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Twitter Webcast Power Tips, Pt 1


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Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein, Twitter experts and coauthors of the "The Twitter Book," show you how to use Twitter more effectively, whether you're on the site for personal socializing or to meet business goals. They explain why Twitter is emerging as an important channel, and they share key tips--along with compelling, real-life examples--from power users. These are Tim's slides from the first part of the presentation.

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Twitter Webcast Power Tips, Pt 1

  1. 1. Twitter Power Tips Tim O’Reilly: @timoreilly Sarah Milstein: @SarahM Authors of The Twitter Book O’Reilly Media, Inc.
  2. 2. Hashtag for the Webcast: #TwitterBook
  3. 3. Why use Twitter? • Find a community of people who care about the same things you do • Get news and recommendations from that community • Let them know what you’re doing and thinking • Share ideas and links that matter to you • Learn social media skills: what works, what doesn‘t • Just to have fun
  4. 4. Create More Value Than You Capture •The secret of social media is that it's not about you, your product, or your story. It's about how you can add value to the communities that happen to include you. If you want to make a positive impact, forget about what you can get out of social media, and start thinking about what you can contribute. Funnily enough, the more value you create for the community, the more value they will create for you.
  5. 5. O’Reilly books are the expression of a community and its interests
  6. 6. my twitter input feed
  7. 7. retweetradar
  8. 8. nivi and the @timoreilly bump
  9. 9. NyTimes twitter feed for contrast
  10. 10. twitter search for @nytimes
  11. 11. This is important! • In social networks, you gain and bestow status through those you associate with • A key function of a publishing brand is the bestowal of status by what you pay attention to • If you only pay attention to yourself, you aren’t as valuable to your community – You don’t learn as much from your readers – You don’t bind them to you by amplifying their voice
  12. 12. My Twitter workflow
  13. 13. Found something good in my tweet stream
  14. 14. Expand the link, save work for the reader, use via not RT
  15. 15. My “tweetqueue”
  16. 16. Request for coverage from @monkchips
  17. 17. Getting input from experts - don’t just retweet mindlessly QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  18. 18. Jay Rosen’s Mindcasting meme
  19. 19. 9/05/mindcasting/ •Digital Media Buzz, Mindcasting: the New Blue Ocean •The act of building an editorial presence in Twitter by filtering, processing and structuring the flow of information that moves through the medium using one’s follow list, journalistic sensibilities and individual right to publish updates. • * Account title to the discretion of the owner • * Follow list used as an editorial filter • * Three content layers: established, daily and one-off themes that interact dialectically • * Posts, done 15-20 times per day at different intervals • * Professionally written tone • * Direct interaction with audience/readership • * Liberal, sensible use of hyperlinks • * Fully articulated thoughts • * No retweets (instead use the via @GrammarGirl convention for crediting the source, then reword the post to sharpen, comment or otherwise add personal value. — JR)
  20. 20. A few more tips and tricks
  21. 21. Why use Twitter as a business? • Interact with customers—they like it • Get real-time feedback • Provide customer service • Drive traffic and sales
  22. 22. Search smarter
  23. 23. Advanced search
  24. 24. Advanced search
  25. 25. Google it
  26. 26. Google it whatever
  27. 27. Track trends
  28. 28. Track trends
  29. 29. Repost important stuff
  30. 30. But don’t spam people!
  31. 31. Make sure people see your messages
  32. 32. Track click-throughs
  33. 33. Track click-throughs
  34. 34. Twitter Boot Camp June 15, New York City
  35. 35.