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Business value of Lync integrations


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Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP)

Optimize business process by reducing the human latency that exists within a process flow.
By embedding unified communication capabilities into the business process flow

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Business value of Lync integrations

  1. 1. 27 JUNE 2013 – Olivier Mangelschots
  2. 2. Evolution of business communications CEBP opportunities Lync integrations Talk
  3. 3. Focus on Lync customizations
  4. 4. Analogue & digital phones A hybrid system with both analogue, digital and IP phones. Toshiba, Aastra, Alcatel, Shoretel, Avaya Telephony partner Telephony partner with network experience Mix of partners IT infrastructure partner Software developer business process exper. Mix of solutions for: audio-conferencing, web meetings, instant messaging, voicemail, email. Adobe Connect / GoToMeeting + Belgacom (Audio)conference + Polycom IP video People centric communication & collaboration. Federated presence Microsoft Lync 2013 or Cisco Jabber + Cisco WebEx + Cisco Unified Communications Manager Integrate communications deeply into your business processes and business software tools. Visual Studio + Lync API SharePoint Dynamics CRM What partner does the customer need? Next big thing
  5. 5. What? How? Result?
  6. 6. Contract approval process may be experiencing human latency because the person assigned to providing an approval is on vacation or busy working on something else.
  7. 7. * Based on ROI modeling and Published Case Studies © 2010 M Parker UniComm Consulting, LLC
  8. 8. m/?linkid=9767940 Optimize Resource Utilization Accelerate Transaction Completion Increase Notification Precision Improve Contact Success Automate Communication Processes Speed Information Delivery Enhance Collaboration Effectiveness
  9. 9. Deep integration with everyday tools Extensible using open & clear APIs Large community
  10. 10. 1. Enhanced Presence 2. Click-2-Call 3. Conversation window ext. 4. Provide context to each other 5. Notifications and Alerts 6. Interactive Outbound 7. Expert Finder 8. Kiosk 9. Web Chat 10. Query-Response Bots 11. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) “Involve people in business processes” “Work better together between 2 people” Examples “People talk to a machine”
  11. 11. Presence of a doctor (healthcare): Presence of a contact center agent: Presence of a room: Presence of a truck:
  12. 12. for Time Tracking & Billing Benefit Week View Day View
  13. 13. Provide caller info Click-2-Call Benefits
  14. 14. Mini-apps embedded in Lync client Examples
  15. 15. Provide context to each other Invite people to talk from business app
  16. 16. Fast push-alerts Example Benefits People are getting notified a lot faster FireLink Quickly alert everyone in an area when there is a fire. http://wm.MS-STUDIOSMEDIA.COM/a10065/o9/events/Lync/en-us/1005128_JASCO_1017_1500k.wmv
  17. 17. Crew dispatch system allows dispatchers to initiate automated outbound calls to crew cell phones with the click of a button. Benefits
  18. 18. Using skill search and location information Custom Integration Benefits
  19. 19. Skinning of Lync app
  20. 20. Allows professors to schedule and deliver live courses Benefits interactive distance learning experience for students
  21. 21. Orbit One Lync Presence & Chat Widget Benefits
  22. 22. Personnel on the field can send instant messages to an IM Bot and get status and updates instantly! Benefits
  23. 23. Response Groups Workflows Customers calls & uses keypad to navigate Customizations: Click on Speaker Icon. Audio Recording of IVR.
  24. 24. 1. Scan operations 2. Identify ‘hot spots’ 3. Test
  25. 25. CEBP = Lync UC+CEBP = Orbit One =
  26. 26. Lync Inside Business Applications Communications-enable your applications (API) Demo
  27. 27.