Asset Tracking System


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Orange Asset Manager helps you Tracking, Cost variation, monitor and control your assets throughout their different years and entire life cycle.

Barcode generation is done by system itself, Good graphical user interface for easily Data Entry, Facility for maintaining three levels of asset, Attach all asset related information to asset records, Main Types of depreciation methods,Will manage all the company wise, transaction year wise records.

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Asset Tracking System

  1. 1. W e l c o m e t o
  2. 2. Asset Tracking SystemAsset Tracking System
  3. 3. • Thousands of satisfied customersThousands of satisfied customers • Customer feedback and enhancements since 2000Customer feedback and enhancements since 2000 • Developing software for PCs since 2000Developing software for PCs since 2000 • Spotless delivery record of over 180+ successful project deliveriesSpotless delivery record of over 180+ successful project deliveries over last 5 yearsover last 5 years  Save time and make asset tracking easySave time and make asset tracking easy  Control CostsControl Costs  ROI: Preventing loss or theft of one expensive assetROI: Preventing loss or theft of one expensive asset justifies the investment.justifies the investment. Why useWhy use Orange Assets ManagerOrange Assets Manager?? Why Computer Directions?Why Computer Directions?
  4. 4. AdvantagesAdvantages • Complete system out of the boxComplete system out of the box • Simple, usable design with all the features youSimple, usable design with all the features you needneed
  5. 5. Barcodes Scanners Software Asset Tracking Overview How do these parts fit together to track your assets?
  6. 6. Locations LevelLocations Level For more detail, Asset Manager manage 3 levels of LocationsFor more detail, Asset Manager manage 3 levels of Locations Branch 1 Location 1 Location 2 Dept. C Location 2 Branch 2 Location 1 Dept. C Dept. B Dept. A Dept. D Dept. A Dept. B 1 3 2
  7. 7. Essentially, asset tracking is about keeping a list of the items that your company owns.. Before barcodes you would make a list on paper, find each item, and mark it as found. This was a long and tedious process that was prone to mistakes. Keeping a Asset ListKeeping a Asset List
  8. 8. We put the list into a database. Scans each Item barcode, and upload to the computer As it receives the uploads, the computer marks off the items on the list…
  9. 9. First, we must create the list of assets.First, we must create the list of assets. Step 2: Scan the barcodeStep 2: Scan the barcode Step 3: Enter information aboutStep 3: Enter information about the item In to Softwarethe item In to Software Step 1: Attach a newStep 1: Attach a new barcode to an itembarcode to an item Here’s how:Here’s how: No Duplicate Entry!
  10. 10. Now we have our list,Now we have our list, what is next?what is next? # Reporting# Reporting  Assets/Missing Assets/Moved AssetsAssets/Missing Assets/Moved Assets  Locations Wise Asset InformationLocations Wise Asset Information  Financial/Insurance/ DepreciationFinancial/Insurance/ Depreciation  Warranty/Maintenance/ RepairsWarranty/Maintenance/ Repairs  Barcode PrintBarcode Print
  11. 11. How do we know if something isHow do we know if something is missing?missing?  Periodically Audit your inventoryPeriodically Audit your inventory weekly/monthly/yearly (whatever suits your business)weekly/monthly/yearly (whatever suits your business)  It’s easy – Just scan each item with the portableIt’s easy – Just scan each item with the portable scanner.scanner.  This will be compared with what is in your list ofThis will be compared with what is in your list of assets.assets. Let’s see how it works
  12. 12. How to audit your inventoryHow to audit your inventory First let’s open the assetFirst let’s open the asset screen to see what we have.screen to see what we have. Scan / Enter the barcodeScan / Enter the barcode
  13. 13. The asset report shows that all of the assets wereThe asset report shows that all of the assets were previously scannedpreviously scanned Let’s take a look at the asset report.Let’s take a look at the asset report.
  14. 14. Now we move the assets from DepartmentNow we move the assets from Department AA to Departmentto Department BB Move Selected Asset PressMove Selected Asset Press >> ButtonButton Move All Asset PressMove All Asset Press >>>> ButtonButton
  15. 15. • The asset report now shows that the assets are inThe asset report now shows that the assets are in Department BDepartment B Assets not scanned remain in Department A
  16. 16. • The Moved Asset Report shows that the assets have beenThe Moved Asset Report shows that the assets have been moved.moved.
  17. 17. More FeaturesMore Features
  18. 18. ASSET MAIN TENANCE / ASSET VERIFICATION / IN-OUT TRACKING/ REMINDERS ASSET MAIN TENANCE PLAN: We can generate check point, work type and preventive type. Base on this information we can generate maintenance plan for asset. As per maintenance plan if asset is not proper then we can input problem for that criteria. There is also break down transaction. ASSET VERIFICATION: Asset verification can be done by some employee and with proper condition so we can track asset as per last updated status. Asset verification and finding by barcode also so we can track transaction done on asset. REMINDERS: Asset Manager gives four types of reminders like Asset AMC, Asset Insurance, Asset warranty and Asset in-out track reminder. We can stop or show detail of all reminders on the first screen it self.
  19. 19. Asset Assignment to Employee Asset Assignment to Employee: Asset Manager gives to you set Employee wise Asset Assignment Tracking.
  20. 20. Depreciation Calculation Purchase Asset Register Forecasting of Depreciation Value Asset Merge Asset Splitting Asset Expenses Asset Sales Part Disposing of fixed assets Asset Reports Other FeaturesOther Features
  21. 21. Other FeaturesOther Features # Budget User can create its own budget. Budget will be on base different budget types like Expense - Income, base on other budget type, Asset Types. On the selected budget type we can show monthly or yearly values and then these values are matched with actual vs. budget values.
  22. 22. SecuritySecurity • Add unlimited users and passwordsAdd unlimited users and passwords • Control user access to each menu selectionControl user access to each menu selection
  23. 23. File Use the Data Converter to Map your data to the asset screen Start with a Spreadsheet file  Map your data into Asset ManagerMap your data into Asset Manager  Select your fileSelect your file Make Data Import EasyMake Data Import Easy
  24. 24. Screenshot of Monitor Asset ManagerScreenshot of Monitor Asset Manager
  25. 25. CONTACT DETAILSCONTACT DETAILS Mr. ANKUR PATEL ( BDM) 3rd floor, Jan path Complex, Behind LIC Building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380009 (Gujarat) INDIA Tel / Fax : +91-79-26574943/ 40068968 –ext 21 URL : Sales Enquiry Mr. Ankur +91-9426068968 orangewebtech orangewebtech Enquiry : Support : Investors :