Nursery rhyme activities


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Nursery rhyme activities

  1. 1. Nursery Rhyme Activities Ba Ba Black Sheep
  2. 2. Step #1: Print, or read and sing the nursery rhyme from the screen, nursery rhymecoloring page. Make sure child understands the meaning of all the words. Point to the rhyming words.
  3. 3. Note: Children under age 2 will also benefit greatlyfrom singing, using puppets, stuffed animals, and/orfinger plays with nursery rhymes.Step #2: Sheep CraftsTell the children they are going to make a specialBaa, Baa Black Sheep craft. Choose one of the craftsof your choice below:
  4. 4. Craft #1: Heart Shapes Baa, Baa Black Sheep (ages 3+) This craft is primarily assembled with heart shapes (except eyes). Children will practice counting, sorting and sizing the templates. Make sure to select the black and gray templates if printing color format.
  5. 5. Craft #2: Handprint Sheep or LambThis craft is ideal for children ages 2 to 4 and it is a wonderful keepsake that incorporates their handprint.
  6. 6. Step #3: Consonant Digraph Sh digraph > Sheep or Shepherd:Level: Advanced K and First Grade LevelReview and/or present consonant digraph Sh.
  7. 7. Step #4: Coloring Page ActivitiesVarious sheep coloring pages: Select an image, and decorate withcotton balls - cut out and make a hand puppet with a craft stick ordrinking straw.
  8. 8. Other materials: * white paper or card stock * scissors * glue *materials to color or paint with
  9. 9. Nursery Rhyme Activities Jack and Jill
  10. 10. Print, read and sing the nursery rhyme poster. Make sure child understands the meaning of all the words. Identify colors in the picture. Here is the music & finger play instructions enjoy! Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water. (Hold thumbs straight up, alternating them upward) Jack fell down and broke his crown, (Wiggle one thumb and wrist downward) And Jill came tumbling after. (Wiggle other thumb and wrist downward) Then up got Jack and said to Jill, (Bring one thumb up, then the other) As in his arms he took her, (Cross thumbs) "Brush off that dirt for youre not hurt, (Brush one thumb with the other) Lets fetch that pail of water." (Continue brushing) So Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch the pail of water, (Thumbs straight up, alternating upward) And took it home to Mother dear, (Bring thumbs slowly together) Who thanked her son and daughter. (Thumbs meet)Note: Children under 2 will benefit greatly from singing, using puppets, stuffed animals, and/or finger plays with nursery rhymes.
  11. 11. Activity #2: Coloring Page Activity-Jack & JillIn this activity children will have fun coloring and or painting Jack and Jill.
  12. 12. • Discuss other words that start with the letter J and the sound. Here are some words: jet, jacket, jump, jam, jackrabbit, and jack in the box, Jell-O, jar, jewelry, jellyfish and jaguar.• Additional materials to present Letter J: Alphabet Letter J Activity Worksheet and Mini-book featuring Jack and Jill and Alphabet Letter J Printable Materials. Do the letter tracer activity after a break or on another day of the week.