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Smile jo march 2004

  1. 1. Intercultural Dialogue among Youth in theMediterranean Jordan Destination 21Jordan, 11 – 20 March 2004“Peace, Culture and Sustainable Development” Project carried out with the support of the Youth Program of the European CommunityIntroductionAs the Mediterranean has been for long time recognized as ameeting-point between Asia, Africa and Europe, with a uniquehistory stretching back ten thousand years, the birthplace ofreligions, and the centre of the known world. We have thought toutilize these uniqueness to establish an intercultural dialogue amongyouth to bring remedy and healing to this bleeding region in specificand the whole world in general after September 11 tragedy Theproject will seek to create a better understanding and mutualrespect between cultures. The concept is to fight fanaticism,intolerance, xenophobia and discrimination based on race, religion,ethnicity, language, gender, age and sexual orientation.The purpose is to bring young people from countries in the Northcoast of the Mediterranean to meet young people in the South anddiscuss how our cultures were able to live together for centuries andwere able to establish well known histories at either sites of theMediterranean in away it should be the case nowadays whichwitnesses misunderstanding and the growth of hatred and promoteinstead peace and love through understanding each other withdialogue.Countries participatingSpain-Catalonia, Morocco, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan [SMILE-JO]Places in JordanAmman – Jerash – Irbed - Umm Qais – Ham´meh, Nahr el Yarmouk– Pella – The Dead Sea.Project PartnersMediterranean Eco-operation Program (MEP – 9 participants) ●AMWAJ for Environment (6 participants) ● Arab Office for Youth andEnvironment (AOYE – 6 participants) ● Land and Human toAdvocate Progress – Youth for Sustainable Development Committee(LHAP- YSD – 12 participants) ● Forum per la Laguna (12participants) ● Association for Development Environment andAlphabetisation (ANDEA - 6 participants).Objectives To promote knowledge and mutual respect between the cultures, traditions and values, which exist in the partner countries; To exert substantial efforts towards the identification and removal of the odds interfering with the process of a sincere intercultural dialogue and the existence and function ability of intercultural education and awareness;
  2. 2. to support a free circulation of ideas and opinions in this dialogue: The freedom of expression of intellectuals and artists is inseparable and indivisible part of the rights of the human person; to encourage the circulation of the youth of dialogue among cultures knowing that there is no true cultural partnership without human contact and direct exchange of people; To understand the human sciences, arts, cultures and trade as sources of understanding societies and fields that facilitate cooperation; To give credence to youth organizations and networks of the Mediterranean society; To come up with a strategy and action plan on how to bridge gaps.Activity Program and intercultural dimensionDifferent methods were used during the activities, like icebreaking games, working groups, groupdiscussions, individual and group presentations and meetings with key persons, Family visits were also acontact point between local community and the participants. Contacts among participants were createdthrough developing an e-discussion and e-contacts prior coming to Jordan to ice break and be preparedfor the program. International cultural exchange evenings were ornganized to give an opportunity toparticipating country to get exposed to other nations. Participants were given the chance to spend half aday with Jordanian families for exposure of either sides and have national meals There were daily oralevaluation at the end of each day, daily leaders meeting and feedback, final written evaluation. An e-network were established and the partner organizations will meet to think of a continuation of exchangethrough inviting more partners and have similar ones in other countries by applying to EuropeanCommission.Day 1: Participants arrival and pick up by YSD cars. Dinner / Food festival of participating countriesDay 2: Ice breaking and group introduction, country and organisation presentation. Dinner with culturalevent.Day 3: Panel discussion including meeting with Christian and Muslim Clerics. Participants reflection andfeedback. Wrap up discussion and evaluation. Dinner along with cultural event.Day 4: Working groups presentations. Visit to Amman Amphitheatre, King Abdullah Mosque and theChurch. Amman down-town walking in separate groups. Dinner along with cultural event.Day 5: Visit to Jerash, to Oumm Qais, Ham´meh, Yarmouk River. Lunch in Pella. Visit to Joan Baptistesite and the Dead Sea. Dinner in the Greater Amman Municipality Complex.Day 6: Working groups to formulate a strategy to assist bridging the gaps among cultures. Visit toJordanian families in separate groups. Dinner with Jordanian families.Day 7: Participants reflection and feedback on the families visits. Presentation of the strategy.Brainstorming session on “where to go from here”. Free time. Fare well cultural evening and dinner.Day 8: departure of participantsHosting OrganisationLand and Human to Advocate Progress – Youth for Sustainable Development Committee (LHAP - YSD).Project Leader.Land and Human to Advocate Progress works in the field of sustainable development, training, awarenessraising, assisting local community organizations in formulating project proposals and seek funds,encourage young people to involve in the activities of supporting communities, managing events, provideconsultancy and lead campaigns and conduct studies.LHAP and MEP through this exchange and gathering in Jordan have established linkages and connectionswith the aim of working together on socio-cultural and economical issues to improve relations, and humandevelopment, promote peace, understanding, and working together [a start-up for a program]Intercultural Dialogue among Youth in the Mediterranean Jordan Destination 21 21received the economical and logistical supports from the European Commission – Euro Med Youth ActionProgram ● Greater Amman Municipality ● contribution from participants ● Jordanians Families ● RoyalCultural Centre ● Haya Cultural Centre ● Amman Hall ● King Abdullah Mosque ● Jerusalem rest house.Contact for more information:Ruba Anbar Abbas ZahreddineLand and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP) Mediterranean Eco-operation Program (MEP) / www.mep-msda.orgAmman Tel ++962-6-5519756 Barcelona Tel: ++ 34 636011331Photos credits:Maite Charles, Helena Moliné, Miloud Ghazali - participants March 2004