Hum hw for monday, google name changes


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  • Hum hw for monday, google name changes

    1. 1. Humanities HW Based on the Google Name Changes Article
    2. 2. My opinion I think that in the article Google Name Changes, it explains how when you put your full name on the internet, stalkers can find you. But, if you don’t put your real name, for example, if your name was Samantha Kliner and you put on Google that your name is Cammy Slin, then no one will know who you are.
    3. 3. I think... I think that if your name is Samantha Kilner, then maybe you could put Sammy K. as your Facebook name. Then, your friends know who you are, if they call you Sammy, and no one who doesn’t already know you, knows your last name, or your real first name.
    4. 4. I think... (continues) Also, you could have a picture of you (maybe just your face) and then your friends would recognize you. But don’t take the picture right in front of your house, where your street name and address number is viewable.
    5. 5. Awesome...right??? Then, your safe, and you have lots of Facebook friends!!! ;) But that’s not the real point of the article.
    6. 6. The Article The article shows that, Google is getting more and more efficient. If you write something mean and maybe a bad word about someone, some programs can delete that automatically. Google is almost taking over our lives. Everything we do, Google knows it!!! ;)
    7. 7. Uh-Oh!!! So be careful, you could have a stalker at your door!!! :()
    8. 8. J.K. Just Kidding!!! :)
    9. 9. Good???....Bad??? Some people say it’s good. Like maybe if you’re accused of something, you show on Google that you were at home, on Skype the whole time. Then, they figure out the real murderer. Whoo-pee!!!
    10. 10. Good???....Bad??? Not quite yet! PEOPLE are getting more and more into technology as well. Not just the computers! They can probably hack into your account and get all your personal information.
    11. 11. Google is taking over! Also, the article lists that, you don’t need Google on your trail all the time. When you ask a question, Google answers it. You need help, Google has it.
    12. 12. I don’t know... For some people, that’s awesome. But, what if you don’t want the internet making all of your decisions??? Can’t it stop running your life for you???
    13. 13. So... The article is called Google Name Changes, because when people are older, the person who wrote the article predicts that they’ll be able to change their names. Maybe in the future, that could happen.
    14. 14. So... (continues) It might happen because when people are 13, and they write something dumb on Facebook, (for example) they could change their names when they turn 18 or 20, so that they won’t have to live in shame of what they put on the internet.
    15. 15. But I think... But if yo do something stupid on the internet, you have to learn. If you put an inappropriate picture on Facebook, then you have to learn from your mistake. If you can just change your name two years later, from Lily to Skyla, then you don’t learn not to do it again. You don’t learn.
    16. 16. That’s life!!! One of the reasons we get smarter and smarter in life, is because of mistakes. Mistakes are good when you learn from them. Then, you won’t make that mistake again. Without mistakes in life, we wouldn’t get smarter. That’s the main reason I think that you should not be able to change your name...
    17. 17. That’s life!!!(continues) ...just because YOU made a mistake! You should learn from it, and not do it again.