Wine and Web: Guest Blogging Best Practices


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Content marketing is emerging as the most effective approach to brand awareness and lead generation. But where does the content come from, and where does it live? We've learned that businesses don't always have to write their own content, and content doesn't have to be on their own site. Enter guest blogging, which has two specific benefits:

Search Engine Optimization: If SEO is about lots of high quality content and high qualily links, content marketing does a wonderful job of doing both.

Social Media: When looking for opportunities to be a guest blogger, and then promoting any content related to your business, social media is an important tool for doing both.

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Wine and Web: Guest Blogging Best Practices

  1. 1. Guest BloggingOrbit Media #wineweb
  2. 2. Why Guest Blogging?Great Search Marketing is… • Lots of high quality links • Lots of high quality contentGreat Social Media is… • Real connections with real people
  3. 3. Blogging vs. Guest Blogging YOU YOUBlogging Guest BloggingContent = 2 Content = 3Links = 0 Links = 1Friends = 0 Friends = 2
  4. 4. Write ThereBeing a guest blogger
  5. 5. Where to guest blog?Go Local and SocialGood for branding, networking • Look for high traffic, large followings • Media sites, associations • People you like or would like to know“If you’d like to post this article, I’d be happy topromote it through our social networks”
  6. 6. Where to guest blog?Go National and TopicalGood for link building and SEO • Look for high domain authority • Industry sites, “competitors” in other markets • Focused sites with narrow topics“I’ve optimized this article for a good keyphrase.I’m just hoping for a nice link back to my site.”
  7. 7. Be My GuestPosting others’ content
  8. 8. Getting Guest BloggersWhom do you post? • Good writers • Large followingsHow to connect with them… • Promote their content (comment, tweet) • Polite request, offer promotion and a link • Share your Guest Blogging Guidelines
  9. 9. Guest Blogging Guidelines • Tone (conversational) • Length (word count: 500) • Formatting (bullets, links, etc.) • Bio / Image (2-3 lines, link, Twitter) • File Type (no PDFs, please) • Editing, Exclusivity, Deadline
  10. 10. PromotionGet the word out
  11. 11. PromotionGet the word out• Share with those you want to connect with• Share with other potential guest bloggers• Tweet with the commenters• Post on Facebook / LinkedIn / Google+• Give credit, give thanks (in the post and intweets)
  12. 12. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingRound Two…Blogging Guest Blogging Strategycontent better links + diverse content + real connections
  13. 13. Blogging vs. Guest BloggingRound Four…Blogging Guest Blogging StrategyNice blog, but… This is what great web marketing looks like.
  14. 14. You Get What You GiveWithout much more time invested… • Get better incoming links • Make lasting social connections • Help others and help yourself!
  15. 15. Thanks! @orbiteers #wineweb