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Orchestra Netwoks’ MDM for Oracle Hyperion EPM Applications is a single platform for managing all your dimensions and hierarchies. With built-in Oracle Hyperion models and unique hierarchy customization and management features - MDM for Hyperion provides you the tools you need to maintain dimensional consistency across organizational level, applications and time. With one-click integration to Hyperion Financial Management, Essbase and Planning, changes can be made once, in one place, rather than in multiple times in multiple HFM, Essbase or Planning instances.

Unlike manual alternatives such as spreadsheets, the fine grained permissions provides you the flexibility to maintain audit controls and permissions on all, some, or none of your Hyperion metadata. With the built-in-workflow, you can define business rules and processes that govern how the individuals in your organization work together to create your dimensions. Lastly, the version control engine enables you to retrieve (and rollback) to prior versions of your dimensions and prototype new or future editions.

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MDM for Oracle Hyperion EPM

  1. 1. MDM for Oracle® Hyperion EPMEnterprise-level Dimension Management for Oracle® HyperionEnterprise Performance Management SuiteA solution by Orchestra HFM Essbase PlanningOctober 2012
  2. 2. Disclaimer Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Orchestra Networks, our products, or our website. They do not sponsor or endorse our product or any of our solutions.
  3. 3. What are the key dimensions in your EPM apps?(also called: meta data, master data, reference data, hierarchies...) Operational Systems Oracle Hyperion EPM applications Hyperion Financial Management ERP (HFM) Oracle Essbase Hyperion Planning ERP Oracle Essbase Usually Account Account Account created in Company Company Company code operational Cost center Customer Cost center systems Product Product Customer Multiple applications / Multiple instances
  4. 4. How much manual effort to you spend...Managing HFM Dimensions across levels At corporate level HFM At business unit level HFM HFM HFM
  5. 5. How much manual effort to you spend...Synchronizing Dimensions across Hyperion EPM applications HFM Essbase Planning
  6. 6. How much manual effort to you spend...Reconciling between versions (Past, Present and Future) JAN APR JUL OCT JAN HFM HFM HFM HFM HFM
  7. 7. Its more than just sharing dataMaintaining consistency across levels Duplication of data means multiple edits between ● Corporate consistency... Corp/Local ● ... with local autonomy for business unitsAvoiding inconsistency across applications Manual synchronization with planning introduces errors ● Enforce validation controls / security that are caught too late... ● Avoid copy-synchronize-reconcile loopsTemporal management Supporting monthly update cycles with parallel work ● Keep history, rollback to past versions streams ● Work on future updates
  8. 8. Key requirements: Hyperion administrators Sales & Marketing Human Resources Finance & Accounting Users ● Manage one version of the truth HFM Admin Essbase Admin Planning Admin ● Reduce manual maintenance of data ● Avoid errors in dimensions ● Share dimensions between apps and instancesERP HFM Essbase Planning (e.g. for business units) ERP HFM Essbase Essbase
  9. 9. Key requirements: Finance & Accounting users Sales & Marketing Human Resources ● Manage hierarchies ● Update data ● Work in future versions / Impact analysis Finance & Accounting Users ● View history / Rollback in previous states HFM Admin Essbase Admin Planning Admin ● Reduce manual maintenance of data ● Avoid errors in dimensions ● Share dimensions between apps and instancesERP HFM Essbase Planning (e.g. for business units) ERP HFM Essbase Essbase
  10. 10. Key requirements: Users acrossthe enterprise ● Access hierarchies ● Contribute to governance Sales & Marketing ● Align with other master data Human Resources ● Manage hierarchies ● Update data ● Work in future versions Finance & Accounting Users ● Get history HFM Admin Essbase Admin Planning Admin ● Reduce manual maintenance of data ● Avoid errors in dimensions ● Share dimensions between apps and instancesERP HFM Essbase Planning (e.g. for business units) ERP HFM Essbase Essbase
  11. 11. How do you manage your dimensions today? ts? Spre adshee for tion umbe r 1 solu anual, error- Sti ll the n t. M agemen vernance or man m etadata ta model, go o da rone. N HFM HFM p . security Complex in ETL jobs? tegration fr Hyperion. A om ERP toERP dd busines Essbase ERP no control s logic in E Essbase by business TL, users. Oracle tools? d to EPMA, DRM: Technical tools limite Planning Essbase sy- Hyperion "power users". Lack of ea ry to-use UI, no workflow, rudimenta version control.
  12. 12. Introducing MDM for Oracle® Hyperion EPM Suite End users & EPM administrators Browser-based User Interface Hierarchy Management & Workflow Central MDM with pre-built Import data from dimension Import dimensions any source system models from HFM / Essbase (Web Services, / Planning CSV/XML files) Export dimensions (initial migration) to HFM / Essbase / Planning ERP HFM Essbase Planning ERP HFM Essbase Essbase
  13. 13. Import your dimensions in 1 clickPerform the initial migration of your dimensions from EPM applications HFM Essbase Planning
  14. 14. Manage hierarchiesBrowser-based user interface with visual hierarchy management
  15. 15. View and update nodesEdit any field value
  16. 16. Manage hierarchies at corporate and local levelsMaintain consistency without any duplication
  17. 17. Keep track of past versionsGet full history of your data, rollback to past versions
  18. 18. Work on future updatesStaging of your upcoming updates, comparison reports
  19. 19. Set permissions at field levelConfigure access rights for users
  20. 20. Approve changesConfigurable workflow for change management and approvals
  21. 21. Export dimensions in 1 clickExport updates to your Hyperion applications
  22. 22. Export to other systemsExport your hierarchies as CSV, XML files
  23. 23. Packaging and pricingEBX5 Add-on for Oracle® ConfigurationMDM Software Hyperion EPM ● 1 Production instance ● 1 Lab instance Installation ● On your own Java application server and database (Oracle, DB2, SQL Bundled licence Server, Posgre) Restricted use to Oracle Hyperion ● Pre-packaged open source application server and database metadataTrial
  24. 24. Implementation strategy Installation and set-up 1 Install software, migrate EPM dimensions, configure roles & users Manage dimensions and hierarchies 2 Configure views, versions (past and futue), adaptation between global and local Export data to EPM applications 3 Export files, configure synchronization 1 to 2 weeks Advanced integration 4 Integrate with source systems via middleware (ETL, ESB..) Advanced governance 5 Configure approval workflows, add permissions, business rules 1 to 3 months
  25. 25. About Orchestra Networks
  26. 26. The Master Data Management pure-playerOrchestra Networks is a leading Reference / Master Data Management vendor. ● Company founded in 2000 ● Leadership and shareholders ○ Top management: 4 co-founders for 12 years ○ Very stable, privately-held company ● Team ○ 52 employees worldwide (40% on product engineering and support)
  27. 27. Recognized by leading analysts About Orchestra NetworksOrchestra Networks is positioned by Gartner in MDM Magic MarketQuadrants since 2010 and featured in multidomain MDM reports. PositioningOnly MDM vendor to be ranked "good" by Gartner in MDM forfinance, human capital and product with one single softwareproduct. Customer ReferencesOrchestra Networks ranked #1 MDM technology among14 vendors in The Information Difference MDM LandscapeQ2 2012Because Orchestra Networks is a multi-domain MDM, it ispossible for it to handle both hierarchies for financedepartments and other domains. It has also improved supportfor enterprise applications such as Oracle Hyperion with its"EBX5 add-on” for Oracle Hyperion EPM customers.
  28. 28. Large companies worldwide have selected EBX5 About Orchestrafor their RDM / MDM requirements Networks Market Positioning Customer References
  29. 29. Top Oracle Hyperion users rely on EBX5 for About OrchestraReference Data Management Networks Market Positioning Customer References
  30. 30. Thank you. Follow us on Twitter: @orchestramdm