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Oriflame wellness training pdf [7]


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Today peoples need proper wellness which can also be safe and with proper guidelines. here we have bought for you oriflame wellness training to study. By Support team 9819077579

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Oriflame wellness training pdf [7]

  1. 1. 9819077579
  2. 2. Let’s learn What is wellness all about & why is it important to us now?
  3. 3. Rapidly Increasing Health Issues Obesity Diabetes Diabetes Country No 1. India has the highest no of diabetes patients in the world. 63 million people suffer from diabetes, and this figure is likely to go up to 80 million by 2025 Cardiovascular diseases Heart diseases will be the largest cause of death and disability in India by 2020 Respiratory disorders More than 5 lakh premature death in India due to respiratory disorders every year Pesticides in food Average Indian consumes 100-1000 times more pesticides than normal Sources: WHO, 2013, 2014 Centre for Science & Environment study Report 2013, Rapidly increasing overweight and obesity . 1 of 5 within the overweight category in India. 70% of India's urban population in the obese or overweight.
  4. 4. Causes- Today's Lifestyle Trends • More stress, less time for family and oneself • More sedentary lifestyle- lack of exercise & poor diet • Less nutrition in food due to over-processing • More sugars and fats in meals, less nutrition • Alcohol and Tobacco use ( In India alone, 7000 billion cigarettes are consumed annually)
  5. 5. In order to consume all the nutrients you need, you would have to eat... • 500-1000 g of fruits and vegetables per day, and fatty fish 2-3 times per week for adults. Indian Council Of Medical Research Dietary recommendations Only 10% of Indian population reach this recommended amount.
  6. 6. Prioritize your health Invest in your wellbeing Start today, Together With Wellness By Oriflame!
  7. 7. Igelosa- The Heart of Wellness By Oriflame
  8. 8. Wellness & Partners Combined Expertise 50+ Scientists working in R&D 400+ Independent publications written 15 Years of product development for Nutrishake and WellnessPack 6 International certifications for quality and safety
  9. 9. Always Highest Quality QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST 100% Natural nutritional ingredients 0 Artificial flavors, colorants, preservatives or GMO
  10. 10. Our Wellness Definition With WELLNESS we seek good physical, mental and emotional health, especially when maintained by an appropriate diet, exercise and other lifestyle modifications.
  11. 11. This is Wellness By Oriflame 4 CORNER STONES We Offer & Promote a Everlasting Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle! Our Wellness products and lifestyle help you to • Feel great and get more energy • Lose or maintain weight • Get the nutrients you and your family need • Improve your skin, hair and nails • Improved Mental Wellbeing High Quality Supplement Wellbeing Nutrition Exercise
  12. 12. Our Launch Products! OMEGA 3 SUPPLIMENT NUTRISHAKE VANILLA NUTRISHAKE MANGO-BANANA 28 & 14 Servings28 & 14 Servings 60 capsules/30 day supply
  13. 13. NUTRISHAKE
  14. 14. Weight loss and Management • Prevent hunger and sugar cravings • Prevent excessive appetite and overeating Energy and Focus • Keep your brain and focus peaked • Keep you feeling energetic all day Why Are Nutrishakes Good For Me?
  15. 15. Nutrishake – Low Glycemic Index Glycemic Index (GI) The Glycemic Index of foods describes how and to what extent the blood sugar level increases due to carbohydrate consumption. The GI is expressed relative to the blood sugar level change caused by pure glucose (GI 100). Foods with a low GI (<55) contain complex or ‘slow’ carbohydrates that give a slow and long-lasting increase in blood sugar level and long-lasting energy. Example, whole wheat rice Foods with a high GI contain simple or ‘fast’ carbohydrates that give a fast and high increase in blood sugar level, that quickly drops again, leaving a feeling of low energy. Example, White rice
  16. 16. What Is It Made Of? NUTRISHAKE Peas Rose hips Apples Sugar beets Milk (whey) Soy
  17. 17. = DECLARATION NUTRISHAKE Per portion of 18g: • Energy 67 kcal/280 kJ • Proteins 7.7 g • Carbohydrates 6.5 g • Fats 1.5 g Only 67 calories, the same amount as in an apple!
  18. 18. COMPLETE Nutrition: High in protein, fiber NATURAL Flavors and nutritional ingredients FREE FROM GMO, gluten, colorants and preservatives NUTRISHAKE- Main Benefits PROVEN Weight loss when used according to the Wellness Roadmap REDUCES Hunger and cravings BOOSTS Energy and Focus Low GI= 43
  19. 19. Unique Product NUTRISHAKE Developed by world-leading Swedish scientists Proven safety and efficacy in clinical trials Manufactured at HACCP certified plant Only natural nutritional ingredients Naturally rich in fibre and low GI Three protein sources A MEAL SUPPLIMENT- NOT A MEAL REPLACEMENT
  20. 20. Short Term Weight Loss Is NOT Permanent Time Short term solution Trapped in Yo-Yo Effect - Tiring, Frustrating, Foolish Weight
  21. 21. Wellness By Oriflame LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION Time Short term Wellness • Wellness Nutrishake is not a Meal Replacement it is a Meal Supplement! • It curbs your hunger and makes sure you get all the nutrients you need! Weight
  22. 22. It is easy to make a delicious Nutrishake! 2. Add 150 ml cold water 1. Use the scooper to measure the perfect amount of Nutrishake Powder (1 scoop, 18g/serving) and add into the shaker. 3. Shake and Enjoy!
  23. 23. 1. 2. 4. 5.3. Use ice cold water, exactly 150 ml, preferably with ice Pour it into the blender Use the scooper to measure the perfect amount of Nutrishake powder and add into the blender Blend the ingredients! Enjoy your shake in a nice glass How to make the perfect shake
  25. 25. Why Is Omega 3 Good For Me?  Supports functions of the brain, eye and nervous system. Deficiency can result in depression, different types of dementia, macular degeneration, and learning deficits  Reduces bad cholesterol, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and blood pressure - all risk factors for cardiovascular disease  Decreases inflammation in general and can be of particular use in any dermal, muscular-skeletal or internal inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, arthritis or IBS  Smoothens skin and improves its moisture levels from within
  26. 26. Wellness by Oriflame OMEGA 3: BEST IN CLASS! Pure and Safe Pharmaceutical grade (GMP) From fish high in DHA and EPA Clean from heavy metals and toxins Fish gelatine capsule Natural omega 3 instead of concentrate
  27. 27. The wellness roadmap gives you Nutrition Advice: • Indian food advice for all meals • Calorie table for all meals (Calorie levels are subject to change as per individual health goals) • Plate model for lunch/ dinner 2. Nutrition- The Wellness Roadmap Our Offer-Our Solution-Our Uniqueness
  28. 28. Telling someone about the importance of exercise is not enough- Telling someone HOW to exercise and give them the RIGHT TOOLS to achieve their goals is the right way! • Exercise Planner • Wellness Walk Groups • Exercise Videos • Wellness Dance in Branches 3. Exercise Our Offer-Our Solution-Our Uniqueness
  29. 29. 4.Wellbeing- Community Our Offer-Our Solution-Our Uniqueness A supportive community and knowledge in how other lifestyle factors contribute to health is key for a 360 approach 4 TIP’s FOR WELL-BEING 1.Do not smoke. 2.Sufficient sleep 3.To combat stress, 4.Improve general happiness, 5.Visit your Wellness by Oriflame club
  30. 30. Become Part Of a Fast Growth Industry! Wellness Industry booming! Direct Sales as channel! ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY Vitamins, minerals, supplements Weight manageme nt 33.8 % 88% INDUSTRY GROWTH DIRECT SELLING CONTRIBUTION 13% 56%
  31. 31. WELLNESS Business Opportunity  Double or Triple your sales!  Earn new titles faster!  In Europe consultants who added Wellness increased their sales by 200%! S/A Consultants selling Cosmetics and Wellness S/A Consultants selling Only Cosmetics Sales/Active (EUR) EMEA Total: Average of 45 (consultants not selling wellness). Average of 125 (consultants selling wellness) (+178% vs. sales/Active vs. “consultants not selling Wellness). C1-C8 2011, per discount rate, Success Plan markets (BP)
  32. 32. + + + + + + + Nutrishake 2 Pure Color L/S 5 Nature Secret Talcum 2 Pure Color Pressed Powder 2 Tender Care 5 M&H Soap 2 Very Me Lip Addict 1 Very Me Peach Me Perfect 2 Pure Color Nail Paints 6 5 10 8 8 8 5 5 50 Double your BPs With Wellness DRINK 1
  33. 33. Double your BPs with Wellness DRINK 1 SELL 1 =100BP 50 50 +
  34. 34. Discount % BP 3% 200 2 6% 600 6 9% 1200 12 12% 2400 24 15% 4000 40 18% 6600 66 21% 10000 100 Reach Higher Titles Fast With Wellness! +
  35. 35. Wellness Subscription 2nd Month BUY 1st Month BUY 3rd Month BUY 3rd Month FREE • Order 3 products in 3 consecutive months and get 1 FREE with the 3rd product in the 3rd month • Products available for Subscription: Nutrishake (28 Servings) Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Offer 25% Discount
  36. 36. Drink 1, Sell 1 – Benefit with Subscription DRINK 1 SUBSCRIPTION • Get the benefit of CP+Subscription - Cost Per Shake Benefit Rs53 Vs. Rs71MRP • 1 Free Nutrishake SAVE Rs1999! • Multiple health benefits at Just Rs 53/- • A slimmer, energetic, healthier me! • Earn 150 BPs! SELL 1 SUBSCRIPTION • Sell 1 Subscription to 1 Customer and earn maximum immediate profit of Rs 1500 • Sell 1 subscription to 1 customer and Earn 150BPs! • Fixed business for 3 months, ensure consistent activity in your network and gain customer loyalty • Change peoples life to the better!
  37. 37. Add Wellness to your Existing Portfolio to ensure Growth! Example: • You make 10,000BP/Month • Just Add 10% sales from Wellness! • 10% of 10,000=1000BP IT IS EASY! Just teach 10 People in your Network to DRINK 1 SELL 1 HOW? Easy steps to ensure long term growth! 100%+10% principle!
  38. 38. Summary - Benefits of Selling Wellness: • We are at the right place at the right time! • Receive a discount on all products! • Drink 1- Sell 1 50+50! Double your BP, grow on the success plan and earn MORE money • JOIN the Feel Great Movement- Increase your Wealth by increasing your Health!
  39. 39. How to go from here? 1. Evaluate your current health status. Take the wellness health test and set your goals. 2. Use the products 3. Learn the products and how to recommend them to others 4. Sample the products at the Wellness corner 5. Make sure your network attend the Catalogue launch & Make a list of 30 Wellness Prospects to invite to the Mega Launch
  40. 40. Directions: Answer all the below questions and ask your consultant to provide you with your results! The Wellness QUIZ Directions: Answer all the below questions and ask your consultant to provide you with your results! 1. How many days per week do you feel unfocused, hungry or irritable? A Never B 1 or 2 C 3 or 4 D More often 2. How often do you feel tired or fatigued every week? A Never B 1 or 2 C 3 or 4 D More often 3. Despite your skin care regime, do you still struggle with fine lines and wrinkles, moisture and elasticity? A No B Yes 5. How many times per week do you eat fatty fish (ex Salomon, Mackerel, herring) or take an Omega 3supplement ? A More than 3 B 2 to 3 C 1 or 2 D 0 to 1 4. Do you often overeat or feel heavy in your stomach? A No B Yes 6. What is your BMI? Use the attached diagram to find out your BMI and answer accordingly A Underweight C Overweight B Normal D Obese 1. Evaluate your current health status
  41. 41. Weight (kg) Underweight Normal weight Overweight Obese Height(mm) BMI = WEIGHT HEIGHT x HEIGHT EX = 75 KG 1.68 x 1.68 = 26.57 BMI is short for Body Mass Index . It is used as a basis for determine your ideal weight.
  42. 42. Directions: Answer all the below questions and ask your consultant to provide you with your results! The Wellness QUIZ- Recommendations Check the box for the answer you provided and order your customized Wellness products! 1. The Nutri Range □ A - □ B Have a Shake or Soup when needed □ C/D Subscribe to Shake . Alternate with Soup 2. Nutrishake □ A - □ B Have a Shake between your meals or when needed □ C/D Subscribe to Shake and follow the wellness roadmap for healthy nutrition and exercise advice 3. Omega 3 □ A - □ B Take 2 capsules of omega 3 daily 4. Nutri Range □ A - □ B Take Nutrisoup as part of your meal to to minimize risk for overeating. Or take Nutrishake between meals to keep a steady blood sugar level 5. Omega 3 □ A - □ B/C/D Take Omega 3 supplement 1. Evaluate your current health status
  43. 43. Directions: Answer all the below questions and ask your consultant to provide you with your results! The Wellness QUIZ- Recommendations Check the box for the answer you provided and order your customized Wellness products! 6. Nutri Balance Range □ A Your BMI categorizes you as underweight. Chronic underweight and malnutrition can lead to a poor immune system, lack of energy, depression, and osteoporosis. If you have underlying problems to your underweight, it is important that you address it. □ B Your BMI categorizes you as normal weight. This means that you do not have an elevated risk for diseases connected to being overweight or obese. Continue making healthy lifestyle decisions! For a Wellness challenge, sign up for a Nutrishake subscription and follow the health Roadmap! □ C/D Your BMI categorizes you as overweight or obese. This means that you have an elevated risk for conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. For a Wellness challenge sign up for Nutrishake subscription and follow the Weight Loss Roadmap! 1. Evaluate your current health status
  44. 44. 1. Evaluate your current health status Professional Wellness Health test! Online Wellness Health Test Developed by our nutrition and lifestyle experts in Sweden Body Composition Monitor Test Know your BMI, Body Fat %, Muscle % , BMR and Body Age
  45. 45. 2. Use the Products Daily and Share the results I lost 8.5 kg in 6 months! I lost 10 kg in 6 months! I lost 12 kg in 6 months! I lost 22.5 kg in 6 months! Kanwaljeet Bhasin Diamond Director, Delhi Pradnya Deshpande Sales Director, India Gunjan Sai National Training Manager, India Ketki Bhatti Director, Mumbai Real People Real Results
  46. 46. FILL IN YOUR TESTIMONIAL HERE: What was your personal goal or Reason for starting Wellness? I had been struggling with weight issues for many years and had tried everything available to reduce my weight. I did manage to lose my weight slightly but gained eventually more than I lost. It felt hopeless.. This led to low self-image, energy stamina and body tiredness Have you met your goal already? OR How close are you to meeting your goal? After using Wellness by Oriflame products, I lost 10 kgs in 6 months, gained lot of energy, improved stamina and I rarely visited doctors as my overall health was enhanced. And, I really feel great and full of confidence that I am moving towards my dream body shape and weight. How did you use Wellness Products to meet your goal? I take Wellness products as per the weight program, eat as per the plate model and walk 10,000 steps every day. It is Simple! With Wellness By Oriflame! Who in your life have you inspired to live a healthier, wealthier life? I now take any opportunity to spread the word about the wellness by Oriflame to my family, friends and colleagues. Its more fun together! Bullet Point Results here: • More energy • Improved stamina • Overall enhanced health • -10 kg YOUR PICTURE HERE! Real people – real results
  47. 47. 3. Learn the Products and how to recommend to others Read the products guide!STEP 1: For All Your Wellness Questions • Why is nutrition important? • How can Nutrishake benefit me? • What are the key properties of Natural balance soup? • Why is Omega 3 important to take daily? • What should I change in my diet to achieve my weight goal? • What should be my diet plan? • What exercise routine should I follow? • How can I make my shake more tasty? • My soup recipes? • Show me Wellness results?
  48. 48. • Wellness Opportunity Meeting • Products Module- In depth training about healthy lifestyle and products • Sales Module- Learn step-by-step how to sell wellness products and how to invite for health test and wellness meet • Advanced Wellness Club Module – Take all you have learned and spread the feel great movement via wellness clubs. You can attract new customers and sell more products here too! Get certified! 3. Learn the Products and how to recommend to others STEP 2: Attend Wellness Academy and get Certified!
  49. 49. 3. Learn the Products and how to recommend to others STEP 3: For more advanced knowledge Visit our Wellness centre of expertise! Lets have a look!
  50. 50. 4. Sample the products at the Wellness corner Book the Wellness corner to sample products, do live demonstration and conduct Wellness Health tests
  51. 51. Make sure your network join the Mega Launch in C1 Make a list of 30 potential wellness prospects. Show them the Wellness flier and invite them for a Wellness experience with free health assessment on the Mega launch of Wellness in C1
  52. 52. Pre-Launch Offer exclusively for you! Subscription Offer! Sign up for Nutrishake subscription in December and get a Shaker & Scoop for FREE (Immediate Redemption) Take the second Nutrishake as part of your subscription and get 50% OFF on 1 Omega 3 Supplement Jar C12 C1 C2 Take the third Nutrishake as a part of your subscription and get your 1 FREE Nutrishake The offer is not valid in multiples Save Rs 299/- Save Rs 699/- Save Rs 2499/- FREE! 50% off FREE
  53. 53. Pre-Launch Offer exclusively for you! Omega 3 Supplement Offer! The offer is not valid in multiples C12 Offer ends 31st of December Buy 1 omega 3 Supplement and get eligible to buy a second omega 3 Supplement on 50% off. 50% Off
  54. 54. 1.Self Experience 2. Share the experience with others 3. Sampling Use this offer for the following…
  55. 55. TO KNOW MORE CONTACT + 91 9819077579