ORAU: Sustainability Through University Partnerships


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Presented by Arlene Garrison, ORAU's Vice President for University Partnerships, at the Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, “Educating for a Sustainable Future” on February 5, 2014

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  • Since the days of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission we have been a central component of supporting: Education and Research Radiation and Nuclear Medicine Studies Health Physics and Radiation Emergency Response
  • Nonprofit government contractorProviding scientific, health and security expertise to help our customers:Accelerate research and education through our services offered in SEP and STRIProtect health and the environment as we do in HCTT, OEWH and IEAVStrengthen national security through the work done in NSEM and REAC/TS
  • When ORAU partners with universities, we increase our foundation of expertise. We provide our members with grants and awards, help them with funding opportunities, facilitate relationships and help find opportunities for federal investment. In turn, with these partnerships ORAU and the universities are better positioned for joint-proposals when contract opportunities arise.
  • Ann does exceptional work managing most of the award programs on this slide.The HPC competition, which Cathy handles, was very strong this year. Our budget was sufficient for two awards, and ORNL was so impressed with the applications that they are funding the third award internally.Our win percent on Powe last year was 27% and there were several additional proposals the team wanted to fund.This year the win percent will be 20%.David Reed-Mich Tech—Lindau 0 entered—Powe 2 entered in FY13 Won 1 in FY12Events 0 entered FY12 or FY13-Travel 0 entered FY12-FY13Fred King-WVA--Tech—Lindau 2 entered Didn’t make top 15—Powe 2 entered in FY13 Won 0 in FY12Events 0 entered FY12 or FY13-Travel 0 entered FY12-FY13Taylor Eighmy-UT--Lindau 0 entered—Powe 2 entered in FY13 Won 0 in FY12Events 0 entered FY12 or FY13-Travel 0 entered FY12-FY13
  • The four pillars now support a number of joint proposals. That’s the lintel – or bar across the top of the pillars. We have had several joint proposals and I’ll give a little more detail on the current status of the successful ones in the next two slides.
  • SEPThese statistics illustrate of the value to institutions that are associated with ORAU. SEP programs supported faculty and students with $203M in stipends/participant costs, of which about $83 M was received by ORAU sponsoring and associate universities. This breaks down into about $2 M in fellowships and scholarships and almost $70M in internships and other programs. The UPO program administers an additional $ 500K in programs limited to ORAU institutions, which I described earlier.
  • We work with about 14 federal agencies, institutes and offices.[Note: Wayne typically says “about 12 federal agencies” because some are really parts of others and ORNL isn’t an agency, but the wording above clarified the variance in numbers.]Some participating offices not listed here include:CDC’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease RegistryNIH’s National Library of Medicine[NOTE: NOAA has been removed from the list because their program is ending.]
  • Three agencies are targeted for substantial increases as part of the consolidation strategy. The Department of Education will take the lead in K-12 STEM innovations. The National Science Foundation will promote undergraduate and graduate STEM education. The Smithsonian will assume a leadership role in informal STEM education.The budget also proposes approximately $65 million for the ARPA-ED: the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education, which is envisioned as a DARPA for education. ARPA-ED will allow the Dept. of Education to support high-risk, high-return research on next-generation learning technologies.
  • As part of ORAU's community relations activities, the 5th Extreme Classroom Makeover (ECM) was awarded to Karla Fultz, a 5th grade math and science teacher at A.L. Lotts Elementary School in Knox County.  Ms. Fultz was awarded $25,000. Since its inception, the Extreme Classroom Makeover has put more than $190,000 in East Tennessee schools.
  • We may be able to help you meet your internship needs. We have a proven track record of delivering internship and fellowship programs for our federal partners. We are examining how we can use that expertise to help our corporate partners as well.
  • Proposal was led by MTSU.
  • ORAU: Sustainability Through University Partnerships

    1. 1. ORAU Sustainability Through University Partnerships Arlene Garrison, Ph.D. Vice President, University Partnerships Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration “Educating for a Sustainable Future” February 5, 2014
    2. 2. Our beginning as ORINS • Founded in 1946 as Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies • Education - research fellowships • Radiation and nuclear medicine • Health physics • Radiation emergency response • 14 original member universities
    3. 3. ORAU today • Nonprofit government contractor (large business) • University Consortium • Providing scientific, health and national security expertise to help our customers: • Advance STEM education and scientific research • Protect health and the environment • Strengthen national security and emergency preparedness
    4. 4. ORAU University Partnership Agenda • ORNL • Leverage partnership with UT-Battelle • Help ORNL build mutually beneficial university partnerships • Primary foci of interest: Neutrons, Computational Science • ORAU • Expertise to supplement ORAU competencies in large contracts • Core competency foci: Emergency Response, Forensics, Independent Reviews and Evaluations, Environmental Health, Science Workforce Development, Technical Training
    5. 5. Why university partnerships? Federal Investment Relationships Funding Opportunities Grants & Awards Poised for Joint Proposal Opportunities ORAU Business Lines + University Research Expertise
    6. 6. Grants and Awards • Ralph E. Powe Junior faculty • 2013: 147 Applicants, 80 members • 20 year retrospective study • High Performance Computing Grants with ORNL • Nobel Laureate in Lindau – • 2013 Chemistry • 2014 Economics • 2014 Medicine Federal Investment Events – up to $4000, twice a year Relationships • Funding Opportunities Faculty Travel – up to $800 Grants & Awards • Poised for Joint Proposal Opportunities ORAU Business Lines + University Research Expertise
    7. 7. ORAU Events Grants • Bridging the Divide: Participation in STEM Graduate Programs, Arkansas State • 1st Applied Polymer Technology Consortium Meeting, LSU • A Day of Dialog Between National and Local Forensic Leaders Syracuse • Institute of Biological Engineering, Kentucky • American Chemical Society Southeast Region, Undergraduate Research Conference, Tennessee • Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society Meeting, Western Kentucky 7
    8. 8. Joint Proposal Opportunities Poised for Joint Proposal Opportunities Federal Investment Relationships Funding Opportunities Grants & Awards • ORAU Business Lines + University Research Expertise ORAU major contracts • ORAU as sub-awardee
    9. 9. ORAU Contracts, University Sub-Awards Information International Associates Air Combat Command Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, WMD, CBRN, Biometrics, Medical $15M Sigmatech Systems Engineering and Training Assistance – ID/IQ $997M – 7 Draft Task Orders Released L-3 Communications and the Air Force Research Laboratory Cyber Security – ID/IQ $300M – Waiting for Task Orders 9
    10. 10. ORAU Programs: Expertise and Capabilities Science Education, Workforce Development Scientific Peer Review Worker and Public Health National Security, Emergency Management Environmental Assessments Health Communication, Technical Training
    11. 11. Science Education Programs Business Sensitive
    12. 12. ORAU University Partners Participate in Science Education and Research Programs, FY 2013 • ORAU/ORISE administered programs – $203 M total ~ 750 U. S. and 300 International universities – Sponsored by 22 Federal and State Agencies • ORAU institutions • $84 M total 128 members and associates
    13. 13. ORAU helps educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers through . . . Fellowships and Scholarships: Programs for scientists to conduct research and pursue degrees in mission critical STEM fields • DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowships Research Experiences: Supporting thousands of students and faculty to participate in activities at 275 laboratories and technology centers • The NASA Postdoctoral Program • Army Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Program K-12 Activities: Innovative STEM opportunities for students and teachers • Siemens Teachers as Researchers (STARs) at ORNL and PNNL • National Science Bowl
    14. 14. Partners in Science Education
    15. 15. National Laboratories, Federal Research Centers, and Universities Host Participants Selected Program Sponsors: • Centers for Disease Control • Department of Commerce • Department of Defense • Department of Energy • Department of Homeland Security • Environmental Protection Agency • Federal Bureau of Investigation • Food and Drug Administration • National Aeronautics and Space Administration • National Institutes of Health • National Science Foundation • Nuclear Regulatory Commission • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Academic Institutions DOE Complex Facilities Other Research and Technology Facilities More than 275 Universities, Laboratories and Research Centers Host Participants in Science Education/Workforce Development Programs
    16. 16. ORAU Science Education by the Numbers Academic Status • 26 federal sponsors • 8,487 participants from • 50 states plus DC, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands • 750 universities Number Pre-college Students 1,325 Pre-college Teachers 810 Undergraduates 1,124 Graduate Students 940 Recent AS, BS, MS 1,953 Postdocs 1,683 Faculty 191 Other Scientists 461
    17. 17. Federal STEM Education Program Funding by Agency (budget authority in millions) FY 2012 Enacted Agriculture Commerce Defense Education Energy Health and Human Services Homeland Security Interior Transportation Environmental Protection Agency NASA National Science Foundation Nuclear Regulatory Commission Smithsonian Institution FY 2014 Budget 88 41 178 529 47 578 9 3 99 26 149 1,154 16 0 85 36 136 814 33 533 9 3 92 3 100 1,243 1 25 Change FY 12-14 Amount Percent -3 -5 -42 285 -14 -45 -1 0 -8 -22 -49 89 -15 25 -3.7% -12.7% -23.6% 53.9% -29.9% -7.8% -8.5% -9.0% -7.5% -86.8% -32.9% 7.7% -95.5% -- 17
    18. 18. 2013 ORAU Extreme Classroom Makeover • $25,000 Grand Prize Winner, Karla Fultz, 5th grade teacher, A.L. Lotts Elementary, Knox County • $5,000 each to runners-up Courtney Batchelor, 8th grade teacher, Lake City Middle, Anderson County and Kristan Headrick, 6th grade teacher, Coalfield School, Morgan County • Awarded $192,000 to schools since program inception in 2009. “ ” This partnership with ORAU underscores the importance of community involvement that has a tremendous impact on our schools. -- Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of Knox County Schools 18
    19. 19. In your workplace Corporate internships • Customized and flexible internship programs • Services include recruiting, appointments, stipends, mentor training, and evaluations • Increase retention and create partnerships 19
    20. 20. Participants “I like problem solving. It’s kind of a neat feeling when you work really hard at something and get it to work,” Bryce Gamble, an engineering undergraduate and 2012 Volkswagen Distinguished Scholar. “This experience has helped enrich my knowledge about the ways in which we can contribute with our ideas and techniques,” Dr. Liz Diaz Vazquez, Professor, University of Puerto Rico. 20
    21. 21. What we are doing: ARC Middle School Science Academy National High School Science Bowl ARC Summer Institute National Middle School Science Bowl Computational Thinking for Educators NRC - Diversity Educator Technology Workshops (6-10 annually) Oak Ridge Robotics Academy Fusion Energy Oak Ridge Science Academy General Atomic ORNL High School Programs Geothermal Competition Science Saturdays Harnessed Atom - High School Curriculum Siemens Mentor-Match Harnessed Atom - Middle School Curriculum Siemens Teachers as Researchers - ORNL Joint Science and Technology Institute (High School) Siemens Teachers as Researchers - PNNL Joint Science and Technology Institute (MIddle School) Tennessee Science Bowl Memphis STEM Leadership Academy Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy
    22. 22. Collaboration Opportunities Analysis and Evaluation Services • Needs assessments and program benchmarking • STEM labor market assessment • Formative and summative evaluations • Over 600 reports and evaluations over the past 40 years A Current Collaboration • NSF Math and Science Partnership Program (Pending) • Partnership of five Tennessee universities • Deliver an inquiry-based approach to teaching science and invert the sequence of science courses in Tennessee high schools • ORAU/SEP Analysis and Evaluation Group will serve as the external evaluator
    23. 23. Collaboration Opportunities K-12 STEM Education • Translating university research back into the classroom • Bridging universities and K-12 education • Outreach programs that broaden participation • Teacher professional development around research and technology A Current Collaboration • TN-SCORE • Nine Tennessee partner universities • Advancing the capacity of STEM research at all Tennessee academic institutions • ORAU/SEP manages the Tennessee STEM Leadership Academy
    24. 24. Collaboration Opportunities Emerging Opportunities for International Partnerships • International research experiences • Faculty exchanges and visitor programs • International postdoctoral opportunities • Partnerships with international research facilities • Use the power of the consortium to promote international partnerships
    25. 25. ORAU-Administered Programs Detailed information is available online http://see.orau.org
    26. 26. Scientific and Technical Resource Integration Business Sensitive
    27. 27. Integrated Core Competency Independent Reviews and Evaluations ORAU Manual for IRE Technical experts from ORAU programs, member universities, & other sources Interdisciplinary Response Teams Distinct practice of Project Management Support organizations aligned for quick response Existing capabilities are enhanced and integrated to create a new business line
    28. 28. Occupational Exposure and Worker Health
    29. 29. Occupational Exposure and Worker Health Needs Interest and activities in: • Nanomaterials • Industry research—what sectors? Oil, gas, hospital, railroad, automotive, aviation, etc. • Emerging sectors—fracking, etc. We are very good at all things worker-related and can be great partners in facilitating and collaborating in research on worker populations • Designing medical surveillance programs • Administering questionnaires and data collection instruments • Collecting and analyzing data • Participating in proposal writing • Facilitating collaborative interactions among multiple institutions
    30. 30. National Security and Emergency Preparedness Business Sensitive
    31. 31. National Security and Emergency Management • Exercises development and implementation • Technical expertise • Policy development and implementation support • Operational assistance • International support • Management support • Technology solutions • Forensics • Training • Medical expertise
    32. 32. Independent Environmental Assessment and Verification
    33. 33. Environmental Assessment University Partner Collaboration Specialized Expertise • • • Mercury Fate and Transport Hydrogeology Plume Modeling Development and Testing of Radiation Detection Systems • • Portal Monitors Homeland Defense Applications Specialized Training • • Internal Dosimetry On-Line Training Technologies
    34. 34. Health Communication and Technical Training
    35. 35. HCTT Collaborations • Program Evaluation for Research Grants • Research and Clearing House on Nanotechnology Safety Resources • HealthCommWorks
    36. 36. Moving Forward • • Actively pursing joint proposals • ORAU plus universities • ORNL with universities • Facilitating collaborative proposals between universities Negotiating MOUs, signing SharePoint agreements with member universities
    37. 37. Annual Council Meeting March 5-6, 2014 The Rebirth of Nuclear Power Academic Issues New Technologies Safety and Policy Concerns
    38. 38. Thank you. 38