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The Curious Case of Longtail Apps


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Longtail Apps have always been an area of concern for IT managers, bleeding money, time and effort! Why not do something about it? What are the key challenges preventing Long tail Apps Management?

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The Curious Case of Longtail Apps

  1. 1. Popularity No. of applications
  2. 2. Popularity No. of applications
  3. 3. Popularity No. of applications • • •
  4. 4. Keep The Lights On
  5. 5. Costs of providing the traditional central infrastructure for these applications has been too high, and there are too many of them making it difficult to do that.PopularityHead Body Long tail No. of apps
  6. 6. The scattered and heterogeneity of long tail apps doesn’t seem all worth the effort inabsence of a pragmatic approach.
  7. 7. Inherent Business Innovation characteristics are hampered by thedifficulty of development & accessibility problems oftraditional IT infrastructure
  8. 8. The available set of target platform options do not provide the cost- effective migration path and sustenance.?
  9. 9. Costs Per application toohigh for centralizationIt doesn’t seem worthall the effort!Central Infrastructure nottoo conducive for continuousinnovationWe don’t have an alternativecost effective platform
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