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Meet, The AppNetwork – a series of apps that take the app customer’s shopping experience to the next level.

Designed and developed for targeted audiences, The network of apps delivers curated apps suited to real user needs. Apps for Girls, Apps for Boys, Apps for Execs and Apps for Moms give direct access to the best apps without having to waste time searching for them.

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Meet The App Network

  1. 1. Who Your App Is Really For Email: Skype: oren.todoros Facebook: Oren Todoros Twitter: @OrenTodoros We believe that breakthrough apps deserve exposure and reach, with the same impact and enthusiasm that went into developing them.
  2. 2. Meet the app network
  3. 3. Think of it as the aislesin the ever expanding app store.
  4. 4. Apple segments apps so visitors canconnect with them on a personal level.
  5. 5. App discovery facts62% of apps are discovered viasearching for a specific app60% of users browse through topapp store rankings46% rely on word of mouth
  6. 6. Apps for Momsdelivers essentialapps that makeevery Super Momsdaily life a little morefun and manageable.
  7. 7. Apps For Execsdelivers apps thatincrease yourproductivity, saveyou time, and helpyour workflow.
  8. 8. Apps For Girlsidentifies parent-approved apps thatare perfect for girls.Games, Fashion, Books, Social, andmore…
  9. 9. Apps For Boysidentifies parent-approved apps thatare perfect for boys.Awesomegames, Books, Utilities, Educational andmor
  10. 10. Our feature this week is a joint effort between Lorraine Akemann of MWA and Oren Todoros of We are parents based on opposite sides of the world, who come together on occasion to share our enthusiasm for mobile apps.I spent a whole week visiting my sister lastweek. She recently purchased an iPhone andasked what apps should be downloaded onit. Well, The worlds have collided! Just a fewdays ago I was told about Apps for Moms. Here’s a quick look at two separate apps, each developed to help save parents time in the App Store. The Apps for Boys and Apps for Girls apps are “curated apps”, meaning they each bring together a collection of apps specifically geared towards boys and girls
  11. 11. The effect of cross-promotion
  12. 12. Apps for Moms Launch utilizing cross promotion
  13. 13. Knowing & engaging with your targeted end-users
  14. 14. Knowing & engaging with your targeted end-users
  15. 15. From soccer moms to iPhone moms96% of iPhone Moms are involved in household purchasing decisions90% of iPhone moms use it for personal entertainment79.5% of iPhone Moms use their phones to check emails79% of iPhone Moms use their phone for shopping related activities71% of iPhone Moms have household incomes between $32,000 and $165,00060% of iPhone Moms depend on their phone to locate the nearest store59% of iPhone Moms say they let their children use their iPhone41% of iPhone Moms download apps specifically for their children41.9% of iPhone Moms use their phone to keep track of shopping lists39.4 % do comparison shopping39.4% download coupons22.5% use it as a recipe resourceMoms are looking to the iPhone and other smartphones as both a valuableorganizational tool and an entertainment portal, making the iPhone a valuableadvertising platform. Source: TechCrunch
  16. 16. Have an awesome app? We’d love to talk. Email: Skype: oren.todoros Facebook: Oren Todoros Twitter: @OrenTodoros