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Content Jam 2014 - Barry Feldman - Kiss My Glass: How to Create Passionate Relationships Between Your Buyers and Brand


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This presentation will dive into branding, social media, and writing strategies you can use to grow your business with online marketing. There will be a focus on the value of engagement and specific strategies for engaging prospects on your website, blog and across your social media networks.

Published in: Marketing
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Content Jam 2014 - Barry Feldman - Kiss My Glass: How to Create Passionate Relationships Between Your Buyers and Brand

  1. 1. KISS MY GLASS By Barry Feldman & Bruce Springsteen You never knew my name, you’re in a different time zone But suddenly here you are in my home And though we don’t know each other you say it feels like we do Because the words on the page they were talking to you… it’s true I want to share what I know and help you through the fog And if you like this page you might like the blog Do you have any questions? Please feel free to ask I’m not pitching my product, I’m kissing your glass Through computers and tablets and phones that are smart We share more, we care more, and we aim for the heart Give me your email, I’ll be in touch fast The plan is my brand wants to kiss your glass We’re all going online for everything we need now Seeking answers for who, what, when, where and how You click around, but don’t stick around, most times it’s a bust Until finally you find someone that you trust… it’s a must Ain’t it strange how things changed, it’s a digital age When it’s time to do business will you be on my page? Will you find what you’re looking for to complete a tough task? In the end, it’s a friend you’ll invite to kiss your glass Through circles and timelines and social and search I’d like to introduce myself, but you found me first So let’s not let another precious second pass There’s not a moment to waste now that I’ve kissed your glass #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  2. 2. KISS MY GLASS. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  3. 3. What am I talking about?
  4. 4. Engaging people like this?
  5. 5. Engaging a person like you.
  6. 6. Engagement creates: attention caring sharing buying But what creates engagement? #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  7. 7. anthropologypsychology scnieenucroe behavioral economics
  8. 8. behavioral economics anthropology ssccnniieeeennuuccrroeoe anthropologyanthropologyanthropologyanthropologypsychologypsychology psychologybehavioral feelings economics
  9. 9. When you get kissed
  10. 10. How things work now #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  11. 11. If you’re not giving your customers a hand, you might as well be giving them the finger.
  12. 12. Social media doesn’t really connect us. Make your social connections count or they’re not worth counting.
  13. 13. When you turn some people off, you turn some people on.
  14. 14. Know their nightmares.
  15. 15. Feel them.
  16. 16. Who cares what Chris Brogan is drinking?
  17. 17. The difference between a website that turns you off and one that turns you on is one word.
  18. 18. Get engaged. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  19. 19. access
  20. 20. aesthetics
  21. 21. association
  22. 22. belonging
  23. 23. desire
  24. 24. empathy
  25. 25. enhancement
  26. 26. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative escape
  27. 27. experience
  28. 28. following
  29. 29. integrity
  30. 30. intrigue
  31. 31. involvement
  32. 32. meaning
  33. 33. newness
  34. 34. pleasure
  35. 35. respect
  37. 37. access aesthetics association belonging desire empathy enhancement escape experience following integrity intrigue involvement meaning newness pleasure respect #contentjam ... @feldmancreative... #kissmyglass
  38. 38. Engagement can be measured by the intensity of the connection a customer makes with your brand. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  39. 39. You either get remembered or forgotten. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  40. 40. Give a hand. Reach out and connect. Reader first. Take a stand. Be authentic. Get in your customer’s head. Get in your customer’s heart. Engage.
  41. 41. glass disser or glass kisser?
  42. 42. Glass disser.
  43. 43. Glass kisser.
  44. 44. Glass disser.
  45. 45. Glass kisser.
  46. 46. Glass disser.
  47. 47. Glass kisser.
  48. 48. Glass disser.
  49. 49. Glass kisser.
  50. 50. Be a good glass kisser. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative
  51. 51. I hope I made you feel something today. #KissMyGlass @feldmancreative