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Asian buffet serving a wide variety of Asian fare including sushi     Pancake Mill                                       5...
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Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston Dining Guide.


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Restaurant Listings For Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston Oregon Area. Produced by Coos Bay - North Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau.

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Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston Dining Guide.

  1. 1. Abby’s Pizza 541-267-5839 Captain’s Cabin 541-267-7772 El Sol 541-266-8212 Hilltop House Restaurant & Lounge 541-756-4160997 S. 1st Avenue Coos Bay 275 N. Broadway Coos Bay 63058 Hwy 101 Coos Bay 93405 Wilsey Lane North BendPizza, sandwiches & salads. Open 11am-11pm, Sat/Sun til 12am. Pub food, breakfast. Must be over 21. Mexican cuisine with banquet facilities. Open lunch and dinner. Pacfici NW, seafood and steakhouse. Fine dining. Open daily. Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri/Sat 11am-10pm.Back Alley Pub & Grill 541-756-0571 Captain’s Choice 541-756-0125 Humboldt Club 541-756-63141225 Virginia Ave (North Bend Lanes) North Bend 1210 Virginia Ave North Bend El Sombrero 541-266-9310 2056 Sherman Ave North BendPopular luncheon spot for salads, sandwiches and homemade Great seafood and chowder. Open daily. 252 South Broadway Coos Bay Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Open daily 7:30am - Midnight. Home ofsoups. Located in modern bowling center. Open 9am – 2am daily. Mexican cuisine. Open daily, lunch and dinner. Mon-Thurs the famous buffalo wings! Chan’s Wok 541-751-8388 11:30am-8pm, Fri 11:30-9pm, Sat/Sun Noon-8pm.Bay Burger Inn 541-888-3688 1903 Sherman Ave North Bend Kaffe 101 541-267-48941175 Newmark Avenue Coos Bay Chinese and American offerings. EZ Thai 541-267-8404 171 S. Broadway Coos BayServing lunch and dinner. Old-fashioned burgers, shakes and 274 S. Broadway Coos Bay Coffee, pastry, soups and sandwiches. Open Mon-Sat. City Subs 541-269-9000fries. Mon-Fri 10am –8pm, Sat-Sun 11am-8pm. Thai cuisine, Open for Lunch Mon-Fri 11am-3pm, Dinner 149 N 4th Street Coos Bay Kozy Kitchen 541-756-1214 or 267-0400 3pm-9:30pm, Sat/Sun 11:30-10pmBayside Bakery 541-808-0151 Sub sandwiches, fresh baked bread and soups. 2265 Newmark AVe North Bend3077 Broadway Avenue North Bend Fisherman’s Grotto 541-888-3251 581 N. Bayshore Dr Coos Bay Ciccarelli’s Restaurant 541-751-1999Homemade breads, donuts and sandwiches. Open Mon-Sat. 91149 Cape Arago Hwy Charleston Specializing in great country cooking, homemade soups & 2072 Sherman Ave North Bend6am-2pm. Full line of seafood fish & chips, clam chowder & more. Covered desserts. North Bend location 24hrs, Coos Bay open til 10pm. Open Tues- Sat 11am-2pm for lunch and 5pm-9pm for dinner. patio in summer. Open daily 8am-9pm summer, 11am-7pm.Benetti’s Italian Rest. & Lounge 541-267-6066 Kum-Yon’s 541-269-2662 Coach House 541-267-5116260 S. Broadway Coos Bay Fisherman’s Seafood Market 541-267-2722 835 S. Broadway Coos Bay 604 6th Ave Coos BayHome style Italian cooking. Family dining downstairs, adult dining 200 Bayshore Drive Coos Bay Boardwalk Japanese with Sushi available, Chinese, & American menu. Open Mesquite BBQ, American, steaks, ribs, chicken, seafood andupstairs overlooking Bay. Open every evening & Sunday brunch. Local seafood, fish ‘n chips, fish tacos, chowder. Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri/Sat 11am-9:30pm. Closed Monday pasta. Full service bar. Outside dining and catering available.Black Market Gourmet Foodies Grill 541-269-0195 Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Market 541-888-8862 LaCostaTacos & Mariscos 541-751-0066 Cone 9 541-756-4535495 Central Ave Coos Bay 63534 Kingfisher S-! (D-Dock) Charleston 1930 Newmark North Bend 1611 Virginia, Pony Village Mall North BendFull service catering, Friday night supper club and special events. Fresh Seafood Market. Dungeness crab, canned or smoked Specializing in fresh homemade tacos, burritos, and Espresso Bar, Deli style counter, specialty baked goods. Open albacore tuna and more. Open Wed - Sun 9am-5pm. seafood..Open Mon-Sat11am-9pm, Sun Noon-8pm.Blue Heron Bistro 541-267-3933 Daily.100 W. Commercial Coos Bay Gino’s Pizza Inn 541-756-5000 La Herradura 541-756-0906 Coney Station 541-269-6948Coos Bay’s European Bistro, Italian, German & Cajun specialties. 1324 Virginia Ave North Bend 1430 Vermont Street North Bend 295 South Broadway Coos Bay18 beers on draft. Outdoor patio in the summer. Open 11am-9pm Pizza, sandwiches, salads and pasta. Open for lunch and dinner. Authentic Mexican Cuisine with seafood specialties. Located east Steaks, burgers, seafood & much more. Kids menu & variety ofBon Appetit Bistro & Catering 541-808-0121 Gooney’s Sports Bar 541-266-8815 of Pony Village Mall. microbrews. Open 11am-Mid Mon-Sat and 11am-9pm Sun.263 N. Broadway Coos Bay 3290 Ocean Blvd SE Coos Bay Little Italy 541-808-2200Homemade soups, hot entrees, sandwiches and salads. Crossroads Cafe 541-751-0141 Burgers, sandwiches, stuffed baked potatoes, full bar. 14 beers on 160 S. 2nd Street Coos Bay 1972 Sherman Ave North Bend tap. Open daily 11am - 2:30am.BPJ’s Gourmet Thai 541-756-4900 Homemade Italian cuisine, open daily. Open daily 10am - 3pm. Serving two different Entrees daily. All1802 Virginia Avenue North Bend meals $1.50 Grounds Cafe (inside Books by the Bay) 541-751-1114 Lori’s Goodies to Go 541-751-1371Authentic Thai cuisine. 1857 Sherman Ave (Hwy 101) North Bend 791 Virginia Ave North Bend Dishners 541-756-2881 Homemade desserts, soups, panini, wraps, salads and more.Brickstones at the Red Lion 541-267-4141 Homemade baked goods. Cookies, bars, box lunches. 2603 Broadway North Bend Espresso bar. Open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm and Sat 8am-6pm.1313 Bayshore Drive Coos Bay Breakfast, lunch and early dinners. Open daily til 4pm. Los Dos Amigos 541-756-4799Specializing in Pacific NW favorites and award winning chowder. High Tide Cafe & Espresso Bar 541-888-3664 1611 Virginia Ave North Bend El Guadalajara Mexican 541-756-3030 91124 Cape Arago Hwy CharlestonBuzz 541-756-1416 3491 Broadway North Bend Fajitas, arroz con pollo, carne asada, and other Mexican favorites Awesome chowder! Fresh seafood dishes, variety of sandwiches1611 Virginia Ave North Bend Mexican and American menu, including breakfast. Open 8am-9pm served daily. Beer, wine, cocktails. Located in Pony Village Mall. & salads. Beer & wine. Open 10am-9pm. Closed Tuesdays.Burgers and sandwiches. Located inside Pony Village Mall. Lucky Dragon Buffet 541-756-5799 1611 Virginia Avenue North BendCoos Bay - North Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau | 50 Central Ave, Coos Bay, OR 97420 | | 800-824-8486 • 541-269-0215
  2. 2. Asian buffet serving a wide variety of Asian fare including sushi Pancake Mill 541-756-2751 Sumin’s Restaurant & Sushi Bar 541-267-0119bar and Mongolian Grill. Located in Pony Village Mall. 2390 Tremont (Hwy 101) North Bend 298 S. Broadway (Hwy 101) Coos BayLucky Star 541-751-9526 Serving breakfast and lunch, low calorie and vegetarian options. Chinese, Asian cuisine and sushi. Open daily.3480 Tremont Ave (Hwy 101) North Bend Homestyle soups, sandwiches and pie specialities. Sunset Bay Cafe 541-888-5511Chinese and American cuisine. Open daily. Portland Bagel Company 541-756-2221 155 S. Empire Blvd Coos Bay 3386 Broadway North Bend Casual family dining at its best! Gourmet burgers, soups, saladsLuigi’s Italian Sandwiches 541-888-9407 Freshly baked and hand crafted daily. Wonderful topping in lots of and seafood.. Open 7am - 9pm801 Newmark Ave Coos Bay flavors. Freshly brewed coffee. Tai’s Dynasty 541-756-3475Italian sandwiches. Portside Restaurant & Lounge 541-888-5544 1388 Virginia AVe North BendMargaritas’ Mexican Grill 541-267-5480 63383 Kingfisher Rd. Charleston Chinese & American. Open daily 6am-9pm Sun-Thurs, 6am-10pm825 Central Ave Coos Bay Local Seafood caught daily, steak and Fri night seafood buffet. Fri/Sat. Beer & Wine available.Fajitas, arroz con pollo, carne asada, and other mexican favorties. Newly added sushi bar. Full bar.Open daily. 11:30am-11pm.Mediterranean Cafe 541-756-2299 Tiny’s Tavern 541-756-7675 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant 541-269-0919 1971 Union Ave North Bend1860 Union Ave North Bend 230 S. 2nd Street Coos Bay Burgers, Beer, Pub style food.Mediterranean Cuisine. Specialty vegetarian items available. Authentic Mexican cuisine. New platters of steak, chicken andMill Casino Hotel & RV Park 541-756-8800 Walt’s Pourhouse 541-267-5588 seafood or choose one of your favorites. Banquet space available.3201 Tremont Ave (Hwy 101) North Bend 1880 N. 7th St Coos Bay Rodeo Steakhouse & Grill 541-808-0644Plankhouse Restaurant: bay view Northwest favorites. Timbers Full menu & sports bar including microbrews and old school beer. 1001 N. Bayshore Dr Coos BayCafe open 24hrs. Sawblade Buffet - weekend seafood buffet. Full menu serving lunch and dinner. Yeong’s Place 541-756-1914Warehouse 101 featuring specialty microbeers, bbq and 1120 Virginia Ave North Bendappetizers. Whitecaps Lounge Martini bar. Sea Basket 541-888-5711 Famous for their burgers and shakes. Salads and breakfast items 4579 Kingfisher Rd CharlestonMillers at the Cove 541-808-2404 available . Open Daily.63346 Boat Basin Rd Charleston Come as you are family dining. Specializing in seafood and chowder, burgers and sandwiches. Open Sun-Thurs 6am-8pm, National Fast Food Options:Fish Tacos, Fish ‘n Chips, specialty green chile and more. Open Fri/Sat 6am-9pm.Daily. Burger King 541-269-1353 Shakes and Burgers 541-266-7471 881 South 1st Ave/2021 Newmark Ave Coos Bay/North BendMom’s Kitchen 541-756-2701 673 D. Street Coos Bay Domino’s Pizza 541-269-10001603 Sherman Ave North Bend 3440 Ocean Blvd Coos Bay Burgers, fries and shakes. Open daily 8am-8pm. Dairy Queen 541-267-4204Serving breakfast daily. SharkBites 541-269-7475 670 W Central Ave/91761 Cape Arago Hwy Coos Bay/CharlestonMomiji’s 541-808-2133 KFC 541-756-6970 242 S. Broadway (Hwy 101) Coos Bay3140 Tremont (Hwy 101) North Bend 2273 Newmark Ave North Bend Seafood cafe, fish tacos, great burgers. Little Caesar’s Pizza 541-756-5656Japanese, sushi bar and create your own options. 2233 Newmark Ave North Bend Sizzler 541-756-7100Oregon Coast Culinary Institute 541-888-1540 McDonald’s 541-756-6617 1390 Broadway North Bend 3303 Broadway/772 S. Broadway North Bend/Coos Bay1988 Newmark Ave Coos Bay Specializing in steak, seafood and a large salad bar. Beer and Subway 541-269-1057Friday Chef’s Table Lunch and Dinner. Pub style lunch and 4 wine. Senior discounts. Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, F/S 11am-9:30pm. 160 S. 2nd Street/1611 Virginia Coos Bay/North Bendcourse dinner. Reservations required. Bimart Shopping Center (Broadway) North Bend Stockpot Restaurant 541-266-7070 Taco Bell 541-266-7067 or 751-0606Outdoor-In 541-266-8111 63097 Barry Street Coos Bay 1015 S. 1st Street Coos Bay305 S. 4th St Coos Bay 1501 Virginia Ave North Bend American Restaurant open for Breakfast & Lunch. Specializing inServing burgers, pizza and award winning chowder. Indoor play breakfast items, burgers and more. Wendy’s Old Fashioned Burgers 541-269-0822area for the kids. Open daily. 925 S. Broadway Coos BayCoos Bay - North Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau | 50 Central Ave, Coos Bay, OR 97420 | | 800-824-8486 • 541-269-0215