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How operators will help the IoT market - IoT Week London

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How operators will help the IoT market - IoT Week London

  1. 1. Tania Aydenian @taniaaydenian – June 17th – IoT
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Editor's Notes

  • Introduction (1mn)
    Connected, this word is now to be applied on top of every single product.
    Everything is getting connected
  • If we look at some market figures
    We quickly realise that Figures have no limits
    I put key figures there in a Candy Crush format to show you that the trend is huge, sometimes funny  & sometimes difficult to reach :
    Cisco estimates at 10billion the number of connected objects in the world today,
    Deloitte forecasts 10million wearable sell in in 2014,
    ABI Research estimates that 92 million smartwatches will be sold worldwide within five years,
    Strategy Analytics predicts sales of 125 million "wearables" in 2017 dominated by smart watches  …
    At the same time 4m glasses in 2014 (Deloitte) is a forecast I would not believe, as these products are still not in shops.
  • Number of wearable devices is also huge !!
    As we saw at last CES & MWC there is a huge number of bracelets and watches… and the trend to diversify will continue
    Smart watches are featuring a wrist-band with call receive & answer, music player, notification, voice control, camera, chronometer, minuteur, weather forecast, event management, water proof, find my smartphone, and even Remote control with IrLED (with Gear 2 for example) on top of wellness features HRM tracker, sleep monitor. Some of them have an open SDK which allow user to also download apps
    Activity trackers are today wellknown for its ability to quantify some of the human activities (step, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep, breath monitor, …).
  • Other wearables such as glasses can create soon strong opportunities on specific use cases,
  • smart clothes remain a possibility in the near future.
  • But will it reach mass market ? (activity trackers):
    We need to ensure usage have a long term customer adoption and avoid very short term view
    enthousiasm at the beginnning may reduce quickly after weeks.
    - What could prevent the market development as shown by analyst is that smartphones embed more and more the same tools (sensors, applications) than the ones from the bracelets (For example : S5 embed S Health application, HR monitor, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.).
  • We need also to have a good vision on what will happen next :War has begun between Smart watch & classical watch !
    Creating a breakthrough in the watch market as it downgrades the time as only a feature of a more featured wrist-band… just as the smartphone downgraded the voice as a feature of much more featured phone.
    Today players from classical watch market say there are not worried by this trend as sales are still low.
    While we can consider a watch as an additional screen on which Google, Apple and telecom actors are able to make more money.
    And here the design will be key for the adoption
    The day when technology and design are meeting up together in a single smart bracelet has not happened yet but should come soon.
    At that date time will be over for mid-tier classical watch manufacturer.
    There is an increasing possibility of versatility of wrist-based wearables: interaction with TV, with pedestrian activities, with home connected objects, with wireless payment solution, …These objects should become more powerful in the near future thanks to its interaction with the environment.
    So as part of the global “objects-becoming-connected” evolution, wearable sales will also increase depending on the number of interactions with other connected objects.
    30 million swiss watches sold per year
  • There are Strong technology barriers preventing wearable mass adoption! (2mn)
    … regarding wearables, there are 2 key energy barriers :
    a vast majority of the bands, wrists, smart watches are Bluetooth Low Energy but only the most recent versions of smartphone OS and hardware are compatible with it.
    iOS 5 +
    Android 4.3 +
    • Windows Phone 8.1 + (Nokia only)
    Less than 30% of Orange parc is compatible with BLE.
    battery life of these objects is still very short and only few bands claim long battery life (6 to 12months). Smart watches battery life is worst as we talk about 2 days to a week.
  • On top of this Other commercial barriers …
    Hardware vendors are :
    also locking with exclusive deals or compatibility
    they reserve the  wearable for only high tier smartphones
  • …Again we can observe strong fragmentation & limitations to market development
    Each of these protocols is widely adopted
    Nonetheless, they are very different indeed!
  •  health improvement, people safety, home automation , energy management
    big brother, hacking bugs, attention dispersion
  • Anticipate customer needs
    Listen & answer customer
    Simplify customer journey
  • First moves from Orange has been to : (30s)
    create a website with connected objects, editorial content, e-shop
    create a portfolio & delivery activity to push connected objects in all countries where Orange is present
    Announced at MWC that enable startups to accelerate their development and bring their products to market
  • And if we say these wearable should communicate with the environment … for example Home Automation
    Home : people are looking for more security , more comfort, energy savings at home.
  • Sourcing and manufacturing: By giving you direct access to Orange sourcing and manufacturing worldwide, we can help your business find the right manufacturers for your products and services.
    Communication module integration: We help start-ups get evaluated rapidly for the latest communication modules on the market
    Distribution: We can help young companies speeding up its distribution in an effective way by using our proven sales channels including IoT Corner in France and our European shop in 19 countries, as well as our expanded network of retail outlets worldwide.
    Localisation: we provide country-specific data as well as help in making documentation and packaging relevant to local markets. And that’s where we come in, helping you connect with one of our trusted suppliers
  • Today the Internet of Things is making data as ubiquitous for us as water is for fish. Data is everywhere, from cloud computing, the Internet Of Thing, mobile networks , M2M computing are generating huge amounts of data and it will require more servers to serve data
  • The web is transforming into a vast ocean of data
    Interest of that : you can know what you can track, you can enhance what you can know
    If it’s cumbersome or difficult for the user to get the data , to understand how it operates thhen that is not adding to your life but actually is a burden
    It’s a problem we have to solve “rightly said “Brian kraznich Intel CEO
  • Security of customers' personal data
    Control for customers over their personal data and how it is used
    Transparency in the way data is handled
    Support for customers to help them protect their privacy and manage their data