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Wine & Web: How to do a content audit


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The “80/20 Rule” tells us that 80% of results come from 20% of the efforts. In marketing is feels more like 90/10. But what’s getting the results? Which content is in the top 10 percent? Which pages? Which sources of visitors?

We'll cover...

Which articles and topics get the best results in which ways
How to measure the relative value of various traffic sources
How to use Analytics to see the performance of each sales pages
Check the performance of your navigation, links and calls to action

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Wine & Web: How to do a content audit

  1. 1. #wineweb How to Audit Your Content no. 84
  2. 2. October 28th and 29th Save the date!
  3. 3. @crestodina #wineweb There are two types of actions, Two types of improvements
  4. 4. @crestodina #wineweb Evolution v. Revolution
  5. 5. @crestodina #wineweb Evolution v. Revolution
  6. 6. @crestodina #wineweb Evolution v. Revolution
  7. 7. @crestodina #wineweb The Website Content Audit …understanding your site
  8. 8. @crestodina #wineweb Size and shape…
  9. 9. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with PDFs? ü Make sure that everything in PDFs is also on web pages.
  10. 10. Is there content on subdomains?
  11. 11. Aha! There they are…
  12. 12. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with content on subdomains? ü Make sure there is a view within Analytics that shows all traffic, including these subdomains, or else... Characters designed by Skydesign – visit one visit two visit three
  13. 13. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with your marketing tags? ü Get them loaded into Google Tag Manager! ü Remove anything old that you’re not using
  14. 14. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with your high-authority URLs? ü DO NOT MOVE THEM ü …and if you do (new CMS?) create a 301 redirect for each ü If they’re articles and they rank, but not well, rewrite that article! ü Link from these to other pages that rank, but not well
  15. 15. How to check the performance of your navigation…
  16. 16. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with low performing nav items? ü Are they important and descriptive? Maybe they’re fine. ü Rename them ü Remove them
  17. 17. @crestodina #wineweb The Content Marketing Audit …understanding your marketing
  18. 18. When you find a unicorn… make baby unicorns Larry Kim Founder, Mobile Monkey
  19. 19. @crestodina #wineweb Find the Traffic Champions
  20. 20. Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages
  21. 21. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with traffic champs? ü Add CTAs: Link to product / service pages ü Add CTAs: “Related Articles” with high CTR headlines ü Add CTAs: “Related Articles” with high conversion rates ü Add a video ü Write the adjacent article
  22. 22. @crestodina #wineweb Find Potential Traffic Champs
  23. 23. @crestodina #wineweb Acquisition > Search Console > Queries
  24. 24. @crestodina #wineweb Acquisition > Search Console > QueriesAcquisition > Search Console > Queries
  25. 25. @crestodina #wineweb Acquisition > Search Console > Queries
  26. 26. @crestodina #wineweb Acquisition > Search Console > Queries
  27. 27. @crestodina #wineweb Acquisition > Search Console > Queries
  28. 28. SEMrush
  29. 29. How high are we ranking?
  30. 30. How high are we ranking? Current ranking for phrase: #9
  31. 31. The Control + F Test
  32. 32. Semantic SEO: Work in the related phrases…
  33. 33.
  34. 34. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with potential traffic champs? ü Rewrite / Relaunch: Add detail, length, answers & video ü Rewrite and Relaunch: Improve the keyword focus ü Build a link! Write a related guest post, link back
  35. 35. @crestodina #wineweb Find Falling Stars
  36. 36. Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages (Organic Traffic segment)
  37. 37. @crestodina #wineweb What to do with falling stars? Same as the potential traffic champs… ü Rewrite / Relaunch: Add detail, length, answers & video ü Rewrite and Relaunch: Improve the keyword focus ü Build a link! Write a related guest post, link back
  38. 38. @crestodina #wineweb Find Your Best Mousetraps
  39. 39. Conversions > Goals > Reverse Goal Path
  40. 40. @crestodina #wineweb “Calculated Metrics" conversions that came from each page unique visits to each page
  41. 41. @crestodina #wineweb
  42. 42. @crestodina #wineweb
  43. 43. @crestodina #wineweb
  44. 44. @crestodina #wineweb Yay!!
  45. 45. @crestodina #wineweb It’s all here… How to do a Content Marketing Audit in 8 Steps
  46. 46. @crestodina Andy Crestodina THANK YOU!