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There's a lot of buzz around Twitter, but many marketers don't know how to translate that buzz into a worthwhile marketing tool for their business. Most people's first reaction to the social media "micro-blogging" tool is that it is a waste of time, but as Twitter becomes more and more mainstream, businesses are now using Twitter to engage with customers, reach the media directly, and further establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Attend this free webcast to learn all the basics of how to use Twitter to market your business. This webcast was presented 6-3-09 by Mike Volpe, VP inbound marketing at HubSpot

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O Reilly Twitter For Marketing Mike Volpe

  1. Twitter for Marketing & PR O’Reilly Twitter Bootcamp - Webinar Preview Mike Volpe HubSpot VP Marketing Twitter: @mvolpe
  2. Twitter is a Big Deal More website visitors than NY Times or Washington Post. http://siteanalytics.compete.com/twitter.com+nytimes.com+washingtonpost.com/
  3. Is Twitter for Business?
  4. Twitter for PR Need to urgently speak with a business that is very actively leveraging social media strategies; for ZDNet I spoke about our use of social media for biz on 2 panels - http://tinyurl.com/4v4cgh AND http://tinyurl.com/6943l9 408 555-1234? I will call you right now Elapsed Time: 50 Minutes
  5. Twitter for Marketing • 10% of our blog traffic • 3rd biggest single traffic source • 7% of Twitter visitors convert to leads • Hundreds of leads for HubSpot
  6. Twitter for Business • Customer service • Brand building • PR • Lead generation
  7. Assumptions • You know the basics of Twitter for personal use • Interested in using Twitter for Marketing
  8. How to Succeed With Twitter Track & Build Your Analyze Network Engage With Your Community
  9. Twitter Grader Score evaluates overall authority / influence
  10. Put a Bio in Your Profile
  11. Identify Yourself in Your Bio
  12. Put a Link in Your Profile
  13. Follow to Get Followers
  14. Follow Top Twitter Users twitter.grader.com/topusers
  15. See Who Thought-Leaders Follow twitter.com/dmscott
  16. Who’s Talking About Your Keywords? search.twitter.com/search?q=lead+generation
  17. Follow Like Minded People twitter.grader.com/search
  18. Engage With People 10,000 followers 2,000 followers
  19. Follow People Who Follow You
  20. Following-to-Follower Ratio
  21. It’s a Discussion, Not a Broadcast
  22. Follow Your Brand in Conversations
  23. Save Testimonials http://twitter.com/Scobleizer/statuses/774666561
  24. Use Favorites to Save Highlights twitter.com/HubSpot/favourites
  25. Tweets-per-Day Best Practice
  26. What are ReTweets
  27. What are ReTweets? RT @username: Original Tweet OR Original Tweet Via @username
  28. Why Do You Want ReTweets? • Followers • Buzz • Traffic
  29. Offer Value to Get ReTweets • How To’s and Instructional Content • News, especially breaking news • Warnings (viruses or scams) • Freebies and Contests
  30. Final Advice from MC Hammer “Forget the numbers. Just be interesting.”
  31. Attend the Twitter Bootcamp for More! Things not covered today: • Twitter for customer service • Twitter and brand building • Hashtags • Twitter for events & conferences • Tweetups • Using Twitter with blogs, Facebook…
  32. Thank You! Bootcamp: http://training.oreilly.com/twitterbootcamp/ Webinar Questions: http://www.inboundmarketing.com/content/oreilly-twitter-webinar Mike Volpe HubSpot VP Marketing Twitter: @mvolpe