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Ipit presentation november 16th 2018 (1)


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IPIT - Presentation Ina-Marie

Published in: Education
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Ipit presentation november 16th 2018 (1)

  1. 1. My master’s thesis and expectations for Michigan By Ina-Marie Hansen Engebak
  2. 2. Specialization project and master’s thesis ❖ Specialization project + master’s thesis ❖ A collaborative mobile game that uses storytelling to foster empathy in children ❖ Inspired by a master’s thesis from last year, test the game over a period of time ❖ Literature review on empathy, SEL learning, storytelling, sustain the player’s interest ❖ Design and creation + experiments, observation + questionnaires ❖ Project report with literature review, methodology and a design prototype ❖ Develop the game and carry out experiments ❖ Michigan from March to June
  3. 3. Expectations for Michigan ❖ Ethics approval for doing experiments with minors in the U.S. ❖ American university practices ❖ Network of students and researchers ❖ Conference paper, meet people with similar interests ❖ Personal growth, travel and develop my English