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Anabolic Foods and Workout Meals For Muscle Gain and Fat Loss


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Anabolic Foods and Workout Meals For Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

  1. 1. ==== ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====Even with the best training regime its the food you eat that will make the difference between youending up fat and bloated or hench as a house and ripped to shreds.But as every serious bodybuilder will tell you - its tough out there, eating the same old food day inand day out.Heres a quote that I bet you can relate to:Who the hell can live exclusively on boiled chicken breasts, baked potatoes and Broccoli? -Bodybuilder and Anabolic Foods Chef Dave RuelYet, these are the classic workout foods that we are generally advised to stick to. One thing is forsure - they work. But Im sure that you would agree, even the most anabolic foods becometiresome if your Diet is not varied and enticing.What if you could eat tasty, Anabolic foods and still get ripped, increase muscle mass and burnfat?Well, actually with a little preparation, some common sense and a sprinkling of inside knowledge -you can.Its all about effective preparation and the correct balancing of Protein to carb ratios, with flavourcoming from healthy sources rather than an over-reliance on sugar and fats. If it all sounds a bittoo much like hard work, you would be right! Yet, you can leave the headaches to the experts andhave your entire weeks worth of (delicious) Bodybuilding meals prepared cooked and ready to beeaten in less than 3 hours.Dave Ruel has spent three years perfecting the recipes found in the Anabolic Cookbook so youdont have to.The great thing I found with his cooking suggestions is that you dont have to be a Master chef tocarry them out. The other great aspect of healthy and tasty Anabolic foods such as these is thatthe ingredients actually add up to less than the cost of a standard Microwave meal. So youactually end up eating healthily, eating food that actually tastes good (rather than another dish ofboring old Chicken) not to mention getting ripped and muscular at the same time.WAIT - Theres More!
  2. 2. READ THE FULL REVIEW AND GET 10 FREE BODYBUILDING RECIPES HERE: AnabolicFoods and Workout MealsPLUS download your Free copy of the acclaimed ABC of Bodybuilding Ebook when you visit.Learn the Underground Secrets Of Bodybuilding and get started on your dream body right away!Article Source: ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====