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Orise impact book 2014 update


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The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Impact Report showcases the work performed under the ORISE contract to help the U.S. Department of Energy strengthen and secure America between 1992 and 2016.

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Orise impact book 2014 update

  1. 1. 2014 – DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) launched the Advanced Manufacturing Internship program. Twenty- four participants, which included 14 veterans, three active duty military personnel, two reservists and five civilians, were recruited by ORISE and attended classes at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee. They received hands-on training at the DOE Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at ORNL and carbon fiber composites training at the Science & Technology Park on ORNL’s main campus. THE MID 2010s Number of participants placed in workforce development programs Number of acres of land in ETTP’s Zone 2 that ORISE independently verified as free from contamination 8,996 100 2014 2014 2014 20142014-2016 1995-1997 1998-1999 2000- 2003- 2006-2009 2010-2013 2014 – ORISE experts provided independent environmental assessments for DOE and NRC, including conducting independent verification surveys of DOE’s remediation efforts at East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP), formerly the Oak Ridge K-25 Site. 2014 – REAC/TS deployed a medical physician and health physicist to DOE’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, New Mexico, after some workers were accidentally exposed to radioactive waste. The REAC/TS experts provided counsel on and evaluated the dose assessment programs being conducted to determine how much radiation the workers had been exposed to during the incident. Based on the assessment results, the affected workers did not need treatment for internal radiation contamination. 2014 – The Fifth International REAC/TS Symposium on the Medical Basis for Radiation-Accident Preparedness attracted nearly 200 participants from 18 countries. 2014 – ORISE is honored by DOE with its “Legacy of Stars” award for outstanding safety and health performance. Only 10 such awards were granted nationwide and it was the third consecutive award for ORISE. 2014 – National security experts, through ORISE, provided planning and evaluation support for Urban Shield, a full-scale regional training exercise for the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. Thirty-five SWAT teams participated. 2014 – ORISE coordinated peer reviews for five DOE-SC program offices totaling more than $646 million in potential federal funding awards. 2014 – ORISE placed 8,896 students, recent graduates, postdoctoral researchers and faculty in workforce development programs. The events along this timeline demonstrate how DOE responded to and ORISE supported key national priorities. Accomplishments addressed needs in or strengthened opportunities for: Global Leadership in Science National and Nuclear Security Worker and Public Health Energy and Environmental Stewardship Knowledge and Workforce Development Radiation and Operational Safety Operational Excellence and Efficiencies International Emergency Response Advanced Manufacturing Internship program launched