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Mobile Advertising Myth Busting

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Mobile Advertising Myth Busting

  1. Myth #1: Mobile Advertising is a big promise…but it still doesn’t happen much at the moment
  2. The smartphone becomes a prefferred channel to enter the web
  3. The users are there: mobile web browsing and app usage is soaring
  4. The SamrtPhone boom is the major catalyst For mobile media budgets to grow And the advertising & media market acts accordingly…
  5. Mobile ad requests are already large scale
  6. Many predictions of market size It’s the trend that matters
  7. The fastest growing digital media channel "Mobile advertising obviously has a lot of potential and power. There's a lot of debate about whether it will take off – we think it will, driven by iPhone and Android development.," Sir Martin Sorrell WPP chairman DECEMBER 09
  8. Myth vs. Reality #1  Mobile media becomes an integral part of the media mix say Mark Read, chief executive of WPP Digital. "The absolute revenues now are tiny, but you can see how these things are starting to fit together.''
  9. Myth #2: A small screen=limited UX= limited advertising experience
  10. A new era of advertising The closest to consumer form Of advertising ever
  11. New capabilities of this media platform triggers a whole new set of advertising capabilities TOUCH LBS - GPS VIDEO ACCELOMETER – Motion Detection REAL TIME
  12. VW CC 2010 iPhone campaign CLASSIC touchVERTISING
  13. DOCKER’S first shakable ad campaign ACCELOMETER
  14. iAD Nissan Leaf campaign “Meet the Future”
  15. McDonald’s location based campaign OVI MAPS The landing page supplied driving and walking directions Results: • 7%CTR •39% of the users who clicked through to the landing page, clicked on the button for directions to the nearest store
  16. Devices with integral GPS •Enable brands to meet specific needs related to time and space •A great opportunity for the retail sector
  17. Mobile Video touchVERTISING - UbiSoft • Interactive video pre roll • 3 sorts of call to action: 1. Mobile web page 2. App download page in the apple app store 3. Amazon Mobile > Direct Purchase • 5.4% CTR .
  18. ShupherSal video campaign
  19. Mobile Real time touchVERTISING - VOLVO • This campaign incorporates twitter updates in real time on the display banner
  20. Myth vs. Reality #2  Mobile: an upgraded adv. Experience when done right  The challenge is educating the creative teams to understand and utilize the smart phone capabilities
  21. Myth #3: mobile advertising fits only teens and young adults
  22. Smart Phone Demographics ADMOB January 2010
  23. Myth vs. Reality #3  Mobile advertising, specifically in Smart phones, fits a wide target audience
  24. Myth #4: mobile advertising is kicking WW, but not yet in Israel
  25. A sample of advertisers in ‫מפרסמים לדוגמא‬ POSITIVE MOBILE ‫ ב‬PositiveMobile network ‫4 חודשים אחרונים‬
  26. A sample of advertisers in ‫מפרסמים לדוגמא‬ POSITIVE MOBILE ‫ ב‬PositiveMobile network ‫4 חודשים אחרונים‬
  27. Positive Mobile shows positive inventory growth
  28. Myth vs. Reality #4  Israel is a bit behind US and European markets, but a substantial market is already evolving
  29. Myth#5: mobile advertising is In mobile phones
  30. The share of of ad requests from mobile devices which are not phones is on the rise 17% blue graph: ,Sony PSP ,iPod Touch Nintendo Dsi
  31. Like these iPad campaigns…
  32. Myth vs. Reality #5  Advertising in Mobile/portable devices
  33. Thank You Tzahi Stein 9 72-54-2245600