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Anabolic Cookbook - The Healthy Way To Cook


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Anabolic Cookbook - The Healthy Way To Cook

  1. 1. ==== ====For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====Even With all the training I do my weight continues to rise year in year out to the point that it is noweffecting not only my training but also my health. Like many of you I have tried many different dietswith varying degrees of success losing a few pounds to only put them back on with a few more tokeep them company.So as usual I looked on the net to find a solution and after reading article after article my problemwas a familiar story that I am sure you will have heard of.My biggest problem was and is I love my food and I found diets to be either boring or just plainpunishing this did not work for me. I work hard and train hard so when I get home a good meal anda drink was something I always looked forward to, it almost felt like a just reward for all that effort.Nothing seemed to work and believe you me I looked at them all from Atkins to weight watchers.With all of them I had to sacrifice to much and would soon settle back into my usual routine. This Ibelieve is the root of the problem with any weight loss diet you give up to much with to highexpectations of weight loss. The truth of the matter is you will only lose two or three pounds aweek if you stick absolutely rigid to any diet. But I lost nine pounds in my first week I hear yousay,yes you probably have but most of that will be fluid loss and your weight loss will decrease asthe weeks go by. This is when most people lose heart and go back to there old ways with all theinherent problems this causes.So what is the answer how do we keep our interest and motivation? Well for a start stop punishingyourself for needing or wanting to lose weight. Make sure you are doing it for yourself not becauseothers have told you you are fat, this is one time you can be totally selfish and do what you want todo.For me and I suspect for a lot of you healthy food and drink just does not taste as good and evenlooks less appetizing than other foods. For instance a plate of broccoli and a skinless chickenbreast the healthy option or breaded chicken mashed potatoes broccoli and a good gravy. I knowwhich one I would want to eat every time, you have to give up so much its no wonder so manypeople fail and seem to be on a diet all the time but do not have any real substantial weight loss.Since I was in the martial arts business running a school and training very hard most days howwas it I could not lose the excess weight I had put on over the years. I was shocked when Iweighed myself for the first time in I dont know how long I weighed just over sixty pounds morethan when I was twenty that was a weight gain of two pounds a year for the last thirty years. Thisfrightened me and made me determined to find a solution that I could live with.As luck would have it I went to a pressure points seminar run by one of my friends and as usual
  2. 2. three or four of us took along our favorite home- baked cakes to share at the break. Its quite funnyreally a bunch of so called tough martial artists spend the break eating and talking about baking.One of them brought along some blueberry vanilla muffins and they were spectacular. We allasked for the recipe and was shocked at how little fat and sugar was used but how good they stilltasted.Russell told me about this new recipe book he had bought called Anabolic cooking the cookbook,in it was over two hundred recipes for healthy and just as importantly in my opinion tasty meals.Here was an eating plan that was easy to prepare and cook using real food not those pre packeddiet meals you see in the shops with adverts like half the calories of a normal shepherds pie.Failing to mention half the normal size yet we fall for it all the time another reason why we fail weeat like a sparrow and are always hungry is it any wonder we give up.With this cookbook you can still eat the foods you love but cooked in a healthy way with freshingredients. Just this week I have had pizza,curry,roast beef chili and sweets and have still lostweight with little or no extra effort except in preparing my food. This is certainly a lifestyle I can livewith good tasty healthy food and believe it or not actually saves me money. Its true the freshingredients cost a lot less than the takeaways and ready meals I used to live on so all in all I havefound my answer.Self Defence Made Easy. Join our Free Newsletter Just go to.http://www.selfdefencemadeeasy.comReceive a FREE DVD and E Book For immediate download from Europes No.1 Pressure PointFighting Expert, Russell Stutely.PLUS... receive a FREE Report on Pressure points and their usage.PLUS... We also are able to send extra FREE DVDs from time to time as well!PLUS... Catch up with us on Facebook and TwitterArticle Source: ====
  3. 3. For A Great Anabolic Cookbook Check This Out ====