HERE… 24HVOLUME BOOST* 24HCURL RETENTION** * Self-assessment of 81 women **Instrumental test SAVE UP TO 31 40%     HOLD PROTECTS HAIR UPTO 230°
  32. 32. 32  HairX Volume Boost Leave-In Conditioner 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.30 26675 £6.00 £3.45  HairX Volume Boost Shampoo 400ml Merch price/100ml: £1.11 30179 £7.00 £4.45  HairX Volume Boost Dry Shampoo 150ml Merch price/100ml: £1.97 26676 £5.00 £2.95 VOLUMISES FINE/FLAT HAIR THICKER, HEALTHIER, FULLER looking hair* * Self-assessment of 83 women using shampoo and leave-in treatment BEAUTIFUL HAIR BEGINS WITH A HEALTHY SCALP  HairX Strength Fortiier Shampoo 250ml Reg price/100ml: £2.00 30181 £5.00  HairX Strength Fortiier Scalp Tonic 100ml Reg price/100ml: £8.00 30182 £8.00     
  33. 33. 33  HairX Pure Balance Shampoo 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 30064 £5.00 £2.95  HairX Pure Balance Dry Shampoo 150ml Merch price/100ml: £1.97 30065 £5.00 £2.95  HairX Dandruff Rescue Treatment 100ml Merch price/100ml: £4.45 26681 £7.00 £4.45  HairX Dandruff Rescue Shampoo 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 26680 £5.00 £2.95 SLICK CARE FOR OILY HAIR Helps prolong intervals between washes and keep hair CLEAN & FRESH UP TO 72H*** SAVE UP TO 40% CONQUERS DANDRUFF TARGETS & PREVENTS the cause of dandruff lakes** ** Microbiological test *** Consumer test on 50 women with oily hair BODY&HAIRCARE     http://
  34. 34. 34  Silk Beauty for Smooth Skin Hair Removal Cream 100ml Reg price/100ml: £10.00 31277 £10.00  Silk Beauty For Smooth Skin Hair Removal Wax Strips for Face 20 strips and 4 wipes. 25382 £8.00 £5.45 20 SMALL EASY-TO-USE WAX STRIPS FOR FACE  Silk Beauty For Smooth Skin Hair Removal Wax Strips 16 wax strips and 2 wipes. 23949 £9.00 16 EASY-TO-USE WAX STRIPS FOR BODY SAY GOODBYETO UNWANTED HAIR!  Ladies'Delicate Disposable Razor Pack of 2. 12.8 x 4.5 x 2cm. 23783 £3.00 £1.95  Silk Beauty Shave Gel 150ml Reg price/100ml: £3.33 22932 £5.00 Soothing care for intimate areas Dermatologically & gynaecologically tested Gentle, pH balanced, soap-free formulation With extra vitamins & Lactic Acid     
  35. 35. 35 Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Deodorant 75ml Reg price/100ml: £8.00 24890 £6.00 Stay super-fresh, hydrated and odour-free Mild & allergen- free fragrance Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash 300ml Reg price/100ml: £2.00 24891 £6.00 Feminelle Gentle Intimate Wash 300ml Reg price/100ml: £2.00 30547 £6.00 Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash 300ml Reg price/100ml: £2.00 31326 £6.00 EACH AT £4.95 BODY&HAIRCARE    Feminelle Special Care+ Extra Mild Cleansing Intimate Mousse 200ml Merch price/100ml: £2.48 23399 £7.00  Feminelle Special Care+ Deodorising Cleansing Intimate Gel 300ml Merch price/100ml: £1.65 23646 £7.00
  36. 36. 36 MAKE YOUR ESCAPE TO PARADISE! Enjoy that irresistible feeling of holiday bliss every morning as you indulge your senses and delight your skin with the uplifting aromas of our gently cleansing Discover delights! Liquid Hand Soap 300ml  30074 Discover Bali Paradise Liquid Hand Soap  30003 Discover Sicilian Dream Liquid Hand Soap  31254 Discover Icelandic Purity Liquid Hand Soap Merch price/100ml: £1.15 £4.95    EACH AT
  37. 37. 37 BODY&HAIRCARE    Shower Gel 400ml  31111 Discover Miami Shower Gel  30136 Discover Brazilian Passion Shower Gel  30135 Discover Bali Paradise Shower Gel Merch price/100ml: £0.86 £5.00 £3.45
  38. 38. 38 Discover Shower Gel 750ml  30546 Discover Sicilian Dream Shower Gel  30743 Discover Parisian Delight Shower Gel  31672 Discover Icelandic Purity Shower Gel Jumbo Merch price/100ml: £0.53 £8.00 Each at £3.95 Inspired by some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful locations, each Discover shower gel delivers a wonderfully unique, uplifting and inspiring cleansing experience. Try them all! DISCOVER A NEW WORLD OF FRESHNESS! VERBENA SCENT: Verbena lowers are a favorite in Italy for their bright cheery fragrant blooms and their unbelievable tolerance for heat, under the Mediterranean sun. XXL 750 ml 
  39. 39. BODY&HAIRCARE 39 BODY&HAIRCARE Travel to the south of Paris and it is hard to miss the magniicent colour and fragrant scent of LAVENDER in full bloom. JUNIPER SCENT: Juniper is a shrubby evergreen, which is native to Iceland and has an aromatic, piney scent. NEW   50% SAVE
  40. 40. 40 ቤ Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.00 23727 £6.00 ብ Activelle Pure Care Anti- perspirant 24h Deodorant Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £12.90 30137 £6.45 ባ Activelle Green Tea Fresh Anti- perspirant 24h Deodorant Spray 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.00 30333 £6.00 ቢ 28266 Optifresh Kids Soft Toothbrush - Pink ባ 28267 Optifresh Kids Soft Toothbrush - Blue Each at £2.55 £1.95 Keeping kids smiling ቤ Optifresh Kids Strawberry Toothpaste 50ml Merch price/100ml: £3.90 31133 £3.00 £1.95 Kids love our strawberry flavour! ቢ Activelle Extreme Protection Anti-perspirant 48h Deodorant Spray 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.00 31271 £6.00 ቢ ባ ቤ ብ ቢ ባ ቤ
  41. 41. 41 NEW Optifresh System 8Toothpaste 100ml ቢ 31673 Optifresh System 8 Herbal Blend Toothpaste ባ 31123 Optifresh System 8 Total Protection Toothpaste ቤ 31131 Optifresh System 8 Crystal White Toothpaste ብ 31132 Optifresh System 8 Extreme Fresh Toothpaste Reg price/100ml: £4.00 Each at £4.00 ባ 27979 Optifresh Toothbrush Medium - Purple ቤ 27980 Optifresh Toothbrush Medium - Blue Each at £2.55 £1.95 ቢ Optifresh System 8 Mouth Wash 500ml Merch price/100ml: £1.19 31134 £9.00 £5.95 FRESH BREATH & PROTECTION FORYOUR SMILE BODY&HAIRCARE ቢ ባ ቤ ብ ቢ ባ ቤ
  42. 42. YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ NATURE AN INSPIRED BEAUTY CHOICE Although Orilame is constantly pioneering scientiic solutions to keep you looking and feeling beautiful, we have never strayed from our roots. Our passion for natural ingredients is stronger than ever. It drives us to source the inest botanicals from all over the world to bring you unique beauty treasures that pamper, protect, rejuvenate and inspire!
  43. 43.    43 NATURE  Milk & Honey Gold Day Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £13.90 24731 £12.00 £6.95  Milk & Honey Gold Night Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £13.90 24732 £12.00 £6.95  Milk & Honey Gold Cleansing Milk 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.98 24733 £7.00 £3.95 Cleanses, smoothes  & moisturises skin Wake up  to radiant  nourished skin! Smooth, revitalise and  soften Treat your face to nature’s purest luxury… ORGANICALLY SOURCED Milk is rich in nutrients, which are  proven to hydrate dry skin.  Honey contains vitamins and  minerals that help revitalise skin.
  44. 44. 44 Love Nature Face Lotion Tea Tree 50ml Reg price/100ml: £16.00 30124 £8.00  Love Nature Cleansing Gel Tea Tree 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.30 30153 £7.00 £4.95 Love Nature Cleansing Wipes Tea Tree 25pcs Reg price/10pcs: £2.40 31078 £6.00  Love Nature Face Toner Tea Tree 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.30 30126 £7.00 £4.95 OILY SKIN: Looks shiny and uneven, with enlarged pores and blemishes. Needs purifying, gentle care that helps maintain a shine-free complexion. TEA TREE OIL, with its antimicrobial properties, is known to help target blemishes and purify the skin. PURIFYING TEA TREE THE IDEAL CLEANSING/ TONING RITUAL FOR OILY SKIN TheTeaTree Cleansing Gel puriies and refreshes your skin, while the astringent FaceToner helps to tighten pores and mattify. CLEANSING HYDRATING
  45. 45.    45 Go the extra mile FORYOUR SKIN! NATURE  Love Nature Clay Mask Tea Tree 50ml Merch price/100ml: £8.90 30154 £6.00 £4.45 REFRESHES, CLEANSES AND RE-BALANCES To remove those last bits of make-up and dirt, using a toner  after you cleanse is essential. Another great way to maximise  results is to use the Love Nature Clay Mask 1–2 times a week. Refreshing clay mask with  antimicrobial Tea Tree essential  oil that cleanses pores and re- balances oil on the skin. Leave  on for 10 minutes. Rinse well.
  46. 46.                46 NORMAL & COMBINATION SKIN ALL AGES ALL AGES ALL AGES SENSITIVE SKIN  Love Nature Gel Cream Aloe Vera 50ml Reg price/100ml: £16.00 30127 £8.00  Love Nature Gel Mask Aloe Vera 50ml Reg price/100ml: £10.00 30148 £5.00  Love Nature Face Toner Aloe Vera 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.67 30149 £7.00  Love Nature Face Scrub Aloe Vera 50ml Reg price/100ml: £10.00 30150 £5.00  Love Nature Day Cream Wild Rose 50ml Reg price/100ml: £16.00 30160 £8.00  Love Nature Night Cream Wild Rose 50ml Reg price/100ml: £16.00 30161 £8.00  Love Nature Eye Cream Wild Rose 15ml Reg price/10ml: £4.00 30162 £6.00  Love Nature 2-in-1 Cleanser Wild Rose 150ml Reg price/100ml: £8.00 30163 £12.00  Love Nature Facial Oil Wild Rose 25ml Reg price/10ml: £2.40 30164 £6.00  Love Nature Mousse Cream Raspberry 50ml Reg price/100ml: £15.90 31302 £7.95  Love Nature Face Wash Raspberry 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.63 31303 £6.95  Love Nature Face Scrub Raspberry 50ml Reg price/100ml: £9.90 31304 £4.95  Love Nature Face Cream Chamomile 50ml Reg price/100ml: £16.00 30157 £8.00  Love Nature Face Toner Chamomile 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.67 30158 £7.00  Love Nature Creamy Cleanser Chamomile 125ml Reg price/100ml: £5.60 30159 £7.00 DRY SKIN ALL AGES NORMAL SKIN
  47. 47.      47  Love Nature Eye Gel Aloe Vera 15ml Merch price/10ml: £2.97 30143 £6.00 £4.45  Love Nature Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.30 30144 £7.00 £4.95  Love Nature Anti-Ageing Day Cream SPF 10 50ml Merch price/100ml: £9.90 31394 £8.00 £4.95  Love Nature Anti-Ageing Night Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £9.90 31395 £8.00 £4.95  Love Nature Anti- Ageing Eye Cream 15ml Merch price/10ml: £2.30 31396 £6.00 £3.45 ALFALFA: One of Nature’s anti-ageing marvels, rich in vitamins, which contribute to younger-looking skin. PEPTIDE Q10: A resourceful anti-ageing compound, which helps to restore ageing skin and keep it looking young. As we age, ine lines and wrinkles gradually appear.The NEW Love Nature Anti-Ageing range, infused with Peptide Q10 and natural Alfalfa, counteracts the appearance of ine lines and revives the skin’s vitality. 30+ FOR ALL SKINTYPES NORMAL & COMBINATION SKIN ALL AGES Gentle cleansing gel removes make up and impurities Lightweight, fast- absorbing gel that hydrates and helps relieve signs of tiredness. ALOEVERA is a renowned wonder of the plant world, known to balance and moisturise. NATURE
  48. 48. 48  Milk & Honey Gold Liquid Hand Soap 300ml Merch price/100ml: £1.32 15578 £7.00 £3.95  Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub 200ml Merch price/100ml: £1.98 17556 £7.00 £3.95 Nature Secrets Hand Cream with Hydrating Basil & Peach 75ml Reg price/100ml: £4.00 25180 £3.00 Nature Secrets Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant with Invigorating Ginseng & Passion Fruit 50ml Reg price/100ml: £7.10 26444 £3.55 Nature Secrets Liquid Soap with invigorating Ginseng & Passion fruit 300ml Reg price/100ml: £2.00 26445 £6.00 Nature Secrets Hot Oil for Dry and Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut 15ml Merch price/10ml: £0.97 22698 £2.00 £1.45  Milk & Honey Gold Moisturising Hand Cream 75ml Reg price/100ml: £6.67 26447 £5.00 1. Place unopened tube in hot water for 1 minute. 2. Break open, massage into wet hair. 3. Leave for 1 minute and rinse as usual for shiny, healthy hair. HOW TO USE: Wheat strengthens and protects while Coconut Oil conditions and moisturises. For dry & damaged hairIndulge in the purest luxury Milk is rich in nutrients, which are proven to hydrate dry skin. Honey contains vitamins and minerals that help revitalise skin.   
  49. 49. 49  Nature Secrets Conditioner for Greasy Hair Nettle & Lemon 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 22702 £4.00  Nature Secrets Green Tea & Bergamot Volume Shampoo 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 31233 £4.00  Nature Secrets Green Tea and Bergamot Volume Conditioner 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 31234 £4.00  Nature Secrets Shampoo Anti- Dandruff with Burdock & Grapefruit 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 22694 £4.00  Nature Secrets Conditioner Anti- Dandruff with Burdock & Grapefruit 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.18 22695 £4.00 Nettle Extract stimulates while Lemon Oil contains natural cleansing properties. For greasy hair Burdock Root and Grapefruit Seed Extract prevent dandruff formation and soften hair. Anti-Dandruff EACH ONLY WRAP UPYOUR HAIR IN NATURAL GOODNESS!      NATURE £2.95 Green Tea Extract helps to revitalise ine, lifeless hair, while uplifting Bergamot Oil puriies, for locks full of volume and vitality. Perfect for ine hair. For ine hair
  50. 50. SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER 400ml ቢ 21854 Nature Secrets 2-IN-1 Shampoo and Conditioner For All Hair Types Jojoba & Mango ባ 23708 Nature Secrets Shampoo For Greasy Hair Nettle & Lemon ቤ 26446 Nature Secrets Shampoo for Normal Hair Elderlower & Apple ብ 22699 Nature Secrets Shampoo For Dry and Damaged Hair Wheat & Coconut Merch price/100ml: £0.86 £6.00 EACH ONLY £3.45 ቢ ባ ቤ ብ 50
  51. 51. SHOWER CREAM / GEL 400ml  30013 Nature Secrets Shower Cream with Hydrating Basil & Peach  24212 Nature Secrets Shower Gel with Relaxing Lavender & Fig  24213 Nature Secrets Shower Gel with Moisturising Aloe Vera & Watermelon  22670 Nature Secrets Exfoliating Shower Gel with Energizing Mint & Raspberry Merch price/100ml: £1.11 £8.00 EACH ONLY £4.45 NATURE     51
  52. 52. SKIN CARE ICONS OF INNOVATION AND PRECIOUS CARE Underpinned by cutting-edge science and, whenever possible, the very best ingredients from nature, our superb range of treatments is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading. We’re exceptionally proud of this, but even prouder to be able to offer you a tangible opportunity to transform your skin, turn back time and take back control of your life! YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™
  53. 53. 5353 SKINCARE Royal Velvet Repairing Night Cream Nourishing night cream with Black Iris Infusion to restore the skin’s natural youth and improve irmness overnight. Luxurious texture. Faster irming-effect when combined with Royal Velvet Day Cream. 50ml Merch price/100ml: £23.90 22814 £20.00 £11.95 40+ The exclusive Black Iris  Infusion™ in each Royal  Velvet product works to  boost collagen and elastin  production and restore the  skin’s irming matrix. ROYAL VELVET For all skin types Restores the skin’s  natural youth and  improves irmness Capture Firmer-Looking Skin Overnight
  54. 54.       54  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £11.33 26687 £17.00  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £46.00 26686 £23.00  Ecollagen Overnight Skin Perfector 30ml Reg price/10ml: £7.67 26690 £23.00  Ecollagen Skin Perfecting Toner 200ml Reg price/100ml: £7.50 30139 £15.00  Ecollagen Foaming Gel Wash 200ml Reg price/100ml: £7.50 30141 £15.00 SAVE £46.05 £69.95 Ecollagen SET OF 6 FOR ONLY  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream SPF 15 50ml Reg price/100ml: £46.00 26685 £23.00 Why is a thorough skin care routine so important? A full skin care regimen is widely known to be your most effective weapon in the ight against ageing. More good news is, the 4 easy steps you need to follow will take you only 2 minutes,twice a day. A small investment of your time, for a huge investment in your enduring, youthful beauty. STEP 1. CLEANSE Proper cleansing is the key to keeping your skin looking healthy and fresh. It removes impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells and prepares your skin for the rest of your treatments. When available use a toner to enhance the cleansing effect.This action removes inal traces of make-up and tightens the skin to help reduce the appearance of pores. It also calms and soothes whilst balancing the skin’s pH levels. 35+ For all skin types SET CODE: 480698 The routine to help FIGHT FIRST SIGNS OF AGEING Each set arrives in an EXCLUSIVE GIFT BAG
  55. 55. 55  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Eye Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £10.67 24665 £16.00  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Multi-Cleanser 150ml Reg price/100ml: £10.00 25261 £15.00  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Night Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £38.00 24184 £19.00  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Day Cream SPF 15 50ml Reg price/100ml: £38.00 24181 £19.00 Time Reversing SET OF 5 FOR ONLY £56.95 SAVE £37.05  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Day & Night Essence 30ml Reg price/10ml: £8.33 24217 £25.00 The routine to help you LOOK UPTO 8YEARSYOUNGER ** STEP 2. EYES The area around the eye is very delicate and this is where signs of ageing tend to appear irst. Eye creams are developed to target the speciic needs of the eye area such as dark circles, pufiness and wrinkles. Eye creams are lighter in texture and designed to penetrate the smaller pores of the skin around the eyes. Orilame eye creams are perfume-free to reduce the chance of irritation. STEP 3. SERUM BOOST Serums are ideal for boosting your routine as they contain highly concentrated active ingredients, in a light texture which absorbs faster and delivers the actives deeper into the skin. STEP 4. MOISTURISE Using day and night anti-ageing moisturisers is the inal crucial step for maintaining your skin’s youthful, healthy look. Use a day cream to protect your skin during the day and night cream to help your skin recover while resting during the night. 45+ ** Consumerevaluation,103womenover45years. 2MINUTES times a day SKINCARE      SET CODE: 480699 For mature skin Each set arrives in an EXCLUSIVE GIFT BAG
  56. 56.              56  True Perfection Renewing Night Care 50ml Reg price/100ml: £34.00 30872 £17.00  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream Light 50ml Reg price/100ml: £46.00 30028 £23.00  True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum 30ml Merch price/10ml: £3.98 30873 £17.00 £11.95  True Perfection Perfecting Day Moisturiser 50ml Reg price/100ml: £34.00 30871 £17.00 25+ TRUE PERFECTION  Bioclinic Active Defence Shield Day SPF 45 30ml Reg price/10ml: £9.00 24882 £27.00  Bioclinic Fade Away Active Essence Night 30ml Reg price/10ml: £9.00 24191 £27.00 ALL AGES ALL AGES BIOCLINIC  Ecollagen Overnight Skin Perfector 30ml Reg price/10ml: £7.67 26690 £23.00 35+ ECOLLAGEN  Ecollagen Triple Cleanser 200ml Reg price/100ml: £7.50 30140 £15.00  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting and Lifting Serum 30ml Reg price/10ml: £8.33 30030 £25.00  Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £11.33 26687 £17.00 40+ DIAMOND CELLULAR  Diamond Cellular Anti- Ageing Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £62.00 13659 £31.00  Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser 200ml Reg price/100ml: £9.00 21339 £18.00 Optimals Even Out Face Lotion SPF 30 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 30348 £15.00 £9.95 EVEN OUT Ecollagen helps to re-create collagen that re-plumps wrinkles from within.  True Perfection Refreshing Eye Illuminator 15ml Merch price/10ml: £5.97 30874 £13.00 £8.95 Ultra-hydrating, delivers a beautifully even complexion and protects with SPF 30.
  57. 57. 57                57  Time Reversing SkinGenist Night Recovery Serum 30ml Reg price/10ml: £8.33 31308 £25.00  Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF15 50ml Reg price/100ml: £40.00 22424 £20.00  Royal Velvet Soothing Toner 200ml Reg price/100ml: £5.50 22423 £11.00  Royal Velvet Firming Eye Contour Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £7.33 22815 £11.00 SKINCARE  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Eye Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £10.67 24665 £16.00  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Day & Night Essence 30ml Reg price/10ml: £8.33 24217 £25.00 45+ TIME REVERSING  Time Reversing SkinGenist Instant Smooth Capsules 30pcs Reg price/10pcs: £7.67 31057 £23.00 Caution: For external use only  Royal Velvet Smooth Balm 30ml Reg price/10ml: £5.00 31318 £15.00  Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Rejuvenating Face & Neck Serum 30ml Reg price/10ml: £8.33 30836 £25.00  Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Night Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £50.00 24188 £25.00  Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Day Cream SPF 15 50ml Reg price/100ml: £50.00 24185 £25.00  Time Reversing Intense SkinGenistII ™ Eye Cream 15ml Reg price/10ml: £10.67 24667 £16.00 55+ TIME REVERSING INTENSE  Royal Velvet Creamy Cleansing Milk 200ml Reg price/100ml: £5.50 22421 £11.00  Royal Velvet Ultra Firming Capsules 28pcs Reg price/10pcs: £7.50 24547 £21.00 Caution: For external use only 40+ The exclusive Black Iris Infusion™ in each RoyalVelvet product works to boost collagen and elastin production and restore the skin’s irming matrix. ROYALVELVET  Time Reversing SkinGenist™ Multi-Cleanser 150ml Reg price/100ml: £10.00 25261 £15.00 Creates a plumping effect to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles while protecting collagen to help slow down the ageing process. Dramatically diminishes wrinkles and visibly improves skin radiance, irmness, resilience and tone. http://
  58. 58.   58  Optimals Vital Deinition Day Cream SPF 10 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 25208 £16.00  Optimals Vital Deinition Night Cream 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 25209 £16.00 After 50, the skin’s collagen and elastin networks become weaker and break down more easily, resulting in sagging and facial contours becoming less deined. Optimal’s Vital Deinition Day & Night Creams are infused with Magnolia to combat sagging, smooth your skin and help restore your beauty and youth. For lifted, deined face contours 50+ VITAL DEFINITION LIFTING, FIRMING, PROTECTING Deines facial contours by day and features SPF 10 to protect skin from premature ageing. INTENSE NOURISHMENT Firming night cream that helps to deine facial contours and texture and counteract sagging. Choose any 1 for £9.95 or MIX &
  59. 59.   59 REPLENISHES OVERNIGHT Restores moisture and freshness while offering vital antioxidant protection BALANCESAND PROTECTS Shields the skin against environmental aggressors such as UV stress and pollution SKINCARE  Optimals Oxygen Boost Day Cream Normal/ Combination Skin 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 25196 £12.00  Optimals Oxygen Boost Night Cream Normal/ Combination Skin 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 25197 £12.00 Unbalanced moisture levels? Dry patches? OilyT-zone? These soft textured creams will evenly hydrate your normal/combination skin. OXYGEN BOOST For normal/ combination skin Balanced hydration with antioxidant protection MATCH ANY 2 for ONLY £11.95* !*Order both codes
  60. 60. 60  Optimals Oxygen Boost Day Cream Oily Skin 50ml Merch price/100ml: £16.90 25198 £12.00 £8.45  Optimals Oxygen Boost Night Cream Oily Skin 50ml Merch price/100ml: £16.90 25199 £12.00 £8.45 Light, mattifying cream that protects against environmental aggressors Fresh, moisturised skin with no signs of greasy shine! For oily skin OXYGEN BOOST SKIN NEED Overnight replenishment for refreshed, hydrated, mattiied skin  Optimals Oxygen Boost Face Blotting Tissues 50pcs Merch price/100pcs: £6.90 27670 £5.00 £3.45  25258 Optimals Cleansing Gel Oily Skin  25262 Optimals Purifying Toner Oily Skin Merch price/100ml: £2.48 Each at £7.00 £4.95 A breath of oxygen for mattiied skin  25260 Optimals Foaming Gel Normal/Combination Skin  26000 Optimals Balancing Toner Normal/Combination Skin Reg price/100ml: £3.50 Each at £7.00 OXYGEN BOOST Normal/combination skin 200 ml. 200 ml.       
  61. 61. 61 BODY LOTION 250ml ቢ 31314 Optimals Body Firming Lotion - Botanical Peptide ባ 31311 Optimals Body Hydrating Lotion - Water Lily ቤ 31312 Optimals Body Smoothening Lotion - Avocado Oil Reg price/100ml: £3.60 Each at £9.00 SKINCARE ብ Optimals Body Anti- Cellulite Gel - Caffeine + Lotus Leaf 150ml Merch price/100ml: £6.30 31317 £16.00 £9.45 Prepare for a bikini-ready Summer body! ባ ቤቢ ብ SAVE UP TO 40% Formulation + Roller Ball Massaging Applicator to maximise results Reduce the look of cellulite and achieve noticeably smoother, softer and more even skin within just 2 weeks! Formulated with CelluSmooth Complex featuring Caffeine and Lotus Leaf extract to effectively target stubborn cellulite.
  62. 62. 25 10 15-25 25-50 25-50 10-15 10-15 20-25 62  Sun Zone Lotion Face and Body SPF 15 Medium 150ml Merch price/100ml: £4.30 23294 £11.00 £6.45  Sun Zone Face and Body Spray KIDS SPF 25 Medium 125ml Merch price/100ml: £5.56 23298 £12.00 £6.95  Sun Zone Anti-ageing UV Protector Face and Exposed Areas SPF 25 Medium 50ml Merch price/100ml: £14.90 31322 £13.00 £7.45 CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUNSCREEN FORYOUR SKINTYPE SKINTYPE SUN INTENSITY LOW/MEDIUM HIGH VERY FAIR & KIDS NORMAL DARK FAIR    FOR KIDS
  63. 63. 63 SKINCARE  Sun Zone Lotion Face and Body SPF 30 High 150ml Merch price/100ml: £4.97 23296 £13.00 £7.45  Sun Zone 3-in-1 Rehydration Soothing Milk After Sun 150ml Merch price/100ml: £4.63 23346 £12.00 £6.95  Sun Zone Light Body Spray SPF 25 Medium 150ml Merch price/100ml: £4.97 30171 £13.00 £7.45  Sun Zone Caring Body Spray SPF 30 High 150ml Merch price/100ml: £5.30 31323 £14.00 £7.95 LIMITED EDITION GET PROTECTED AND SAVE!No matter how sensitive or robust your precious skin, our Sun Zone range has what you need to stay safe from the sun’s  harmful rays – available now at a great price. EACH AT     -40% AFTER CARE
  64. 64. MAKE-UP YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ A LEGACY OF ELEGANCE AND OPULENCE Our story of creating beautiful, innovative and always on-trend make-up stretches right back to 1980. It was then that we decided that we wanted to make luxury cosmetics affordable and launched the irst of our iconic Giordani Gold make-up creations. Today, the legend lives on, with a range as expressive, sumptuous and affordable as ever!
  65. 65. 32066 Bianca Nude 32066BiancaNude 32067 Soft Pink 32068 Pink Carat 32068PinkCarat 32069 Tea Rose 32070 Gentle Lilac 32071 Tempting Violet 32072 Passionate Red 32072PassionateRed 32073 Noble Burgundy 65 MAKE-UP Flaunt your passion for colour! Giordani Gold Intense Shine Nail Lacquer Create exceptionally shiny nails with supreme rich colour clarity. Wide bristle brush glides polish on easily, precisely, lawlessly. Intense Shine Nail Lacquer is a fast-drying extended wear polish1 infused with precious Rose Hip Seed Oil. Available in numerous glamorous shades. 8ml Merch price/10ml: £8.69 £10.00 £6.95
  66. 66. 26516 Light 26517 Natural 21632 Natural Radiance 21633 Natural Bronze 23763 Natural Peach 24160 Dark Bronze 26601 Nude Silk 26602 Pink Lace 26603 Chiffon Rose 26604 Orchid Taffeta 26605 Scarlet Veil 26606 Coral Shell 26608 Cherry Cashmere 26610 Wispy Prune 22744 Dusky Nude 22746 Pink Secret 22748 Rose Blossom 22749 Cerise Pink 22752 Warm Coral 31376 Beige Suede 31377 Pink Delicacy 31378 Frosted Rose 31379 Violet Dawn 31380 Red Attraction 31802 Porcelain 31803 Light Rose 31804 Light Ivory 31805 Rose Beige 31806 Natural Beige 22744DuskyNude 26605ScarletVeil 66 Giordani Gold Voluptuous Lipstick 3.3g Reg price/g: £4.24 £14.00 Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick 4g Reg price/10g: £35.00 £14.00 2 elegant lip looks to choose from Intense, creamy inish and lasting coverage! Fuller lips quenched in colour and shine  Giordani Gold Age Defying Pressed Powder 7g Merch price/10g: £17.07 £16.00 £11.95  Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 25g Merch price/10g: £4.78 £17.00 £11.95  Giordani Gold Long Wear Mineral Foundation SPF 15 30ml Merch price/10ml: £3.32 £14.00 £9.95 Model is wearing: Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls 23763 Natural Peach.
  67. 67. 26 517 Natural 23763 Natural Peach 67 MAKE-UP MAINTAINS SKIN’S MOISTURE Covers imperfections The pure elegance of lawless skinLong-lasting, revitalising foundation for an immaculate complexion Give the skin a gentle glow and improve the complexion   
  68. 68. 1 31444 Nude 31443 Natural Pink 31442 Transparent 31443NaturalPink 31444Nude 31442Transparent  231658WrappedinRed 68 Inner core PROTECTS with UV FILTERS & emollients Outer core MOISTURISES with a delicate HINT OF COLOUR  The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm 1.7g Merch price/g: £2.03 £7.00 £3.45 The trendiest shades of the season, each complete with an irresistibly creamy semi-matte inish. Summer-perfect on their own, or as a base to smooth and hydrate your lips while also helping your lipstick to last even longer. FOR SOFT, SILKY, SUPPLE LIPS  Model is wearing:The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm 31444 Nude. Modeliswearing:TheONE5-in-1Colour StylistCreamLipstick31658WrappedinRed.
  69. 69. 31651 Melted Caramel 31652 Rosewood Matte 31653 Rose Parfait 31654 Fuchsia Toffee 31655 Succulent Pink 31656 Taupe Delight 31657 Coral Creme 31658 Wrapped in Red 69 31651 M elted Caram el 31657 Coral Creme 31652 Rosewood Matte 31654 Fuchsia Toffee 31655 Succulent Pink 31658 W rapped in Red 31653 Rose Parfait 69 TOP HITS FOR HOT LIPS!  The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Cream Lipstick 4g Merch price/10g: £13.63 £9.00 £5.45 Rich colour* Semi-matte inish All day hydration* Comfortable wear* Lasting colour* *Consumertestedwith68women MAKE-UP SEMI-MATTE FINISH 5-IN-1 LIPSTICK 50% SAVE UPTO http://
  70. 70. 31476 Peach Pearl 31477 Ivory Veil 31478 Rose Lace   70  The ONE French Manicure Nail Polish 8ml Merch price/10ml: £6.19 £7.00 £4.95  The ONE White Tip Nail Polish 8ml Merch price/10ml: £4.31 31482 £5.00 £3.45  The ONE Nail Food 8ml Merch price/10ml: £6.19 31033 £7.00 £4.95  The ONE Nail Polish Remover 75ml Merch price/100ml: £6.60 31034 £7.00 £4.95 ULTRA NOURISHING with antioxidants and essential oils SALON-PERFECT FRENCH MANICURE FRENCH MANICURE MADE EASY: Apply one or two coats of your favourite shade of French Manicure Nail Polish. Carefully apply the elegant white edge of your manicure by brushing on a thick line of WhiteTip Nail Polish. YOUR ROUTINE FOR STRONG, HEALTHY NAILS 1. Start with the perfect base by removing all exisiting product from your nails with Nail Polish Remover. 2. Use the Cuticle Nipper to remove dry, splitting pieces of cuticle skin. 3. Give your nails and cuticles the extra nourishment they need by applying Nail Food. 4.Apply Nail Hardener to strengthen your nails and protect against breakages. 5.Apply your favourite nail polish, or French Manicure.  
  71. 71.  71  The ONE Nail Hardener Clear, glossy lacquer fortiied with Hexanal, a clinically proven nail hardener. Provides instant durable nail protection and conditions over time when used regularly* . Wear alone or as a base coat. 8ml Merch price/10ml: £6.81 32038 £8.00 £5.45 MAKE-UP  Cuticle Nipper Matt stainless steel cuticle nipper. Size: 9 x 4.8 x 0.9 cm. 28433 £5.00 Clear CONDITIONING LACQUER fortiied with HEXANAL, a clinically proven NAIL HARDENER GETTOUGH ONWEAK NAILS Cuticle Nipper for only £1* when you buy any 2 nail care products from pages 70-71 Clear, glossy nail strengthening lacquer Helps protect against splits and breaks from the irst coat Conditions nails over time when used regularly* Prevents staining as a base coat under coloured polish NAIL STRENGTHENING LACQUER *Clinically tested over 4 weeks. For best results apply 3 times a week. NEW  *Order all codes
  72. 72. 30719 Black 30720 Black Brown  72  The ONE 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara 8ml Merch price/10ml: £8.06 £9.00 £6.45 Caring ingredients nourish and hydrate lashes* Separates and deines* Up to 116% curl** Up to 57.1% length** Up to 8x more volume** 5-IN-1 WONDER LASH MASCARA SUPER LASHES & SEXY LINESYour eyes are the most expressive area of your face so help them exude style, sophistication or whatever your mood desires with a little help fromThe ONE. *Consumertestedon95women **Clinicallytested-versusbarelashes http:// orijen.
  73. 73. 31473 Black 31474 Black Plum 32291 Black 32292 Brown 32293 Grey 32294 Nude 32291Black 32292 Brown 32293 G rey 32294 Nude   73 CLINICALLY PROVEN EYE OPENING MASCARA BLACK SECTION Reaches longer middle and outer lashes for optimised curl PINK SECTION Cone shape lifts and curls lower and inner lashes  The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara 8ml Merch price/10ml: £8.06 £9.00 £6.45  The ONE Kohl Eye Pencil 1.3g Merch price/g: £3.42 £6.00 £4.45 58° lash curl Clinically proven to visibly open eyes by 30% Eye-mimetic brush lifts and curls every lash from root to tip Glides on smoothly for a deined, sensual look. Ideal for precise inner eye line, even for sensitive eyes.Add a touch of dark shade for smoky effect. Holding Eye Pencil sideways to avoid blunting tip, apply along lash line as eyeliner. For eye shadow effect smudge the line upwards and out. FRAME INSTANT EYE APPEAL MAKE-UP Hold the mascara brush horizontally and apply from the inner to the outer lash using a zig-zag like motion.Wait and repeat for a uniform inish. DEFINE
  74. 74. 31151 Black 31366 Light 31367 Medium 24097 Black 31592 Nude Porcelain 31587 Porcelain 31594 Fair 31593 Nude Beige 31588 Fair Nude 30977 Pink Glow 31595 Light 32165 Light Porcelain 31589 Light Ivory 30978 Shimmer Rose 31596 Medium 32166 Dark Beige 31590 Warm Beige 31591 Natural Beige 30979 Luminous Peach 31684 Soft Rose 30980 Spectacular Nude 30984 Amazing Berry 30633 Trendy Berry 31685 Vivid Pink 30981 Ravishing Rose 30985 Stunning Clover 30634 Luminous Violet 31686 Coral Matte 30982 Sublime Pink 30986 Explosive Pink 30635 Plum Dimension 31688 Berry Crush 31687 Red Passion 30983 Striking Coral 30987 Dazzling Plum 31792 Dazzling Taupe 30722 Black 31189 Intense Black 31488 Limelight 31487 Sundance 31791 Sparkling Green 31486 Purple Rain 31789 Silver Chrome 31484 Deep Sea 31790 Grey Smoke 31485 Lush Ivy 31430 Blonde 31431 Brown 74 The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish 8ml Reg price/10ml: £8.75 £7.00 Giordani Gold Eye Brow Gel 4ml Reg price/10ml: £22.50 £9.00 Giordani Gold Luscious Volume Mascara 8ml Reg price/10ml: £17.50 £14.00 The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil Metallic 0.3g Reg price/g: £23.33 £7.00 The ONE Power Shine Lip Gloss 5ml Reg price/10ml: £18.00 £9.00 Giordani Gold Secret Concealer 2g Reg price/g: £5.00 £10.00 The ONE BB Cream SPF 30 30ml Reg price/10ml: £3.67 £11.00 The ONE IlluSkin Blush 4g Reg price/10g: £22.50 £9.00 The ONE Matte Velvet Foundation SPF 20 30ml Reg price/10ml: £4.00 £12.00 The ONE Lash & Brow Conditioning Gel 8ml Reg price/10ml: £11.25 31490 £9.00 The ONE Double Effect Mascara 8ml Reg price/10ml: £11.25 £9.00 The ONE Triple Core Lipstick 4g Reg price/10g: £30.00 £12.00 The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick 1.7g Reg price/g: £5.88 £10.00 Giordani Gold Supreme Length Mascara 8ml Reg price/10ml: £17.50 £14.00 The ONE Matte Velvet Powder 8g Reg price/10g: £13.75 £11.00 The ONE Lash Resistance Mascara 8ml Reg price/10ml: £11.25 £9.00 GIORDANI GOLD THE ONE
  75. 75. 20779 Baby Pink 30653 Pretty Petal 30654 Showcase Pink 30655 Uptown Rose 30656 Pink Maylower 30657 Catwalk Pink 30658 Garnet Attraction 30659 Fuchsia Hype 30660 Pink Lady 30661 Clover Haze 30662 Posh Plum 30663 Mysterious Pink 30664 Cranberry Blush 30665 Warm Peach 30666 Coral Charisma 30667 Sweet Tangerine 30668 Coral Ideal 30669 Red Devotion 30671 Red Passion 30672 Irresistible Red 30673 Red Haute Couture 30674 Smoke Red 30675 VIP Beige 30676 Chic In Taupe 30677 Warm Nude 30678 Beige Collection 30679 Vintage Rose 30680 Nude Elegance 30681 Reined Mauve 30682 Red Copper 30670 London Red 30659FuchsiaHype 75 Pure Colour Lip Palette 3.8g Merch price/g: £2.09 26661 £11.00 £7.95 Orilame Pure Colour Nail Polish 8ml Reg price/10ml: £7.50 £6.00 PURE COLOUR MAKE-UP Rich colour Luminous inish 5-in-1 LIPSTICK 30 Tailor-made shades The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick Multi-beneit lipstick with rich, lasting colour intensity and luminous inish. Flexi Wax Blend helps keep lips hydrated. Nourishing shea butter and botanical oil blend for comfortable wear. 4g Merch price/10g: £16.13 £9.00 £6.45 YOUR STYLIST FOR PERFECT LIPS Lasting colour** Comfortable wear** Helps preserve lips hydration* * Based on formulation ingredients ** Consumer tested on 117 women
  76. 76. YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ YOUTH EXPERIMENT TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT! Being young is about feeling free and enjoying all the world has to offer. Looking beautiful, feeling inspired, growing, loving and carving out your own niche in life. With that in mind, ourYouth collection offers you the tools you need to get inspired, create and ultimately deine a style that’s as individual as you are.
  77. 77. 20386 Porcelain 20387 Ivory 20388 Sand 20389 Cocoa 77 YOUTH Creating a smooth canvas on which to apply the rest of your make-up is the only way to achieve a truly lawless result.That’s where Prep Me Perfect comes in! SKIN-PRIMING MAGIC Give your skin a nourishing kick with this vitamin-enriched smoothie-style formula. Blends beautifully, inishes lawlessly! IMMACULATE, NOURISHING FINISH ባ Very Me Smoothie Foundation 30ml Merch price/10ml: £1.32 £6.00 ቢ Very Me Prep Me Perfect 30ml Merch price/10ml: £1.32 26545 £6.00 The basics for smooth, naturally lawless skin ቢ ባ *Order both codes
  78. 78. 20396 Pink 26496 Clover Haze 26497 Pink Blush 26498 Soft Coral 26499 Cerise 26500 Hot Red 24594 Feel The Love 24595 Happy Glow 24596 Daring Spirit 30364 Mocha Dream 30365 Pink Blush 30366 Hot Red 30367 Fresh Peach 30368 Flirty Pink 30369 Pink Kiss 30370 Rockstar Pink 30371 Violet Vibe 31889 Berry Punch 31890 Grapefruit Kiss 30511 Lovely Pink 30512 Red Impact 31889BerryPunch 31890 Grapefruit Kiss 30511LovelyPink 30367FreshPeach    32194 Pink 32191 Nude 32192 Coral 78 Very Me Mirror Gloss 10ml Reg price/10ml: £5.00 £5.00 Very Me Incredibalm - Pink 8ml Reg price/10ml: £6.25 £5.00 Very Me Lip Crayon 0.8g Reg price/g: £5.00 £4.00  Very Me Lip Addict 4g Merch price/10g: £11.13 £6.00 £4.45  Very Me Cheeky Lips Stain 10ml Merch price/10ml: £3.45 £5.00 £3.45  Very Me Colour Mania Balm 4.5g Merch price/10g: £7.67 £4.95 £3.45 Very Me Mood Lip Gloss 10ml Reg price/10ml: £5.00 £5.00 GLOSSY LIPSTICK WITH VITAMIN E Colour care for your lips with a fruity fresh smell TIP! LOOKS GREAT ON CHEEKS TOO! TRENDY
  79. 79. 32163 Apricot 32164 Pink Lady 31895 Raspberry 31896 Green Mint   79 NEW LIMITED EDITION Frédérique Jacqmart, Product Developer “Ombre effect nails are fun, unique and easy to achieve with a bright nail shade, our Ombre top coat and a makeup sponge.”  Very Me Ombre Nail Top Coat 8ml Merch price/10ml: £4.31 £4.95 £3.45  Very Me Nail Colour 8ml Merch price/10ml: £4.31 £4.95 £3.45 TO OMBRE YOUTH 1.ApplyVery Me Nail Colour – Apricot as your base shade over your entire nail.Allow it to dry for a few minutes. 2. Paint stripes ofVery Me Nail Colour – Pink Lady and Ombre Top Coat – Raspberry along a corner of your makeup sponge. Dab the upper-half of your nail until you achieve the desired effect. 3.Add more colour as you go. Finish with a clear top coat.
  80. 80. 24351Sw eet Coral 30496 Extra Light 30497 Light 30498 Medium Light 20531 Matte light 20532 Matte latte 24350 Pretty Pink 24351 Sweet Coral 20531M atte light 80 RADIANT MATTIFYING POWDER  Very Me No Time for Shine powder 9g Merch price/10g: £5.50 £7.00 £4.95  Very Me Peach Me Perfect Body Glow 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.30 24267 £5.00 £3.45  Very Me Cherry My Cheeks 2g Merch price/g: £1.73 £5.00 £3.45  Very Me Just BB Bliss Balm 30ml Reg price/10ml: £2.33 £7.00 Delicate shades of powder blush accentuate your cheeks with a fresh and natural inish. Powder is great for mattifying oily, shiny skin, but using too much is a common mistake that can make your make-up 'cake' over time! For the best result, apply lightly and only as often as you need it. ILLUMINATING BODY MOISTURISER Peach Me Perfect’s light shimmer gives your skin a fresh radiance that’s fabulous all year round – but looks incredible on lightly-tanned end of summer skin! MOISTURISES, PERFECTS AND PROTECTS SUNSET CHEEKS Lightweight, medium coverage BB Cream moisturises, perfects and protects for fresh, bright, healthy-looking skin in a lash. It also features SPF 12 protection. 4 SOLUTIONS FOR FRESH, SUMMERY SKIN    
  81. 81. 26024 Black 26816 Downtown Grey 26817 Cocoa Glaze 26818 Soft Brown 26819 Lady Lilac 26820 Aqua Blue 26821 Sweet Olive 26822 Deep Green 26819Lady Lilac   81 YOUTH Wild-eyed colour is so trendy right now. Keep to similar shades or create bold contrasts using your eye liner and eye shadows. Smudge outwards and then inish the power look with a few licks of classic black Extendalash! APPLY DRY FOR SHIMMER; WET FOR SHINE  Very Me Extendalash Mascara 8ml Merch price/10ml: £5.56 £6.00 £4.45  Very Me Soft N' Glam Eye Shadow 1.9g Merch price/g: £2.34 £6.00 £4.45 LENGTH, CURL & DEFINITION Like three awesome mascaras in one! Extendalash delivers incredible doll-like length, curl and deinition thanks to one of the most innovative lash-hugging brushes in the mascara world! FOCUS For a more intense and graphic metallic look, apply the eye shadow with a wet applicator. Apply the eye shadow with a dry applicator. Blend shades together for a soft and pretty shimmering inish. Model is wearing:Very Me Soft N' Glam Eye Shadow 26819 Lady Lilac.
  82. 82. 8282 Pure Skin Shine Control Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £12.00 20167 £6.00 Pure Skin Scrub Face Wash Deep Action 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.67 20194 £7.00 Pure Skin Face Wash 150ml Reg price/100ml: £4.00 20164 £6.00 HEALTHY,HAPPY & Double-Ended Blackhead Remover Size: 0.7 x 11.5 cm. 26825 £5.95 Pure Skin Cleansing Wipes 25pcs Reg price/10pcs: £2.40 30172 £6.00
  83. 83. 83 1 2 3 83  Pure Skin Spot SOS Gel Deep Action 6ml Merch price/10ml: £7.42 24752 £6.00 £4.45  Pure Skin Blackhead Clearing Mask 50ml Merch price/100ml: £6.90 24202 £5.00 £3.45  Pure Skin Blackhead Toner Deep Action 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.30 20166 £7.00 £4.95 YOUTH Use the powerful Blackhead Toner to purify and close pores. Apply the Spot SOS Gel as often as required directly to blemishes until they are gone. Use the Clearing Mask 1-2 times weekly. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse off with warm water and pat dry.  
  84. 84.   ACCESSORIES YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ TAKEYOUR STYLE TOTHE NEXT LEVEL Ask any fashion icon and they will tell you that the best accessories are every bit as versatile as they are stylish. What’s more, they needn’t cost a lot to make a big impact. At Orilame, all our jewellery and fashion treasures are handpicked with this in mind – making it easy and affordable to elevate your look.
  85. 85.  85 ACCESSORIES  Tina Chain Necklace Gorgeous oversized chain link necklace in goldtone looks amazing on sun kissed skin and paired with your favourite summer dress or top. Secure lobster claw closure and extension chain to adjust length. Nickel Safe. 39.5 x 2.8 cm + 6 cm extension chain. 28254 £12.95  Tina Chain Bracelet Add a luxurious touch of gold to your look. Oversized link bracelet in goldtone adds an edgy, sophisticated urban vibe to your favourite summer outits. Nickel Safe. 20 x 2.5 cm + 2.4 cm extension chain. 28255 £7.95  Tina Chain Earrings Convey elegantly edgy style with goldtoned oversized link earrings. Features on-trend overlapping link design and stainless steel posts. Nickel Safe. 2.5 x 1.5 cm. 28256 £4.95 Bold glamour LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION
  86. 86.      86  Maggie Pearl Necklace Size: length 42 cm + 6 cm extension. 28215 £12.95  Maggie Pearl Bracelet Size: 3 x 18 cm + 3 cm extension. 28216 £9.95  Maggie Pearl Earrings Size: 2.5 x 1.5 cm. 28217 £4.95  Maggie Clutch Size: 27 x 19 x 2.5 cm. 28231 £16.95  Ella Earrings Size: 3.8 x 1.5 x 0.6 cm. 28334 £4.95  Ella Necklace (chain length) 44 cm + 6 cm extension chain; (pendant) 2.7 x 1.8 x 0.8 cm. 28333 £6.95 Zip pocket, slip pockets, twist-lock closure WHAT'S INSIDE: NEW LIMITED EDITION Summer’s most coveted shade is cobalt blue.This timeless shade pairs perfectly with teardrop pendants for effortless summer sophistication that looks good on every woman. LIMITEDEDITION RHAPSODY IN BLUE 
  87. 87.   87  Lola Bracelet Set Set of two friendship-style bracelets features one silvertone link bracelet laced with black faux suede cord and leaf charms and one goldtone bracelet with fuchsia cord and resin stone studs. Perfect worn together or on own. Size: length (black bracelet): 18.5 cm + 3 cm extension chain, length: (purple bracelet): 26cm (adjustable). 28342 £6.00  Lola Earrings with Cuff Subtle or wild—you decide with 2-in-1 clear acrylic stone stud earrings in goldtone. Removable chain with cuff and leaf charms lets you add a rockier edge to your look. Nickel Safe. Size: length 9 cm. 28343 £4.00 NEW LIMITED EDITION STYLE YOUR WAY Show off your eclectic side for festival season.With friendship-style bracelets, charms and bands of colour you’ll be effortlessly chic and unique! ACCESSORIES
  88. 88. 88 NEW LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION  Gabi Bag Strike a pose with this stunning bag in black imitation leather with on trend cut 'n' sew panel details. Features front pocket with magnetic snap closure and gold zip closure for a sophisticated touch. 42 x 10.5 x 28 cm. 28364 £23.00  Gabi Pouch Sleek pouch in black imitation leather lets you keep all your everyday essentials close. Features cut ’n’ sew front panel and gold zip closure. Complements the Gabi Bag. 21 x 5 x 11.5 cm. 28365 £6.00 A CUT ABOVE Navy Bracelet Watch A high-fashion timepiece featuring a Quartz-movement watch attached to a golden bracelet intertwined with a navy ribbon. 3 ixed nautical-themed charms add the inishing touch of style. Stainless Steel back. Quartz movement Mercury-free battery included. Nickel safe. Arrives in a velvety pouch. Bracelet length: 18.5 cm. 28542 £20.00 WHAT’S INSIDE: Front pocket with magnetic button closure, secure zip closure, inner zip pocket and 2 open pockets Spring in Paris Bag Trendy turquoise shoulder bag with golden chain strap and rivet detailing. Materials: polyester, iron, zinc alloy. Size: 24 x 7 x 19 cm. 28317 £15.95   http://
  89. 89. 89 WHITE HOTNothing says summer like a fresh white look.White is clean, light and bright and it goes with just about everything!  Cora White Bag A cool accessory statement, a white bag adds crispness and modernity to your summer wardrobe. Faux leather bag includes adjustable handles and buckles. Zipped closure at top, 1 zipped front pocket with a 2 zipper detail, 1 zipped inner pocket and 2 open pockets. Size: 41L x 9.5W x 29H cm 28359 £24.00  Cora White Purse This beautiful faux white leather purse with champagne coloured satin lining is the perfect summer accessory. Includes 12 card slots, 2 bill slots, 1 zipped coin compartment and press buttons for closure. Size 19 x 11 cm 28360 £12.00  Cora White Sunglasses Sunglasses are a summer must-have. These striking retro inspired white sunglasses with golden coloured upper frame detail are right on trend this summer. Carrier pouch included. 100% UV protection. CE approved. Size: 14.2 cm x 5.2 x 14.5 cm 28363 £12.00 ACCESSORIES    LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION
  90. 90. FRAGRANCE YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ VISIONS OF FEMININE SOPHISTICATION This is the promise of every beautifully crafted, meticulously honed Orilame scent. Each one a unique treasure capable of evoking visions of beauty, triggering nostalgia and bringing a touch of well-deserved indulgence to your day.
  91. 91. 91 Miss Giordani Eau de Parfum The radiance of classic Italian neroli lower is the deining signature of this vivacious fragrance. 50ml Merch price/100ml: £31.90 30399 £22.00 £15.95 Always with passion FLORAL FRUITY MANGO SORBET NEROLI RED PONDI CHERRY PEPPERCORN FRAGRANCE RUBTHE BOTTLE
  92. 92. 92 THE POWER OF MAGNIFICENCE Oozing shameless glamour, audacious conidence and hypnotic sensuality, you eclipse even the most decadent room with your presence.You are more than divine – you are an idol.
  93. 93. FRAGRANCE NEW Divine Idol Eau de Parfum A glamorous Floral-Woody-Chypre fragrance with a majestic heart of Golden Iris and a hypnotically sensual and lingering drydown. 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 31297 £21.95 £9.95 93 RUBTHE BOTTLE FLORAL WOODY CHYPRE GOLDEN IRISRED FRUIT SPARKLE AMBERGRIS
  94. 94. 94 EACH AT Voyager Woman Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £27.90 30411 £22.00 FEIJOA FLOWER & FRUIT FLORAL FRUITY GREEN JASMINE ABSOLUT SENSUAL MUSK Far beyond the ordinary Voyager FLORAL FRUITY POWDERY MAGNOLIA HELIOTROPEMANDARIN BLOSSOMS Tenderly Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £27.90 30061 £22.00 Tenderly For a life fulilled
  95. 95. Eclat Femme Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £27.90 30128 £22.00 Imagination Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £27.90 30122 £18.00 ORIENTAL CITRUS WOODY SANDALWOODJASMINE PETALS MANDARIN Pure allure Eclat Femme Imagination PEAR BLOSSOM PEARMUSK FLORAL GREEN MUSK £13.95 FRAGRANCE 95 Life is your canvas
  96. 96. 96 NEW RUBTHE BOTTLE Miss Happy Fragrance Mist Have a lirty, fun day with Miss Happy! A refreshing all-over fragrance mist with a juicy heart of sunny Mirabelle Plum and a mischievously sexy undertone. Handbag friendly for on-the-go spritzing. 75ml Merch price/100ml: £11.27 31635 £12.00 £8.45 Miss Happy ORANGE BLOSSOM MIRABELLE PLUM CEDARWOOD FLORAL FRUITY GREEN So full of joy Instantly refreshing & invigorating Fragrance Mist
  97. 97. FRAGRANCE 97 JASMINE PETALS Miss Relax Fragrance Mist Floral Green all- over fragrance mist with a tranquil heart of dewy Bamboo Sap and a hypnotic hint of sexiness. Handbag friendly for on-the-go spritzing. 75ml Merch price/100ml: £11.27 31634 £12.00 £8.45 Miss Relax So laid back Floral Green BAMBOO SAP MUSKS NEW Cools down skin Fragrance Mist
  98. 98. 98 5 Favourites to UPDATEYOUR FRAGRANCE WARDROBE 3.Seductive Musk Seductive Musk Eau deToilette casts a sultry spell with feminine top notes of rose, aldehydes and gardenia. It then evolves into a sensual heart of orris, musk and heliotrope and a sexy cashmeran-tonka bean-ambrox drydown. 1.Vivacity Vivacity Eau deToilette captures the optimistic spirit of the free- spirited woman with its exhilarating notes of sparkling pink grape fruit, delicate orange blossom and vetiver. 4.Amber Elixir This enchanting fragrance evokes an all-consuming passion with delicious top notes of black currant, mandarin and liquorice and a coquettish feminine heart of heliotrope, sweet almond and peony. Later, it settles into a sumptuous drydown of sandalwood, mystical amber and sensual musk. 2.My Red Infused with rare and elusive red jasmine flowers for an intensely floral, audacious and magnetizing scent, My Red Eau de Parfum turns up the intensity and makes hearts beat faster. 5.Lucia Starlight This delicately feminine evening composition built around majestic starflower, also called “Beauty of the Night,” enchants with its delightfully radiant character and helps you reveal your inner glow. ቢ 23838 Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £36.00 £18.00 ባ 31293 Eclat Femme Weekend Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £44.00 £22.00 ቤ 24588 Giordani White Gold Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £40.00 £20.00 ብ 11355 Divine Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £44.00 £22.00 ቦ 13850 Enigma Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £52.00 £26.00 ቧ 31121 My Naked Truth Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £44.00 £22.00 ቨ 24169 Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £40.00 £20.00 ቩ 26769 Power Woman Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £44.00 £22.00 ቪ 30886 Possess Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £62.00 £31.00 ቫ 30026 Lady Avebury Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £52.00 £26.00 ቭ 18957 Precious Moments Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £44.00 £22.00 ቮ 25057 Pretty Swan Eau de Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £36.00 £18.00 ቯ 25040 Amber Elixir Night Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £44.00 £22.00 ተ 30025 Volare Eau de Parfum 50ml Reg price/100ml: £36.00 £18.00 ቢ ባ ቤ ብ ቦ ቧ ቨ ቩ ቪ ቫ ቭ ቮ ቯ ተ
  99. 99. FRAGRANCE 99 Vivacity Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £24.90 25401 £18.00 £12.45 1 ROSE, MUSK ACCORD, CASHMERAN WOOD SEDUCTIVE MUSK Seductive Musk Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £26.90 25447 £19.00 £13.45 3 Amber Elixir Eau de Parfum 50ml Merch price/100ml: £34.90 11367 £22.00 £17.45 AMBER ELIXIR MANDARIN, HELIOTROPE,AMBER 2 4 5 VIVACITY PINK GRAPEFRUIT, ORANGE BLOSSOM, VETIVER Lucia Starlight Eau de Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £24.90 30892 £18.00 £12.45 LUCIA STARLIGHT STARFLOWER,WHITE PATCHOULI,YUZU My Red Eau de Parfum 50ml Merch price/100ml: £43.90 25403 £31.00 £21.95 RED JASMINE, ANNATTO POWDER, CRANBERRY MY RED FRAGRANCE
  100. 100. YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ FOR HIM RAISEYOUR STYLE QUOTIENT You're a man of style.You dress well, you groom well, but there's always a little room for improvement, right? After all, a man who works hard and plays hard aspires to be the best he can be. So lead the pack, set the trend, be the man. Raise your style quotient, with a helping hand from our bespoke men's range.
  101. 101. 101 FORHIM NEW ባ GO! Cool & Charming Fragrance Spray Help your one and only guy boost the charming gentleman within. Spray him all over and watch the transformation as the cooling sensation opens the door to intensely fresh, aromatic notes of juicy cantaloupe and marine accord fused with sensual oak moss. He’s all yours… 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.97 31641 £8.00 ቢ GO! Hot & Sexy Fragrance Spray Transform your favourite guy into an irresistible Romeo. Cool on the skin yet hot enough to rev his engine, one burst of this body spray with intense woody notes of the aphrodisiac cypriol merged with the spicy heat of clove, reined gaiac wood and elusive tonka bean unleashes the tiger in him. 150ml Merch price/100ml: £3.97 31642 £8.00 £5.95EACH AT How do you like him?  Cool & charming... or hot & sexy? ቢ ባ Our Most  Intense  Fragrance  Spray
  102. 102. 102 You are unstoppable. Irresistible.Your intensity is a force of nature, a presence that cannot be ignored or denied. EXPERIENCETHE POWER
  103. 103. 103 Excite Force Eau de Toilette Reveal your masculine power with Excite Force. The juicy freshness of melon and crushed pine needles create a lingering accord whilst black amber leaves an unforgettable masculine trail. 75ml Merch price/100ml: £17.93 31639 £19.00 £13.45 NEW FRESH MASCULINE ENERGETIC RUBTHE BOTTLE FORHIM MELON CRUSHED PINE NEEDLES BLACK AMBER
  104. 104. 104 Men's Collection Dark Wood Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £17.93 30059 £19.00 £13.45 Sir Avebury Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £22.60 26763 £24.00 £16.95 GAIAC WOOD BLACK PEPPER WOODY SPICY BLACKTEA WOODY SPICY MATE ACCORD Down Town Sunglasses Classic aviator polycarbonate sunglasses are a must-have for urbane men. Features matte black plating and dark lenses. 100% UV Protection. CE Approved. 14.5 x 4.5 cm. 28452 £11.00 NEW Men's Collection DarkWood A scent of seduction Class Included SirAvebury LIMITED EDITION BLOND TOBACCO CEDARWOOD
  105. 105. 105 Giordani Man Notte Eau De Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £22.60 31199 £24.00 £16.95 Giordani Man Notte ITALIAN CITRUS FRUITS BLACK COFFEE BLACK VETIVER WOODYVETIVER Celebrate – Italian style FORHIM
  106. 106. 106  31074 So Fever Him Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £34.67 £26.00  21559 Architect Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £32.00 £24.00  25488 Rival Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £25.33 £19.00  30468 Be the Legend Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £29.33 £22.00  30540 Ascendant Aqua Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £29.33 £22.00  21707 Voyager Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £25.33 £19.00  15183 S8 Night Eau De Toilette 50ml Reg price/100ml: £38.00 £19.00  31236 Eclat Homme Sport Eau De Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £29.33 £22.00  12190 Signature Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £32.00 £24.00  31145 Glacier Rock Eau de Toilette 100ml Reg price/100ml: £17.00 £17.00  17328 Giordani Man Eau de Toilette 75ml Reg price/100ml: £32.00 £24.00  30177 Flamboyant Privé Travel Spray Eau de Toilette 30ml Reg price/10ml: £2.65 £7.95 1.Tycoon This disarming scent evokes the essence of the successful man with a refreshing opening of Paciic Airy Ocean Shore accord around a heart of radiant solar notes, It then evolves into a sensual black amber drydown. 4.S8 With its vibrant grapefruit, pear and sensual musk scent, S8 captures the vibe of trendy SoFo in Stockholm and the stylish young men who embody the vibe and energy of this exciting quarter. 3.Ascendant Overlowing with energy and sensuality, Ascendant combines fresh notes of grapefruit with tarragon and tonka beans for a modern interpretation of a classic oriental scent. 4Top scents to REDEFINE YOUR MANLY STYLE! 2.Midsummer Man A mysterious woody spicy blend captivates with a magical scent of the forest and awakes sensuality!            
  107. 107. FORHIM 107 Tycoon Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £20.60 25048 £22.00 £15.45 Tycoon BLACK AMBER, PACIFIC AIRY OCEAN SHORE, SUN BREEZE 1 S8 Eau De Toilette 50ml Merch price/100ml: £26.90 8020 £19.00 £13.45 GRAPEFRUIT, MUSK, PEAR 3 S8 4 2 GRAPEFRUIT, TARRAGON, TONKA BEAN Ascendant Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £20.60 10919 £22.00 £15.45 Ascendant Midsummer Man Eau de Toilette 75ml Merch price/100ml: £15.27 25396 £19.00 £11.45 CASHMERAN WOOD, CORIANDER SEEDS, MARINE ACCORD Midsummer Man
  108. 108. 108  North For Men Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250ml Merch price/100ml: £1.78 15537 £6.00 £4.45  North For Men After Shaving Moisture Balm 50ml Merch price/100ml: £8.90 14654 £6.00 £4.45  North for Men Triple Action Eye Balm 15ml Merch price/10ml: £3.30 16686 £7.00 £4.95  North For Men Spray Deo Antiperspirant 150ml Merch price/100ml: £2.97 15549 £6.00 £4.45  North for Men Total Age Control Cream 50ml Reg price/100ml: £18.00 16687 £9.00 North For Men Cleansing Soap Bar 100g Reg price/100g: £2.00 15543 £2.00 North For Men Roll-On Deo Antiperspirant 50ml Reg price/100ml: £10.00 15548 £5.00 North For Men Refreshing Shower Gel 250ml Reg price/100ml: £2.40 18174 £6.00 North For Men Fortifying Total Hair & Body Wash 250ml Reg price/100ml: £2.40 15539 £6.00 North For Men Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam 200ml Reg price/100ml: £3.00 14652 £6.00 North For Men Sensitive Skin After Shaving Balm 50ml Reg price/100ml: £12.00 24468 £6.00 EXPERIENCE THE POWER OFTHE NORTH North For Men Normal Skin Shaving Foam 200ml Reg price/100ml: £3.00 17358 £6.00
  109. 109. 109 FORHIM With Arctic ProDefense, your skin can better withstand tough environmental conditions. Found in Rhodiola Root from a remote region of the North, it shows extreme antioxidant, protective, and regenerative properties. Helps eliminate and prevent dandruff Rapid drying anti-perspirant formula Essential skin hydration for that silky after-shave feel. Anti-Dandruff protection No white marks 24H moisture Reduces under eye pufiness For eyes Reduces the appearance of ine lines and wrinkles Anti-ageing care     
  110. 110. YOUR DREAMS – OUR INSPIRATION™ WELLNESS KEEPYOUR SUMMER ENERGY ALIVE! While we can't promise that these warm summer weeks will continue forever, we can promise to help you make the most of them. From light lunches to delicious cold shakes,Wellness have the products to stay full of life - all day long.
  111. 111. 111  Natural Balance Shake Natural Strawberry Contains 21 portions. 378g. Reg price/100g: £5.81 15447 £21.95 WELLNESS  Natural Balance Shake Natural Vanilla Contains 21 portions. 378 g. Reg price/100g: £5.81 15448 £21.95  Natural Balance Shake Natural Chocolate Contains 21 portions. 378 g. Reg price/100g: £5.81 22138 £21.95 *When subscribed to Wellness Ask your consultant for more information FEEL GREAT. PAY LESS. ONLY 65 CALORIES! Every 4th Shake for FREE!* SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS Myth-Busting FACT MYTH: Powdered products can never be natural. FACT: Yes, they can.The Natural Balance Shake consists of peas, whole eggs, whey protein (from milk), apple, rosehip and ibre from sugar beet. Natural, long-lasting weight loss   
  112. 112. 112 TARGETING BODY FUNCTIONS SKIN • Improved moisture and elasticity • Reduced UV damage and wrinkles VITALITY • Reduced tiredness and fatigue IMMUNE SYSTEM • Improved defences • Reduced inlammation HEART • Improved heart health and cholesterol levels MUSCLES & JOINTS • Improved endurance and performance • Decreased inlammation and soreness VISION • Increased UV protection • Less tired eyes Myth-Busting FACTS MYTH: Fish contain pollutants, therefore it is not safe to eat Omega 3 oil. FACT: Heavy metals found in ish bind to protein, and therefore it is more toxic to consume the lesh of the ish than it is to consume the puriied oil. MYTH: It’s not safe to take supplements in addition to a very healthy diet. FACT:Yes, it is.The body will absorb what it needs and excrete any excess. MYTH: Supplements can’t help reduce face wrinkles. FACT: Yes it can. Studies show that astaxanthin improves elasticity, hydration, and reduces wrinkles.
  113. 113. WELLNESS GMPGOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE 113 WellnessPack. For a body younger than your years. All the nutrition your body needs to stay younger for longer - in one convenient daily sachet. 21 DAYS SUPPLY FREE* Every 4th WellnessPack for FEEL GREAT. PAY LESS. *When subscribed to Wellness Ask your consultant for more information ባ WellnessPack woman 21 Day Supply. 22791 £19.95 ቢ WellnessPack man 21 Day Supply. 22793 £19.95 QUALITYYOU CANTRUST One WellnessPack sachet: 1 x Astaxanthin capsule 2 x Omega 3 capsules 1 x Multivitamin & mineral tablet WELLNESS ቢ ባ
  114. 114. 114  WellnessKids Omega 3 105ml Reg price/100ml: £8.52 22467 £8.95  WellnessKids Multivitamins and Minerals 21 tablets x 1.1 g. 22465 £8.95 OMEGA 3 • Pure Omega 3 ish oil from sustainable stocks MULTIVITAMIN & MINERALS • 13Vitamins • 8 Minerals HEALTHY KIDS. HAPPY PARENTS WELLNESSKIDS FREE* *When subscribed to Wellness Ask your consultant for more information Every 4th Soup for  Omega 3 1 Month Supply 15397 £9.95  Swedish Beauty Complex Plus 1 Month Supply 25414 £15.95  Multivitamin & Mineral man 2 Month Supply 22795 £13.95  Multivitamin & Mineral woman 2 Month Supply 22794 £13.95  Hair & Nail NutriComplex 21 Day Supply 23473 £15.95 Your summer nutritional basics Enhance your natural beauty Purple Shaker and Scoop Mix your Natural Balance Shake in this convenient shaker. 25479 £3.95 Just measure and shake!  Natural Balance Soup Tomato & Basil 392g Reg price/100g: £5.60 24693 £21.95  Natural Balance Soup Asparagus 392g Reg price/100g: £5.60 24694 £21.95 NATURAL BALANCE PRODUCTS. NATURAL LONG-LASTING WEIGHT LOSS. HIGH PROTEIN AND FIBRE Keeps you fuller for longer WEIGHT LOSS When used according to the Wellness Roadmap™ BENEFITS:          *When subscribed to Wellness Ask your consultant for more information FREE* Every 4th Omega 3 or Multivitamin for
  115. 115. 1 ONLY 150 CALORIES 115 The bars are low in calories yet high in protein, and rich in ibre from whole grains.The perfect sweet treat - without the guilt! NATURAL BALANCE BAR. NATURAL, LONG-LASTING WEIGHT LOSS. 7Bars in every pack! SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS Sweet and healthy! ባ Natural Balance Bar Super Berries Each pack contains 7 bars. 280 g (7 x 40 g). Reg price/100g: £4.63 25386 £12.95 ቢ Natural Balance Bar Choco Each pack contains 7 bars. 280 g (7 x 40 g). Reg price/100g: £4.63 25385 £12.95 CALORIES As little as one handful of nuts CARBOHYDRATE As little as one orange The pictured foods above also contain micronutrients that are not present in the Natural Balance Bar FAT As little as one teaspoon of vegetable oil FIBRE As much as one porridge portion PROTEIN As much as one egg Did you know? Natural Balance Bar gives you: MYTH: The bars contain fructose which is not good for you. FACT: Well, it is the most natural source of sugar which gives the bars their nice sweetness, softness and texture. Fructose is a natural sugar like glucose and sucrose but has a very low glycemic index. WELLNESS ቢ ባ Myth-Busting FACT
  116. 116. 116  Harmony Hand Cream 75ml Merch price/100ml: £1.93 30730 £2.95 £1.45 LIMITED EDITION  Diamonds & Pearls Hand Cream 75ml Merch price/100ml: £2.20 31117 £3.45 £1.65 LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION  Harmony Anti- perspirant 24h Deodorant 50ml Merch price/100ml: £3.90 30731 £3.95 £1.95  Caring Hand Cream with Olive Oil 75ml Merch price/100ml: £1.93 30646 £2.95 £1.45 While stock lasts! Summer beauty for a steal -50%    
  117. 117. 117  Very Me New York Eye Pencil 1.8g Merch price/g: £2.19 £8.00 £3.95  Very Me Glitter Eye Liner 3.5ml Merch price/ ml: £0.84 £5.95 £2.95 LIMITED EDITION  Very Me New York Nail Polish 8ml Merch price/10ml: £4.94 £8.00 £3.95 LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION 31052 Silver 31053 Metallic Blue 31054 Nude 31055 Grey  Very Me Nail Grafiti Top Coat 8ml Merch price/10ml: £3.69 £5.95 £2.95  Very Me Nail Grafiti Base Coat 8ml Merch price/10ml: £3.69 £5.95 £2.95 LIMITED EDITION PROMOTIONS LIMITED EDITION 30951 Macchiato 30953 Fancy Lavender 30516 Snow White 30517 Go Taupe 31050 Copper      31048 Black 31051 Green
  118. 118. 25376 Porcelain 30377 Ivory Beige 31125 Grand Red 31126 Dramatic Gold 31127 Pink Allure 30773 Natural Glow 31125GrandRed 25378 Natural Beige 21720 Shiny Black 22738 Black 118  Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Foundation 30ml Merch price/10ml: £2.32 £14.00 £6.95  Giordani Gold Age Defying Concealer 10ml Merch price/10ml: £4.95 £9.95 £4.95  Giordani Gold Baroque Lacque Brilliance 11ml Merch price/10ml: £4.05 £8.95 £4.45 LIMITED EDITION  Giordani Gold Portoino Illuminating Powder 7g Merch price/10g: £9.21 £12.95 £6.45 LIMITED EDITION      Giordani Gold Eye Pencil 1g Merch price/g: £4.95 £10.00 £4.95  Giordani Gold Liquid Eye Liner 7ml Merch price/10ml: £7.07 £9.95 £4.95  
  119. 119. 26527 Magic Ivory 26527M agicIvory 26528 Deep Green 26567 Khaki Green 24917 Fair Nude 26529 Mystic Purple 119  Kajal Eye Liner 2.5g Merch price/g: £0.98 £5.45 £2.45 LIMITED EDITION PROMOTIONS  Orilame Beauty Studio Artist Loose Powder 7g Merch price/10g: £7.79 24079 £10.95 £5.45  Soft Diffuse Powder Eye Liner 0.7g Merch price/g: £4.93 £6.95 £3.45  EverLasting Foundation 30ml Merch price/10ml: £1.98 £11.95 £5.95 While stock lasts! Summer beauty for a steal -50%    
  120. 120. 120  Perfect Body Anti-Cellulite Attack 150ml Merch price/100ml: £6.63 24884 £20.00 £9.95  Bioclinic Cellulite Reductor 100ml Merch price/100ml: £15.45 30083 £31.00 £15.45  Milk & Honey Gold Set The set contains: shampoo (50 ml), conditioner (50 ml), shower cream (50 ml), hand cream (30 ml), hand & body cream (30 ml), and a pouch. Pouch size: 17.5 х 8.5 х 18 cm. Merch price/100ml: £1.40 30151 £30.00 £13.95 LIMITED EDITION HOWTO USE: Roll over desired areas, increasing circulation and blood low. Use morning and evening for best results. USE ONYOUR BUTTOCKS ANDTHIGHS Ampliied eficacy with massager. Guaranteed.   
  121. 121. 121  Royal Velvet Lifting Elixir 30ml Merch price/10ml: £3.32 22817 £21.00 £9.95  Royal Velvet Firming Day Cream SPF 15 Anniversary Edition 50ml Merch price/100ml: £19.90 30915 £19.95 £9.95 LIMITED EDITION PROMOTIONS For all skin types 40+ BLACK IRIS INFUSION Summer beauty for a steal While stock lasts! -50%   http :// orije .uk
  122. 122. 122 LIMITED EDITION Summer beauty for a steal While stock lasts! Purse spray 15ml  31203 Pretty Swan Eau de Toilette Purse Spray  31299 Vivacity Eau de Toilette Purse Spray  31202 Volare Eau de Parfum Purse Spray Merch price/10ml: £3.30 £9.95 Each at £4.95    -50%  Pure Skin Hide & Treat 15ml Merch price/10ml: £1.97 20176 £5.95 £2.95 Hides and treats blemishes HIDEANDTREAT Reach for a targeted treatment for speciic areas of concern.These products deliver a powerful dose of ingredients to ight and conceal blemishes and prevent future breakouts. 
  123. 123. 123 PROMOTIONS LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION LIMITED EDITION  Essentials Nourishing Night Cream 75ml Merch price/100ml: £4.60 23745 £6.95 £3.45  Essentials Nourishing Face Cream 75ml Merch price/100ml: £3.27 30382 £4.95 £2.45  Essentials Lip Balm with Macadamia Nut Oil 4.5g Merch price/10g: £5.44 30384 £4.95 £2.45  Essentials Nourishing Face Mask 2 x 6 ml. Merch price/10ml: £0.54 30851 £1.45 £0.65    
  124. 124. 97% 90% 91%LONG LASTING FRESHNESS* Anti-perspirant Deodorant 50ml ቢ 30332 Activelle Green Tea Fresh Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant ባ 23725 Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible ቤ 23718 Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Pure Care ብ 31270 Activelle Extreme Protection Anti-perspirant 48h Deodorant Merch price/100ml: £1.90 Each at £3.55 ቢ ባ ቤ ብ Catalogue112015(24/07–13/082015) £1 EACH AT * Effectiveness based on self-assessment from 60 women WHITE MARKS PROTECTION** SMOOTH AND SILKY SOFT UNDERARMS** ** Effectiveness based on consumer test from 69 to 86 women. 93%FELT PROTECTED ALL DAY*** *** Self-assessment of 71 women with excessive sweat