Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review


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Anabolic Cooking Cookbook Review

  1. 1. ==== ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====Hey guys!I wanted to write this little article about Anabolic Cooking. If you searched up this article, youprobably have an idea about what it is. I wanted to get into a little more detail about AnabolicCooking.What is Anabolic Cooking?Anabolic Cooking is a cookbook made by bodybuilder Dave Ruel. Dave had an interesting idea.He found that there was a big problem with "good tasting" food specifically for bodybuilding. So heset out to create this massive recipe book to solve that problem. What he did was test over 400different recipes and he came out with the best 200! And he put all 200 of these recipes into hiscookbook!Whats good about Anabolic Cooking?There is mostly good than bad. Ill highlight what I think is important. Firstly, and the biggest thingis, the food is absolutely delicious. This was Daves biggest goal. To provide delicious andnutritious food for bodybuilders. It definitely delivers here. Second, there are 200 recipes!! yikes!Thats awesome, because he offers a lot of variety. Therefore you can flip through the book anddecide what you want to eat. The food is also indeed nutritious and does what it was intended todo, provide delicious and nutritious food for the body builder!The Not So Good?Well, not a lot. Two things though. Firstly, there are not many pictures in the book. I think a lot ofgood recipe books have nice pictures in them, especially for the visually challenged like myself.However, clear instructions on how to prepare the meals are present, and all the ingredients arenicely laid out.Secondly, I think for a cookbook, 47 dollars (Price of Anabolic Cooking) is a bit on the high end. Iguess you can say it is a specific cookbook designed specifically for bodybuilders. But Isnt mostbook directed at certain people? While it is a little more expensive than most books, I would saythe variety and deliciousness of the food makes it worth while.Final ThoughtsThere are many types of body building nutritional guides and cookbooks out there. I havent triedthem all, but this one is one I really like for the reasons I listed above. Regardless if you chose this
  2. 2. one or not, its very important to feed your body properly and the right way so you can grow andmaximize your gains. Good luck with everything!I am a fitness enthusiast and love to eat! If you would like to see more information about the book,click on Anabolic Cooking.Anabolic CookingIf you would like to read more about the anabolic diet, check out www.anaboliccookingdiet.comArticle Source: ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====