Wine and Web: The Future of Link Building


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Let's take on the most important tactic for the most important strategy. Let's talk link building.

Why do links matter?
What kind of links matter?
If Lance Armstrong was an SEO? What would he do?
A penguin is just a silly bird, right?
How do I get links?

This presentation covers the theory and practice behind the most important (and most mysterious) corner of web marketing: links.

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Wine and Web: The Future of Link Building

  1. 1. Wine & WebAndy Crestodina@crestodina #winewebThe Future of Link Building
  2. 2. Inbound Links, BacklinksA link from a website to your site.DefinitionsLink Popularity, DomainAuthority, PageRankA measurement of credibility of a website, based onthe number and credibility of sites that link to it.Link BuildingThe act of improving the link popularity of a websiteto improve search engine rankings.
  3. 3. Source: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking FactorsWhy do pages rank?
  4. 4. SEO Steps: Effort and ImportanceTech.SEOEFFORTKeywordResearchOn-PageLink Building…TIME
  5. 5. The Valueof Links
  6. 6. links are credibility
  7. 7. more links = more credibility
  8. 8. links from credible sites =much more credibility
  9. 9. many outgoing links =less credibility per link
  10. 10. It’s good when the link textIncludes the target keyword.
  11. 11. but if all the links include thetarget keyword, that’s bad.
  12. 12. Follow vs. NoFollow
  13. 13. Link Popularity and Domain AuthorityResource: Open Site Explorer
  14. 14. Domain Authority over time…“Predicts a domains ranking potential in search enginesbased on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics.”Source: SEOmoz,
  15. 15. If Lance Armstrongwas an SEO…
  16. 16. If Lance Armstrong was an SEO…Buying Links / Blog NetworksReciprocal Linking / Link WheelsBlog Comment SpamSpammy Guest Blogging#blackhat
  17. 17. Welcome to the dark side…
  18. 18. 24, 2012Revenge!Penalties for…• Paid Links / Link Schemes• Over-optimized Link Text• Keyword Stuffing• Cloaking• Duplicate Content
  19. 19. Source: Sean McGinnis, Why Link Building is Hard Work
  20. 20. GUESTBLOGGING…also known as “PR”
  21. 21. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingBloggingContent = 2Links = 0Friends = 0Guest BloggingContent = 3Links = 1Friends = 2YOUYOU
  22. 22. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingRound Two…content better links + real connectionsBlogging Guest Blogging Strategy
  23. 23. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingRound Four…Nice blog, but… This is what great web marketing looks like.Blogging Guest Blogging Strategy
  24. 24. Guest Blogging Tips: ResearchSearch for: [topic/industry] “write for us”…just look at all those blogs!Is the domain authority higher than yours?Is there good social activity? Shares? Comments?Is you audience likely to read this blog?Know the blog:• Read the guidelines• Recent posts• Focus on the audience
  25. 25. Guest Blogging Tips: The Pitch1. Connect with the editor.Build a relationship. Use social media.2. Keep it short and personalized“I read the article ‘XYZ Title’ and really enjoyed it. I think Ihave an idea for an article that your readers will reallylove. Would you be interested in that?”3. Offer to edit “happy to make any changes.”4. Offer to promote …and respond to comments5. Follow up, but don‟t be pushy
  26. 26. Guest Blogging Tips: The Post1. Make. It. Good.2. Make it fit. Length, formatting and images3. Optimize it! Keyword Research + On Page SEO4. Author bio: Short, sweet and HTML (rel=author)5. Link to your other content …if it makes sense6. Make it easy for them. A „no-work‟ proposition
  27. 27. Diminishing Returns…• 20 links on 20 domains > 20 links on 2 domains• Vary your anchor text often. Don’t over-optimize!Source: SEOmoz, What are you best tips for link builders?
  28. 28. Here‟s an example…
  29. 29. SEO ISA GAMEPlay it!
  30. 30. 10 More Ways to play…1. Check competitors Links ( SEO-savvy PR3. Use the phone4. Sponsor Something5. Interview Someone6. Ask plagiarists to link to you ( Ask partners, suppliers, vendors, etc.8. Run a contest9. Submit to IYPs(Internet Yellow Pages)10. Be a Member: Associations, Chambers, DirectoriesSource: SEW: 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies
  31. 31. Keep Score!Source: Guest Posts
  32. 32. LINKMAGNETS…the real secret tobuilding links and ranking higher
  33. 33. Step 1: Write 2000+ wordsA. Teaches something usefulB. It‟s on a topic that you loveC. Use Google Authorship taggingGOAL: Write the best pageon the internet for the topic
  34. 34. Step 2: Pick a phraseA. Yes, people are searching for it.B. No, it‟s not too competitive.Source: Orbit Media: How to Research KeywordsGOAL: a realistic chance of ranking
  35. 35. Step 3: Use the phraseA. Once at the beginning of the title<title>B. Once in the first header<h1>C. Four to six times in the body of the pageD. Build links to the page from other pages onyour site. Use the keyphrase in the links.GOAL: indicate the relevance
  36. 36. Step 4: Not ranking on Page One?A. Write a guest post on a similar topicB. Link to the page from the guest postC. Get it posted on a site with high authorityD. Improve the page however possible!GOAL: Link, Link, Nudge, Nudge.
  37. 37. Rank Links Rank
  38. 38. So that’s how Wikipedia does it!
  39. 39. Wine & WebAndy Crestodina@orbiteers #winewebThank you!