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Trials workflow using Innovative ERM


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Presentation at 2013 Innovative Users Group conference about our library's use of the Innovative ERM to help manage the details of a database trial.

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Trials workflow using Innovative ERM

  1. 1. Trials workflow using III ERM Marie Kennedy Loyola Marymount University
  2. 2. Sometimes
  3. 3. But then sometimes
  4. 4. Collection Development Committee Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
  5. 5. Collection Development Committee Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
  6. 6. Vendor/publisherResources LibrarianSerials & Electronic • Price quote • License agreement • Confirm IP authentication • Begin trial
  7. 7. Electronic resourcesLibrary Assistant • Creates resource record • Inserts URL in WAM • Creates staff alert
  8. 8. Feedback form questions (using a Google form to gather the feedback)1. How relevant is this databases content to your research and/or instruction needs? (Likert 1-5, highly relevant/not at all relevant)2. In which courses or areas of research would this database help you? (text entry)3. How easy was it to navigate this database and access results on your search topic? (Likert 1-5, very easy/very difficult)4. Did you find the information that you expected in this database? (Yes/No/Not sure)5. Does this database provide unique content that you were unable to find in another LMU resource? (Yes/No/Not sure)6. Would you suggest that the library acquire this database? (Yes/No/Not sure)7. Do you have any additional comments? (text entry)8. What is your status at LMU? (Undergraduate student/graduate student/faculty/staff/administration/librarian)9. If you would like to be notified of the librarys decision regarding this trial, please enter your email address below. (text entry)
  9. 9. If Swifted:• Change Resource Status to r REJECTED‘• Add feedback to u Trial Information field• Delete z Tickler (Remove New Resources from Subject field)
  11. 11. @orgmonkeyThis presentation is supported by aResearch Incentive Grant from theWilliam H. Hannon Library at LMU.
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