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Tennessee STEM Innovation Network Discussion


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Lunch time presentation on the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network by Sky Gallegos at the Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy June 26, 2012.

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Tennessee STEM Innovation Network Discussion

  1. 1. TSIN: TennesseeSTEMInnovation NetworkTN STEM LeadershipAcademyune 2012 J
  2. 2. STEM Innovation & Opportunity• Promote and expand the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in K-12 public schools across the state• Bring together the knowledge, skill, and acumen of Tennessee’s P-12, Higher Education, and Business communities to amplify opportunities for students to experience real-world STEM problem solving and to see how their schoolwork links to future opportunities
  3. 3. STEM Leadership Council• Vision: That every person in Tennessee will have access to quality STEM educational opportunities• Mission: To advocate for and promote STEM education in Tennessee through synergistic action• Members include representatives from: – STEM Centers – 4 Public Universities – Community Colleges – Private Universities – STEM Professional Groups – TDOE, State Board of Education – ORNL – Tennessee Chamber of Commerce – Tennessee Business Roundtable
  4. 4. Tennessee STEM Caucus• Formed in December of 2011• The first of its kind in the nation• Non-partisan forum for legislators and outside business, science, technology, and education communities to discuss challenges and solutions• Committed to developing an innovative workforce and preparing the next generation of Tennessee’s scientists• Leaders include Senators Jim Tracy & Reginald Tate; Reps. David Hawk & Brenda Gilmore
  5. 5. Building a Network
  6. 6. Network Infrastructure• Share information and expertise to accelerate the work of colleagues and promote joint problem- solving• Join forces to develop innovative solutions to increase student achievement in STEM fields• Team includes staff of three located in Nashville
  7. 7. STEM Platform Schools• Non-selective schools supported by public k-12, higher education and business partners• Serve as incubators for deploying innovative STEM education concepts
  8. 8. STEM Regional Hubs• Defined by formal partnership between public k- 12, higher education and business participants• Collectively commit investments to spread the impact of STEM schools to teachers, students and families across region
  9. 9. DISCUSSION Contact Sky Gallegos: Wesley Hall: Tennessee STEM Innovation Network 1207 18th Ave South Nashville, TN 37212-2822 9