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Orca Teeth and Poor Oral Health


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A presentation of poor dentition in captive orcas (Killer Whales)

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Orca Teeth and Poor Oral Health

  1. 1. Orca Teeth A presentation of poor dentition of captive orcas
  2. 2. Nootka 5 Virtually all teeth worn to the gum line
  3. 3. Few people are aware that captive orcas routinely have holes drilled in their teeth
  4. 4. Broken and fractured teeth from threat displays known as "jaw popping"
  5. 5. Shouka- Six Flags Bottom teeth are virtually non-existent
  6. 7. Tilikum Decimated lower jaw
  7. 8. Tilikum
  8. 9. Chomping on steel gates in an effort to establish dominance contributes to damage
  9. 10. Taima Core holes in teeth. 20 year old Taima died in June, 2010 while giving birth. Her calf did not survive.
  10. 13. Taima
  11. 15. Left: Teeth completely worn to jaw Right: Healthy teeth before damage/wear
  12. 17. Katina
  13. 18. Tilikum
  14. 21. Contributors to the poor dentition include tooth grinding, flattening and drilling
  15. 22. Visible cores in teeth- lower jaw
  16. 23. Sumar 12 year old Sumar died in September 2010. Note the damage to bottom teeth
  17. 24. Corky
  18. 25. Sumar
  19. 26. The training and education staff at SeaWorld contends that the thrice daily "tooth flushes" are "superior dental care"
  20. 28. Lovey (L) and Earth (R) - SeaWorld Kamogawa, Japan
  21. 29. Tilikum Completely worn lower jaw
  22. 30. Tilikum
  23. 31. Kalina
  24. 32. Kshamenk (Argentina) Broken / worn front teeth