The Pseudo Legacy - Chapter 2, Part 1


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The Pseudo Legacy - Chapter 2, Part 1

  1. 1. Welcome to Chapter Two, Part One of the Pseudo Legacy. In our story so far, Taylor Legacina fled the death of his family and followed the guidance of an obscure prophecy seemingly dictating that he must found a legacy. While attending college, he met Professor Kelly, a smart and outgoing young professor who quickly captured his heart. Luckily for him, she felt the same way. With some trials along the way, the two started a family in the true legacy way. They had two girls, Zoey and Victoria, and the terrors of Taylor’s earlier life seemed far behind him. Time passes quickly and both girls grew into beautiful young women. Eventually, they left to go to Sim State, just like their father. And here is where the story of the second generation begins. This chapter was originally uploaded to the Sims2 Exchange on January 30, 2007.
  2. 2. Having been conned into going to college by the cunning voice in her head, Zoey petulantly settled into dorm life. “This is stupid, Voice. My room is small, the bed is uncomfortable, and the people here smell. Daddy’s got lots of money now, so why do I have to live like this? I’m above this petty stuff. I shouldn’t even have to go to college. You’re just picking on me.” Zoey, you’re not supposed to address me quite that openly. The cafeteria worker is staring at you. “Good! Maybe they’ll kick me out and I can go home.” A triumphant smile settled on her face as she decided this plan was perfect. “Hey look at me! I’m crazy!”
  3. 3. Luckily, there was another option available, especially since Zoey was never suited to dorm life anyway. Charlie Thompson had been declared placeholder for the Greek House Taylor formed during his college days, and he was only too happy to invite the newest Legacina to join. “Zoey! Pack your bags, girl. We’re getting you out of here.”
  4. 4. As different as she was from her father in personality, Zoey experienced many of the same things he did in her first days at Phi Dagga Katta. “Parker... you’re... uhm. You’re not wearing any clothes.” “Well Zoey, you’re an adult now. I thought it was time we discussed the purest freedom there is: the freedom from clothing. Your clothes are only there to bind and constrict you, to hold you back from what your skin should be experiencing constantly. There should be nothing that comes between your skin and the caress of the sun or the kiss of the wind.” “Uh..” Keeping her eyes focused on his face, Zoey said, “I guess that’s one way of looking at .. freedom. I... have to wear clothes because I sunburn too easily. Otherwise I’d join you.” Crestfallen, Parker replied, “Oh, I’m so sorry, Zoey. That’s just.. *sniff* ..tragic.”
  5. 5. Charlie was glad to have some company again. Even though time had essentially been in stasis for him after Taylor graduated, it was nice to have life moving along again. Zoey did take a bit of getting used to, though. “Check it out, Charlie! The Llama painted himself purple!” Zoey pointed off towards campus. “Wha? Where!?” “Right over there.” She quickly swapped a couple of pawns, giving herself the advantage.
  6. 6. “But I don’t see...” Charlie turned back just in time. Glaring at Zoey, he continued, “I don’t see anything but you cheating.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Charlie Thompson. I would *never* cheat at a game like this.” Zoey wasn’t very good at playing innocent, but she certainly tried. Whatever else Charlie might say about living with Zoey, it had certainly made his life .. ‘interesting’.
  7. 7. Not much later Victoria made her way to Sim State as well. While she claimed she needed to get away from her parents and their lovey-dovey ways, she was much more driven than her sister, and one of her biggest desires was to go to college. She didn’t need the Voice to con her into going. Once she was at uni, Victoria decided it was time for a makeover. While the little hair buns had been cute as a child and a teenager, they didn’t quite cut it for a young woman. Not to mention the clothes she had were hideous. Certainly nothing that a stylish and soon to be wealthy young woman should be wearing. It was time to do some shopping. One of her dorm mates took her down to the campus boutiques to see what they could find.
  8. 8. What she found, though, was something not on her shopping list. “Whoa.. who’s that?” Victoria stopped to admire the passing boy’s backside as he walked down the street humming to himself. Kenya looked up and blinked, “Oh, that’s Christian. Christian Corsillo. He lives over at one of the other dorms.” She started grinning, “You think he’s hot?” “Well duh. He’s scrumptious looking.” Watching him walk away, Victoria considered Christian, “He looks perfect.”
  9. 9. Just up ahead, though, the young man stopped and started talking to someone, “Hey Laci! Check it out! See how far out I can wiggle my butt? I’m totally going to win at doing the chicken dance now! I’ve been practicing all week.” “Darn it, Christian. I’ve told you before, my name is Christa!” She realized what he was doing and rolled her eyes. Down the street, Victoria reconsidered her first opinion, “Okay, maybe not perfect.” A calculating and thoughtful expression settled onto her face, “Though, I just may know who he’d be perfect for.”
  10. 10. Finishing up her shopping mission, Victoria completed her own makeover and gave her sister a call, “Hey Zoey! Guess where I am.” “Vic? Huh? Oh .. wait! Are you here at college?” “Yep! Got here earlier today. Wanna meet me at the student union?” “AWESOME! Sure, I’ll be right over there.”
  11. 11. The two sisters happily met up at the student union’s coffee shop. They caught each other up fairly quick on everything they had been up to, but Zoey sensed Victoria was up to something. Tilting her head, she looked at her sister, “Why do you look so smug?” Victoria just grinned, “I found someone I want you to meet.” “Okay, who?”
  12. 12. As fortune would have it (and as Victoria had carefully planned it), Christian was also at the coffee shop. Victoria pushed her sister over towards him and said, “Christian, I’d like to meet my sister, Zoey. Zoey, this is Christian.” Blinking wide, green eyes Christian stared at Victoria, “Do I know you?” Before that train of thought could go any further, he looked back at Zoey and gave a brilliantly charming smile, “Hi, I guess. It’s nice to meet you.” “Wow, you’re totally hot.” Zoey hung onto his hand long after propriety would say to let go. Christian’s grin turned lopsided, “You’re not so bad yourself.”
  13. 13. The trio hung out for the rest of the day, goofing around at the union. Victoria thought about leaving them to get to know each other by themselves, but after Zoey’s teenage dating disasters, she decided she wasn’t taking any chances. After all, if Zoey couldn’t find a guy, she’d have to be heir, and that would interfere with her plans. Plans that included such things as motherlode and world domination.
  14. 14. Speaking of plans... Around that same time, off in Pleasantview, Kirstial Legacina fumed and fussed. It had been years since she had done away with her brother, sister-in-law and father, but she had never been successful in finding the lost, last Legacina. “How hard can it be to find one, stupid spawn? It’s not as if my brother was known for his brains. How could his kid be smart enough to hide from me!?” She always seemed to find herself monologuing in her living room. “I really need to get a minion or two. This would be so much more dramatic if someone were actually watching.”
  15. 15. She had tried using her underworld and supernatural connections to find her lost niece or nephew, but they had never been able to turn anything up for her.
  16. 16. She regularly searched the newspapers for any sign of a Legacina, or even someone who looked like her family line. It’s not as if elf ears were all that common. There had been a couple of leads, but they all turned out to be nothing.
  17. 17. She made use of the internet as well, regularly using google to search for any sign of even the name ‘Legacina’. Of course, her time probably would have been better spent if she hadn’t let herself get sucked into various forum communities that talked about her favorite game. “Is someone there? I thought I heard someone speaking?”
  18. 18. She even gathered a collection of phonebooks that she searched through for any sign of a Legacina. “If I had a minion, I could make them do this job. This sucks.”
  19. 19. Finally, Kirstial gave up on mundane methods of searching. Over the years her powers had grown, and it was time to let them guide her to wherever her hated blood relative might be. The powers swirled, dark and dangerous around the globe until finally it narrowed in upon a single location that began to glow like a beacon.
  20. 20. “YES! I have found her! Or him. Whoever. They’re dead now!” Kirstial pumped her fist in the air as the dark magic crackled and faded from the room, “MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
  21. 21. “Oh, ow. I think I broke a nail. Remind me to kill my manicurist for not doing a better job.” She looked at her broken fingernail forlornly. Looking up, she sighed, “Of course, if I had a minion, they could have actually taken a note right now.”
  22. 22. Back at Sim State University, Charlie finished up a quick e-mail. “Taylor-buddy. It’s been great since your girls moved in here. They both brought enough scholarship money that we were able to upgrade the Greek Pad from what we had to an actual house. I gotta say, it’s nice having a roof over my head.” “Your girls grew up beautiful, man, but they scare me a little bit. Zoey’s always talking about lighting things on fire or causing explosions, and Victoria’s just got this calculating look in her eye every time I see her. If I ever go missing, ask them where they buried me, okay?” “Later dude. - Charlie.”
  23. 23. While Zoey may not have been particularly thrilled about the whole ‘higher education’ aspect of college, she could definitely get behind the ‘party till you puke’ aspect. Once Victoria officially moved in to the house, they threw their first big bash. “TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!”
  24. 24. “I’m so glad you came, Christian.” Zoey batted her eyelashes at him while she adjusted her toga ever so slightly. “Do you need a sheet? I can get you one if you want.” Giving her a vapid smile back, Christian replied, “I wouldn’t have missed this for anything, Zoey. Everyone knows that Phi Dagga Katta throws the best parties.” He blinked once, then twice, “A sheet? Uhm. I’m not sleepy. Thanks, though. By the way, that’s a really pretty dress you got on.” Whitney looked up from her book and snorted softly, “And they say the cheerleader is dumb. Man, has he got me beat.”
  25. 25. One new addition to the regular party crew was a recent friend of Charlie’s. Genesis Turner was normally a shy girl, but something about the music, drinks and party atmosphere made her let loose. Seriously, she spent the entire party in one spot doing the crazy Elaine dance. It was awesome.
  26. 26. Of course, with all great parties comes the dreaded morning after. Often times, that can be as interesting as the party itself. “Dickson, the party’s over. It’s been over for hours. Go home.” Victoria growled as she tried to read the morning paper and take care of other morning business. “I.. can’t find my pants.”
  27. 27. Over in another room, two others were waking up from the party. Charlie rubbed his face and sat up, “Man, my mouth tastes like cat litter. Ugh.” He paused for a moment, then looked to his left, “Uh oh.” Margaret gave Charlie an adoring smile, “Last night was beautiful, Charlie. I’m so happy for us.” “Uhm.. I might be happy for us too if I could remember any of it.” “You.. you said you loved me!” “Whoa now... let’s not get hasty.” In the end, the conversation did not go very well at all.
  28. 28. “Margaret keeps calling me, Vic. I think she was the one who left the bag of flaming poo on our doorstep too.” Charlie talked the whole thing out with Victoria a few days later. “She kept sobbing about how it was ‘magic’ with you when she left that morning.” Victoria offered a bit too quickly, “Want me to get rid of her for you?” Tempted but not that tempted, Charlie quickly said, “Uh, no. She’ll get over me.”
  29. 29. Despite Charlie’s troubles, other people’s romantic escapades were going much, much better. Zoey and Christian had even gotten to the point where Victoria felt safe letting them go on a date by themselves. “You’re like totally awesome, Zoey. I’ve had a great time tonight.” Christian held her close as they danced. Grinning impishly, Zoey replied in a sultry voice, “We can have some more fun back at my place. Want to go home with me?” “Oooh, do you have a game or something we can play? Like Yhatzee? I like Yhatzee.” “Uhm.. kinda. Better than Yhatzee. Much better. Let me show you.”
  30. 30. And show him she did. The bartender watched with a shocked expression, “She’s putting her... oh my.. and her hands... oh.. That’s... uh... Eek. Public place, people... Wait.. Hoo doggy! Where’s my camera when I need it?”
  31. 31. In the end, Christian stayed the night and was more than happy to learn all the games that Zoey wanted to play with him. For her part, she was more than happy to get an opportunity to try the ‘games’ out for herself. Christian was definitely a fun partner. But was he the best choice for an heir’s spouse?
  32. 32. He was pretty and he was sweet, but he was also somewhat... simple. Okay, he wasn’t really the brightest bulb in the pack. “Hey guys, this pizza tastes kinda funny.” He chewed the moldy slice of pizza thoughtfully, “Oh I get it. It’s a garlic pizza. Coooool. All fancy and stuff.”
  33. 33. Charlie tried to keep his nose buried in his schoolwork, but between his fuzzily remembered experience with Margaret and the rather open way Zoey and Christian fooled around, he was having trouble concentrating. “I’m going to get myself into trouble, aren’t I?” Are you asking me? “No one else is here, is there? Of course I’m asking you, Voice.” Well, it wouldn’t be interesting if there wasn’t trouble at some point, Charlie. That whole ‘plot’ thing. You’ve taken a lit class or two. You should know this by now.
  34. 34. Interesting was definitely one way of putting it. Between Charlie’s hormones and Zoey’s uncertainty about Christian, it didn’t take long for things to take a slightly different path between them. “Mmm, we shouldn’t be doing this, Zoey. Mm. I mean, I held you when you were a baby.” Charlie may not have tried hard to stop things, but he felt that at least he could say he did try. “Shut up and kiss me, Charlie.”
  35. 35. “Taylor would kill me if he knew.” Charlie thought this as he worked on his painting, not even realizing what his subconscious was having him paint. “I don’t want to marry into the legacy. Maybe I did way back when, but now.. no. I don’t want it. It’s just not... Zoey’s not for me. She’s hot, but she’s... just not someone I could spend the rest of my life with.”
  36. 36. Zoey may not be for him, but one Legacina girl had decided he was for her. One night when they were home alone, Victoria cornered Charlie in the living room. “Look Charlie. I know you slept with Margaret, and I know Zoey talked you into sleeping with her. But they’re not the right girls for you.” She reached out to gently caress his face. “Whoa, Vic.. I... this isn’t such a good idea, is it?” Charlie knew that whatever he thought might be trouble before was nothing compared to what he was getting himself into now. “Good ideas are not my specialty, Charlie. Getting what I want is what I do best.”
  37. 37. While her forwardness took a little while to work, eventually Victoria got exactly what she wanted. “You’re sure about this, Vic?”
  38. 38. “Mmmffllmmm” Any further doubts were quickly quieted, pretty much for good. Charlie knew he was good and hooked now. Strangely, he didn’t really seem to care.
  39. 39. Where was Zoey during all of that, anyway? Our heiress had taken it upon herself to get to know the campus a little better. While she was still leaning towards Christian as her man, she wasn’t quite sure he was meant to be the one. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to get to know some other people on campus.
  40. 40. Zoey didn’t end up meeting any suitable husband material while visiting campus, but she did get to know a few new people. Like Laci Mazza here. “I’m NOT Laci Mazza! The name’s Christa Kearney! What is wrong with you people!?” Despite the initial faux pas, the two actually hit it off and spent the rest of the night chatting.
  41. 41. Life moved on in the house and settled to a semblance of normal. “There’s a naked chick behind me, isn’t there?” Yes Charlie. Parker is apparently too busy to come streak your house, so sent his intern. “I’m surrounded by women. I live with two crazy women, most of my friends are women, and now I’ve got a crazy naked chick grinning strangely behind me. God I hope I graduate soon.”
  42. 42. “Charlie, is there a naked chick behind me?” Victoria tried not to glance behind herself. Sighing, Charlie nodded, “Yup. Naked chick at six o’clock.”
  43. 43. Despite Victoria and Charlie having begun to hook up with each other, Zoey found out the hard way when she decided she was bored and Charlie was available. Being a touch (just a little) self-centered, she hadn’t noticed the way the other two acted around each other. “AGH! Zoey, get out of my bed!” Charlie quickly pulled the sheets up over himself in an odd display of modesty. “But Charlie, I thought.. we had fun, didn’t we?” Zoey pouted at him. “Look Zoey, me and Vic hooked up. I like being with her. You .. Go be with Christian. Maybe he’s a little dim, but the guy really does care for you.” “But.. but... “ Zoey spun around and stomped off, “FINE!”
  44. 44. The incident with Zoey made Charlie realize that he did really like being with Victoria. He might even go so far as to admit he loved her and her megalomaniac ways. “I’m glad she turned out hot, Voice.” She had you pegged from the day she met you, Charlie. You didn’t stand a chance. “Yeah, I know that now. Not that I mind.”
  45. 45. Zoey’s displeasure at her rejection manifested itself in a rather characteristically violent way. One day when Charlie went to make some grilled cheese, the stove caught fire in a rather dramatic WHOOSH of flame. “Darn it, Zoey! I know you did this! Do you hate me enough to kill me!?”
  46. 46. Zoey came rushing into the kitchen just as Charlie got the fire out, “Oh man, I forgot I set that up for you.” Charlie just glared at her. Zoey dropped her eyes and began to pout, “Okay, I’m sorry, Charlie. I didn’t *really* mean to hurt you. I was just mad and wasn’t thinking.” She paused and said, “I know you and Vic like each other a lot. I don’t want to get in the way of that. I just.. got a little jealous.” “Well, you know, Christian really likes you a lot too. He keeps hanging out by the gnomes out front.” Charlie paused, “I think he’s been asking the blue one to give you a message. It’s odd, but kinda sweet.”
  47. 47. Taking Charlie’s advice, Zoey invited Christian over on another date. The two snuggled in the hot tub talking quietly to one another. Christian nuzzled her nose with his, “I’ve missed you. Did Horatio get my message to you?” “Horatio? Oh. the gnome.” Zoey smiled and snuggled back against him, “In a way, he did. I’ve missed you too, Christian. Do.. you think we could consider ourselves an official couple now? I’m pretty sure you’re the one I want to be with now.” “Ooh, so I’m your boyfriend now?” Zoey smiled, “Yeah.” “Yay!”
  48. 48. Time passed and it grew nearer to the time when Charlie was going to graduate. Knowing the issue needed to be handled, he broached a somewhat sensitive subject with the girls. “I graduate in just one more semester. Zoey’s only two semesters behind me, and unless Vic wants to be stuck here for a generation, we need to find a new placeholder.” Zoey furrowed her brow and petulantly said, “You make this sound like work. Why does everything have to be so hard?”
  49. 49. “Oh, get off it, Zoey. It’s not that hard. We just pick someone that one of us is friends with and ask them to pledge the house. When they finish pledging, they move in and voila, we’ve got a placeholder.” Victoria looked back to Charlie, “No slobs.” “No one ugly. Like that bartender.” Zoey felt she had to put in her two simoleons now too. “I think I know a good candidate. Let me talk to her.” Charlie knew just the right person.
  50. 50. “Genesis, welcome to Phi Dagga Katta! You’re our newest member.” Instantly, Charlie was engulfed in a hug, “OH MY GOSH! Thank you thank you thank you!” Genesis Turner had agreed to become the newest member of Phi Dagga Katta and placeholder for the time between the second and third generations, “You guys won’t regret this! I promise I’ll be an awesome placeholder.”
  51. 51. When her elation died down, Genesis started to feel a bit insecure and uncertain about the whole situation, “I can’t believe you guys wanted me, Zoey. I’m a nobody on campus and you guys are gorgeous and popular and everyone wants to hang around with you.” Zoey blinked at Genesis across the table, “Do I know you?”
  52. 52. Looking closer, Zoey tilted her head and said, “Oh yeah! You’re the girl Charlie asked to move in as our placeholder.” With the crestfallen look on Genesis’ face at her comment, Zoey felt guilty. She might be mean, but she really wasn’t evil. “Hey, look, I can be a ditz sometimes. I know your name is Genesis and you’re a good friend of Charlie’s. Y’know, you don’t HAVE to be plain and boring. That’s something a little make-up and hairstyle can change easy. It’s not like you’re super ugly or anything. Just change your look and it’ll be a new you.”
  53. 53. “You.. really think I should change my look?” Genesis was uncertain about this. “Sure!” Zoey was really getting into this now. “Little bit of make up, get rid of the stinky hat, and you’ll be pretty. Not gorgeous like me or even Vic, but I bet you’d clean up really kinda pretty.”
  54. 54. Despite Zoey’s complete and utter lack of tact, Genesis decided to give it a try. “Wow.” Blinking in the mirror, she touched her new hairstyle, “I look totally different now. I... I actually feel kinda pretty.” Personally, I think she’s adorable. Maybe not classic sim pretty, but Genesis is definitely cute in my book. “Did someone just say something? Zoey? Is that you?” Uhm.. Shhhhh. You didn’t hear anything.
  55. 55. While she wasn’t as outgoing as the Legacinas or as self-aware and ballsy as Charlie, Genesis ended up fitting right into Phi Dagga Katta. Her first toga party was a great success and a complete roof raiser. Everyone smustled late into the night (and some even into the next morning).
  56. 56. One night not long after the latest party, a limo showed up in front of the house and a man with a badge showed up for Zoey. “What.. what do you want? I swear to god that fire over at Urele Oresh Cham was NOT my fault. Not in the slightest. I was.. was just jogging in the neighborhood... With a flame thrower. I.. I do that all the time. Honest.” “Wait.. what?” Shaking his head quickly as if to clear his thoughts, the man said, “No more excuses. You’re coming with me, Missy.”
  57. 57. “Oh man. Daddy’s gonna kill me. And mom’s gonna have a cow. Wait, a limo? Corinthian leather?” Of course, what cop actually arrests people and throws them in the back of a limo?
  58. 58. A cop who’s moonlighting for the local secret society. Zoey had been inducted into the Landgrabb Society, much to her surprise. Checking the fit of her blazer and looking around, she asked, “I know I’m pretty awesome, but how did I get a membership?”
  59. 59. *THWAP* A pillow hit her upside the head as Christa laughed, “When you decided to become friends with me, sucker!” “Hey! No fair!” Zoey laughed and quickly commenced the pillow battle of the century. In the background, Heather Walton fiddled with the espresso machine. “Cake would go really good with this. Hey, I think I remember seeing some cake earlier...”
  60. 60. The rest of the society watched the pillowfight between Christa and Zoey as they ate their mac and cheese. Cleve Platz said to his two companions, “Ten simoleons on the new girl.” Daisy pulled out her wallet, “You’re on. My money’s on Christa.”
  61. 61. Meanwhile, outside in front, Heather looked around, “Cake would be totally awesome with my espresso. Not my fault no one else had the guts to grab it and eat it.” Yeah, we all know where this is going. Moments later a satisfied belch came from the cowplant in the front yard.
  62. 62. “You guys are sure *I* have to call? I mean, it’s not like I knew her that well or anything.” Zoey chewed her lip as she looked at the creepy phone in front of her. “You’re sure this even actually works?” From outside in the hallway came a resounding, unified, “YES!” from every other secret society member. Christa called in from the doorway, “You’re the newbie and the newbie is always the one that has to call.” “Okay. Fine.” Taking a deep breath, Zoey picked up the handset and made the call.
  63. 63. Moments later, Zoey finished up the call, “Would you believe he actually wanted money!?” Putting the handset back down she looked over towards the puff of smoke and the newly reanimated Heather, “Welcome back, Cake Snatcher! Hey.. what’s that smell?”
  64. 64. Heather shambled towards the door, moaning and scowling, “Urrrrghhhhle... Brrraaaaiiins....” In the background, Zoey covered her mouth and nose, muttering a muffled, “What have I done?”
  65. 65. When Zoey left the Landgrabb Society, the newly zombified Heather followed her home. “So.. you’re like undead now, right? I mean, not dead, but not alive? Sorry about that. You should have known better than to go for that piece of cake, though. Man, it’s getting late. You need me to call you a taxi?” Heather chewed on her pizza, thinking that she could almost, maybe pretend that it was a slice of brain. What an odd craving. With her newly gravely voice, she said to Zoey, “You resurrected me, you get to have me room with you. S’way it works.” “Damn.”
  66. 66. Everyone in the house seemed to react in their own way to Heather’s arrival. For her part, Genesis was extremely excited. “So you were really truly dead? I mean, dead dead as in the Grim Reaper was there and everything? What was it like? Was there a bright light? Pearly gates? Pits of fire?” “Uuuhhhrrrgg... Just make a move, Genesis. It’s your turn.” Heather was thinking she was going to grow tired of the questions pretty soon.
  67. 67. The next morning, Victoria wandered into the bathroom to a surprise. “What the...” Blinking, she hollered, “CHAAAARRRLIE! ZOOEYYY! There’s a zombie in my shower!!!!!” She raced out of the bathroom to find someone, anyone else.
  68. 68. “Psst. Zoey. Come here.” It was Zoey that Victoria found first. Zoey leaned in close thinking she was about to get some juicy gossip, “What what?” “WHY IS THERE A ZOMBIE IN MY SHOWER!!!!!”
  69. 69. “Ow! Hey, no need to scream in my ear.” Zoey quickly shook her head to try and get rid of the ringing noise in her head now. “So, that’s like Heather. She’s a friend. Kinda. Uhm, and she died last night, and I was the newbie, so I had to call, and I didn’t know that money was important, and so, she came back, but not quite normal, and I guess she’s ours now.” Victoria stared at her sister. “...” “Y’know. Like a puppy. Except bigger. And .. smellier. With rotting body parts. Yeah.” She gave Victoria a large, hopeful smile. “Sometimes, I wish I’d been old enough to drown you at birth.”
  70. 70. Heather tried to make the best of things. Dying her hair and changing her make-up helped a little, but not quite enough to combat the depression she would occasionally slip into. “This is so not fair! Why did I have to die! And come back as ... this!?” In her head, Heather ended up turning the blame back around on Zoey, “This is all that Legacina’s fault! Nothing bad ever happened with the cowplant until she came along.”
  71. 71. Before long, Heather began to express her dislike for Zoey quite vocally. Every chance she got, she was putting her down. Even playing darts was an opportunity to dis Zoey. “Boooo! You suck. Try and hit the broad side of the barn next time, newbie. Can’t believe they let a loser like you into the society.”
  72. 72. Now, Zoey may not be evil, but she certainly wasn’t even close to nice enough to put up with comments like that from someone she liked, let alone someone she barely tolerated. One insult too many and Zoey finally let loose on Heather, “Look, Heather! I’m not the one who was dumb enough to try and go for the cake. You were a veteran member of the society. You of all people should have known what would happen with that piece of cake. Don’t blame me for being the one to bring you back to life.”
  73. 73. “UUUHHHHRRRRGGGGLE!” Heather was inarticulate at first, but then finally was able to get the words out, “It’s all your fault, Zoey Legacina! I’d still be alive if you’d never joined the society! You’re going to regret this, I swear!” Zoey laughed it off, “Yeah, what are you going to do? Throw a finger at me?” Heather turned and stormed out of the house. She never came back while Zoey still lived there.
  74. 74. Eventually the day came when Charlie FINALLY graduated. Despite his cocky attitude, he was a serious student and ended up graduating at the top of his class with full honors. His graduation party ended up being a huge affair, with friends both old and new. “Victoria, I love what you guys have done with the house. This looks great, honey.” Taylor was amazed at how much they had done with Phi Dagga Katta. “Daddy, it’s not like we could live outside. What if it snowed?” Victoria gave a mock shiver. “Honey, that expansion isn’t out yet. You wouldn’t have frozen.”
  75. 75. Towards the end of the party, Charlie stole a few moments alone with Victoria. “I’m going to miss you so much. While you’re finishing up school, I’m going to get myself a good job and get us a house that you’d be proud of.” Leaning into the caress, Victoria smiled, “Make sure Voice gives you a couple of motherlodes. And that you get a good house. Something stylish. Remember, we’re going to rule the world one day.” “Sure, sweetie. Sure.”
  76. 76. All in all, Charlie’s party was a success. He was glad to be moving on, but there was a part of him that was sad to see Phi Dagga Katta move in to his past. “I feel like it’s not going to be the same anymore, Voice.” Well, it’s not, Charlie. You’re moving on. You get to marry the spare and you’ll be around, but you won’t be the center of attention. “Ah, that’s okay. I never liked being the center of attention. Too dangerous. But I’ll miss being able to make smartass comments.” You can do that anytime in one of my stories, Charlie.
  77. 77. Not long after Charlie graduated, Victoria suddenly found herself facing the same cop that arrested Zoey a few weeks before. The Secret Society chain had begun, and it wouldn’t be long before everyone in the house belonged.
  78. 78. Sure enough, just a day later, another cop showed up and arrested Genesis. “But, but, I haven’t done anything wrong. I swear, officer! I’m a good girl.” “Save it for the judge, missy!” Just like the two Legacinas, Genesis was inducted into the Landgraab Society.
  79. 79. Things began to wind down at Phi Dagga Katta. Zoey was nearing graduation, despite her best attempts to avoid it. Both on purpose and by accident. “AIEEEE! No, no, the stove is supposed to be on fire, not me! EEEE! Someone call the fire department! Ow ow ow, get it off, get it off, get it off!” In the end, the fire department showed up on time and put Zoey out. Somehow, the stove and the counters never caught fire. It was as if they were getting back at her for the number of times she deliberately set them on fire.
  80. 80. There were also other distractions for Zoey during the last days of her time in college. “Man, I hope Zoey gets home soon. I think my butt is stuck to the vinyl of this couch.” Christian tried not to squirm too much.
  81. 81. Of course, Zoey’s distractions could often be distracting for others as well. “Don’t mind me. Just sitting here, studying for my exam. Not like it matters that my sister and her boyfriend are getting busy on the couch beside me.” Victoria raised her voice and coated it in the heaviest sarcasm she could muster. “Mmmmmmmffflemmmm.” The amorous pair just continued what they were doing. “Y’know, I left home because I didn’t want to see mom and dad’s naked butts doing the nasty. Why do you two think I want to see yours?” Glancing over, she considered a moment and then decided that maybe Christian’s naked butt wasn’t quite that level of eyesore after all.
  82. 82. Eventually the time came for Zoey to graduate. Victoria wouldn’t be too far behind her, but still needed to get through a couple more semesters. Together the two had put their own stamp on Phi Dagga Katta, and amazingly enough still left the building standing for their children to come back to some day.
  83. 83. “Now, Christian honey, I’m going to graduate and move back home with my parents. In a couple of days I’ll call and let you know when the wedding is going to be.” “Ooh, who’s getting married? I love weddings!” Christian clapped his hands excitedly. “We are, sweetie. Now, let’s go get ready for my graduation party.” “Can we fool around first?” Zoey considered for a nanosecond, “Sure.”
  84. 84. Taylor wouldn’t have missed this party for the world. While Zoey was his priority, he also wanted to make sure and meet the new placeholder. “So you’re Genesis? Charlie tells me you’ll do a fine job as placeholder for Phi Dagga Katta.” “Mr. Legacina, I promise you, I will do my best to be a good placeholder for the family. I know I don’t quite measure up to Charlie, but I’ll do my best.” “You can call me Taylor, Genesis. I’m sure you’ll do fine.”
  85. 85. “I did it, Daddy!” Zoey and Taylor gave each other a hug towards the end of the party. “I graduated and even did it with honors.” “You make a father proud, Zoey. You and Victoria both. When you get home, we have to talk. There’s some things I need to tell you about our family history. Now that you’re coming home to take on the duties of being heir, you should know these things.” Taylor paused and added, “You should also stop setting fire to the kitchen.” Zoey grinned, “Silly Daddy. I’m joining the military. I can blow things up for our country instead now.”
  86. 86. The party was over and all the guests went home. Victoria had another semester to finish, but then the house would go quiet until the next generation came along. In the meantime, Zoey had a family to start. Of course, there might be other concerns for her to keep in mind...
  87. 87. During the brief time between when she graduated and her impending marriage to Christian, Zoey took an opportunity to take a trip downtown to Sim City and take a walk around the historic district. One house in particular caught her attention.
  88. 88. As she paused to look at the creepy old place, she suddenly felt as if someone had walked across her grave. Catching her breath, she murmured to herself, “What the.. that feeling is.. It’s so cold, but it’s... familiar. Like I should know it.”
  89. 89. Never one to back down from fear, Zoey ventured closer to the house, even making it up to the porch. There she felt frozen, as if a monster were going to leap out and destroy her right there. “I.. this is... DADDY!”
  90. 90. Zoey ran from the place as fast as she could. Something evil and malevolent yet familiar seemed to reach out to her with dark intent. Even in broad daylight, she could feel it.
  91. 91. What the dark of night might bring out could only be worse. Eerie music played and a maniacal laugh faded into the dark. And so ends the first part of Chapter Two. What does the future hold for Zoey and her progeny? Will Kirstial find the Legacinas, or will Zoey blow the family up first? Will Taylor and Professor Kelly continue fooling around even after their daughter comes home? Will Christian develop a brain cell or two? Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter in the Legacina story. I had fun playing the two girls and crafting their story through college. I hope to have the next part of the story up soon, and would love feedback and comments on what people think of the story.