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Wine & Web: Content Strategy for Lead Generation


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Content Strategy for Lead Generation

Published in: Marketing

Wine & Web: Content Strategy for Lead Generation

  1. 1. #wineweb CONTENT STRATEGY for LEAD GENERATION no. 75
  2. 2. @crestodina #wineweb “A plan to reach a specific goal”
  3. 3. @crestodina #wineweb “A plan to use content reach a specific business goal”
  4. 4. @crestodina #wineweb
  5. 5. @crestodina #wineweb CONTENT Blogs / Articles Social media content Press releases Whitepapers Videos and podcasts Training materials Policies Procedures Project / Client Docs Proposals / Contracts Marketing Content Internal Content
  6. 6. @crestodina #wineweb
  7. 7. @crestodina #wineweb Audience & Topics Put your content on a mission
  8. 8. International travelers get travel tips and news to make travel easier
  9. 9. Help engineers answer the most challenging industrial soldering questions
  10. 10. The best source of info on optical LANs. We show IT buyers how to address tech and business challenges, identify trends, reduce expenses and improve user experiences
  11. 11. Where digital marketers find practical advice on content, analytics and web design to get better results from their websites.
  12. 12. Where digital marketers find practical advice on content, analytics and web design to get better results from their websites.
  13. 13. Where digital marketers find practical advice on content, analytics and web design to get better results from their websites.
  14. 14. Where digital marketers find practical advice on content, analytics and web design to get better results from their websites.
  15. 15. Our content is where [audience x] gets [information y] that offers [benefit z].
  16. 16. @crestodina #wineweb Source: Content Marketing Institute “Do you have an editorial mission statement?”
  17. 17. @crestodina #wineweb Source: Content Marketing Institute
  18. 18. @crestodina #wineweb Marketers who document their mission statement are 3x more likely succeed
  19. 19. @crestodina #wineweb
  20. 20. @crestodina #wineweb
  21. 21. Where office managers find fun tips for the workplace and benefits to build happier, more productive teams.
  22. 22. @crestodina #wineweb Topics and focal distance
  23. 23. @crestodina #wineweb Topics and focal distance Is Beer At Work a Dumb Idea? Awesome Office Kitchens Top 10 Office Perks
  24. 24. @crestodina #wineweb How, Who & Where Formats, Contributors and Locations
  25. 25. @crestodina #wineweb Formats There is more to life than text
  26. 26. @crestodina #wineweb
  27. 27. @crestodina #wineweb
  28. 28. @crestodina #wineweb FORMATS articles, guides, ebooks infographics, diagrams, memes How to, explainers, animations interviews, roundups Text Images Video Collaborative
  29. 29. Movement is more powerful than images. Images are more powerful than text.
  30. 30. Source: Periodic Table of Content
  31. 31. “Let’s turn our top ___________ into _____________”
  32. 32. “Let’s turn our top ___________ into _____________” blog post a video
  33. 33. “Let’s turn our top ___________ into _____________” blog post an infographic
  34. 34. “Let’s turn our top ___________ into _____________” video a webinar
  35. 35. “Let’s turn our top ___________ into _____________” FB post a newsletter
  36. 36. @crestodina #wineweb
  37. 37. @crestodina #wineweb Are people looking for this information? ...yes! source:
  38. 38. @crestodina #wineweb Works in Search Works in Social Answers questions Triggers emotion Headlines with explicit benefits Headlines with curiosity gap Long and detailed Compelling visuals Contributor quotes from experts Contributor quotes from social influencers
  39. 39. @crestodina #wineweb Influencers & Collaboration Outreach, collaboration and earned media
  40. 40. @crestodina #wineweb Content should be designed to attract visitors
  41. 41. @crestodina #wineweb Optimized for search…
  42. 42. @crestodina #wineweb Optimized for social…
  43. 43. @crestodina #wineweb 1. Quote and mention in an article 2. Ask for a contributor quote 3. Include them in an expert roundup 4. Invite them to guest post 5. Deep dive interview 5 Ways to Collaborate
  44. 44. @crestodina #wineweb An ally in creation is an ally in promotion
  45. 45. @crestodina #wineweb
  46. 46. @crestodina #wineweb Share and mention
  47. 47. @crestodina #wineweb
  48. 48. @crestodina #wineweb If you’re not making friends, you’re doing it wrong.
  49. 49. @crestodina #wineweb There are two kinds of people on the internet Creators Consumers
  50. 50. @crestodina #wineweb Guest Blogging & PR Outreach and earned media
  51. 51. @crestodina #wineweb Content = 2 Links = 0 Friends = 0 Content = 3 Links = 1 Friends = 2 Round One
  52. 52. @crestodina #wineweb Content = 4 Links = 0 Friends = 0 Content = 6 Links = 2 Friends = 4 (better links + real connections) Round Two
  53. 53. @crestodina #wineweb Nice blog, but… This is what great content marketing looks like. Round Four
  54. 54. @crestodina #wineweb
  55. 55. I wrote an article for you. Here it is. Aaron Orendorff Expert Guest Blogger
  56. 56. @crestodina #wineweb Let’s do this! Putting content together to drive leads
  57. 57. @crestodina #wineweb
  58. 58. They want info. We want leads.
  59. 59. Your website is the mousetrap. Your content is the cheese. Barry Feldman Feldman Creative
  60. 60. @crestodina #wineweb The Service Page Office Coffee Delivery Keyword-focused: “Office coffee delivery service” Conversion optimized: answers, testimonials, CTAs
  61. 61. @crestodina #wineweb
  62. 62. @crestodina #wineweb
  63. 63. @crestodina #wineweb The Anchor Piece Office Perk Ideas from the Top 50 Workplaces Original Research Keyword-focused: “office perks ideas” Charts and Graphs Quotes from contributors, influencers
  64. 64. @crestodina #wineweb
  65. 65. @crestodina #wineweb The Content Upgrade Complete Guide to Top Office Perks Designed: eBook PDF with charts Gated: enter email address to download
  66. 66. @crestodina #wineweb How-to Article How to retain your employees Keyword-focused Uses charts from anchor piece Quote from influencer Links to anchor piece
  67. 67. @crestodina #wineweb “Evil Twin” Guest Post How to lose a top employee in 30 days Published on high DA website Links to how-to and anchor piece
  68. 68. @crestodina #wineweb Infographic Top Perks at Top Offices Designed with charts, stats Includes a short article Links to anchor piece
  69. 69. @crestodina #wineweb Guest Post / Infographic Top Perks at Top Offices Published on high DA website Includes a new short article Links to anchor piece
  70. 70. @crestodina #wineweb Influencer Interview What employees really want Content creator: • Large following • Writes for high DA website In-depth conversation Links to anchor piece
  71. 71. @crestodina #wineweb
  72. 72. @crestodina #wineweb Contribution / Interview New Research! What’s on Tap at Top Workplaces High DA website Guest post, email interview or podcast interview
  73. 73. @crestodina #wineweb Blog Post One 5 Workplace Secrets: Inside Top Offices Provocative headline Links to anchor piece
  74. 74. @crestodina #wineweb Blog Post Two Coffee, Tea, Beer? What they’re drinking at top offices Links to anchor piece Links to service page
  75. 75. @crestodina #wineweb Blog Post Three The Dirt on Dishes: What’s wrong with office kitchens Links to anchor piece Links to service page
  76. 76. @crestodina #wineweb
  77. 77. @crestodina #wineweb Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Original Research (search optimized) Ultimate Guide (search optimized) Detailed How-To (search optimized) Original Research Full report Checklist Resource Guide Full Report Video Infographic Infographic Animation Influencer Interview Round Up Panel-style article with three influencers Influencer Interview Article for Media Site Guest post on industry blog Short series for local association Contribute to media column 3-5 articles 3-5 articles 3-5 articles 3-5 articles Anchor Piece Content Upgrade Media Collaboration PR / Guest Post Blog Posts
  78. 78. @crestodina #wineweb Design Your Own Skillset! Be valuable to your clients, your brand and yourself
  79. 79. @crestodina #wineweb COMPENSATION CHANGES: June 2016 – Nov 2017
  80. 80. @crestodina #wineweb 1. Know their audience 2. Understand topics, keywords and SEO 3. Use many formats 4. Collaborate with influencers 5. Publish in many places Persistence and Structure! Great Content Strategists…
  81. 81. Blogging vs Content Strategy
  82. 82. @crestodina #wineweb More to think about... • Personas • Paid • Marketing automation • Workflow • Measure, audit and optimize
  83. 83. @crestodina #wineweb How to do all this stuff... • Content Strategy Explained in 180 Seconds! • How to Create Your Content Marketing Mission • A Guide For Repurposing: The Periodic Table of Content • Content Marketing Collaboration: 5 Ways to Upgrate Your Content
  84. 84. @crestodina Andy Crestodina THANK YOU!