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Oracleapps technical trainining in hyderabad

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Oracleapps technical trainining in hyderabad

  1. 1. Introduction to ERP Application Object Library ( AOL ) Application Development Definition of ERP, Overview of popular ERP'S. Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP'S. Over view of Oracle E-Business suite ( EBS). Oracle Application Architecture. Oracle apps product families . Database structure & Application Structure of OA. RICE & CEMLI components. Different types of Projects. Creating Users. WHO columns. Creating Responsibilities. Menu construction. Request group construction. Multi organization structure. Application Implementation Methodology(AIM). Defining concurrent program. Concurrent programs with parameters. Creation of Executables(oracle reports, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Host, SQL * Loader) Scheduling the Concurrent Program. Concurrent Program Incompatibilities. Creating Request Set. Creation of Value sets. Creation of None , Independent , Table , Dependent , Special and Pair Value sets. Usage of $FLEX$ in value sets. Usage of $Profiles$ in Value Sets. Lookup Types in Apps and Usage in Queries. Overview of Profile Options. Different Levels of Setting Profiles. Understanding Multi Org Access Control ( MOAC). ORACLE Apps Technical (R12) course content
  2. 2. Overview of Tables and their relations. Registration Interfaces & Conversions Flex Fields Table Naming conventions in Oracle Apps. Finding out Table names form Forms & OAF pages. Understand eTRMs and Table Relations. PO Tables Overview. AP Tables Overview. GL Tables Overview. AR Tables Overview. OM Tables Overview. INV Tables Overview. HZ Tables Overview. Difference between 11i and R12 tables. Report Registration. Form registration. PL/Sql Program Registration. XML/BI Publisher Report Registration. SQL * Loader Program and UTL_FILE program. Introduction to Interfaces . Development Process of Interface. Develop Inbound Interface programs (Using SQL * Loader). Develop Outbound Interface programs (Using UTL_FILE). Overview on conversions. Difference between Interfaces and conversions. Working with staging table script. Developing validations package. Standard Import Program execution. Standards to be followed in conversions. Working with Public APIs. Over view of Flex Fields. Descriptive Flex Fields. Key Flex Fields. Difference Between KFF and DFF. ORACLE Apps Technical (R12) course content
  3. 3. Module Overviews XML/BI Publisher Workflows Procure to Pay (P2P) process flow with base tables . Order to Cash (O2C) process flow with base tables. AP module Overview and Flow with Base Tables. AR Module Overview and Flow with Base Tables. PO Module Overview and Flow with Base Tables. GL Module Overview and Flow with Base Tables. OM Module Overview and Flow with Base Tables. TCA Architecture overview and Tables. Introduction to XML Publisher. Difference between D2K Reports and XMLP Reports. Development of XML/BI Publisher thru D2K Reports. Development of XML/BI Publisher thru PL/SQL. Development of XML/BI Publisher thru Data Template. Creating Data Definitions. Creating Templates. Working with xml loops and xml tags. Tabular, Master-Detail and Matrix XML/BI Reports development. Development of Multi Layout XML/BI Publisher report. XML/BI Conditional formatting and Layout features. XML Bursting. Introduction to workflow. Understanding about Workflow Components. Overview of Workflow Builder. Creation of workflow Builder components Item Type, Process, Notification , Message , Attribute , Lookup types and Functions. Development of workflow with about workflow components. Creating Workflow Functions with Multiple return values. Creating Sub Process. Workflow APIs and Workflow Tables. Opening URLs from Notification. Calling Oracle Apps pages from Notifications. ORACLE Apps Technical (R12) course content
  4. 4. ORACLE Apps Technical (R12) course content Providing Dropdown List in the Notification. Creating Text input field in the Notification. Displaying From Role In Notifications. Writing HTML code in Notifications. Attaching Documents to Notifications. Ad-role Creation. Workflow Access Roles. Workflow Definition Loader Program. Execution of one end to end Workflow with above options. Introduction to discoverer tool. Discoverer Administration Edition. Discoverer Desktop Edition. Creation of End User Layer (EUL ). Creating Business Areas. Creation of workbooks. Technical design document preparation. Development of XMLP/BI Real Time Report. Development of Real time Interface / Conversion. Real time Workflow Explanation. Providing FAQs (700+ ) Interview Questions Document. Discoverer Development of objects with real time requirements Oracle 11g ( SQL , PL/SQL ) Free with Apps technical D2K 10g ( Forms & Reports ) Free with Apps technical