Complex customer journeys(i-level)


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A presentation about the complex online journeys of users and how we should interpret the influence of all the different marketing channels and brand touchpoints in their path.
This presentation was held by Mark Creighton, managing partner at i-level, at an Orange Online Meetup event. Find more about Orange Online Meetup at

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Complex customer journeys(i-level)

  1. 1. Understanding an increasingly  complex consumer journey How consumer’s view brands as  ‘friends’ in social networks
  2. 2. Understanding an increasingly  complex consumer journey
  3. 3. Purchase journeys are more complex Pre-internet Discussion Purchase Shop 1 Decision with partner Discussion with partner Shop 2 Shop 2
  4. 4. Blogs Consumer reviews Post-internet Official editorial vs. User ratings Post question on Yahoo answers Shop 1 Kelkoo Budget Plasma Screens ‘r’ Decision Purchase Discussion Ebay Google with partner Shop 2 Official Brand site Discussion Banner ads with partner Customer feedback Associated forums Extended network through online communities (messenger / email / facebook)
  5. 5. Making sense of the consumer journey Event type PaIid Search Affiliate Marketing Last Exposure Display SEO Sale Sale Far more than just the last click
  6. 6. Understanding the stages of a journey can  improve effectiveness Last Event +4 Last Event +3 Last Event +2 Last Event +1 Last Event Sale ▪ Paid Search ▪ Affiliate ▪ Display ▪ SEO
  7. 7. 1. A new way of understanding Paid Search  Last Click +4 Last Click +3 Last Click +2 Last Click +1 Last Click Search Sale ▪ Brand Term ▪ Brand Product ▪ Generic (specific) ▪ Generic (broad) Sales increased by 122%
  8. 8. 2. Understanding the role display advertising Most efficient sites Journey cost efficiency Least Efficient sites Journey click efficiency Conversion rate increased by 13%
  9. 9. 3. Only paying affiliates where they add to a sale Event type Display Impression 2. Affiliate →Other 3. Other→Affiliate Display Click Journeys (+) Journeys (‐) Paid Search Natural Search 1. Affiliate–only Affiliates Journeys (+) Sale Reduced cannibilisation of sales by 25%
  10. 10. Understanding journeys is  commercially very powerful 37% increase in total online marketing sales 122% increase in Paid Search sales Display conversion rates improved by 13% Affiliate marketing conversions up to 60% Cannibalisation of sales reduced by 25%
  11. 11. How consumer’s view brands as  ‘friends’ in social networks
  12. 12. Ad to Friends Research Objectives Objectives To determine how social network users  To determine how social network users  understand, engage with and/or object to  understand, engage with and/or object to  brands within these spaces brands within these spaces To measure the level of acceptance or     To measure the level of acceptance or     A quantitative survey of 1,000 16‐35 year old  A quantitative survey of 1,000 16‐35 year old  rejection of brands within this sector from  rejection of brands within this sector from  Social Network users in Britain Social Network users in Britain a quantitative stand point a quantitative stand point In‐depth qualitative interviews with 50 Social  In‐depth qualitative interviews with 50 Social  Network users Network users Online anthropology forum in MySpace over  Online anthropology forum in MySpace over  8 weeks with 1,500 social network users 8 weeks with 1,500 social network users
  13. 13. How would the consumer do it… If you had your own business and you  were going to create a profile to promote  it, which of the following criteria would  you think were necessary?
  14. 14. You’re in my space Be hon est 20% of social network users want  to know the advertiser will keep its  promise – just as a friend would  25% think brands that are  dishonest and unclear about what they  were doing should not be allowed to  advertise in a social network 64% say if they ran a company that  had a profile it must be trustworthy  and honest
  15. 15. Freemiums o ffe d ig r i products bou tal They’re used to getting nty exclusive things for free. wallpaper discount codes 20% of users make friends with a brand because of the ‘free stuff’ that the brand services tickets offers. behind the scenes footage ‘After befriending a brand I expect in return things like discounted products,  freebies, information, updates on products, vouchers and tickets to events.  To add incentive, these things should be exclusive to their MySpace community.  We want to feel special.’ Stuart Jenkins, 20, Portsmouth Stuart Jenkins, 20, Portsmouth
  16. 16. Eye Candy lo o k goo 15% of social network users say d that a brand must have an exciting and attractive profile before they consider making them a friend 810,000 users think that  businesses with badly designed profile  shouldn’t be allowed on the network ‘If a profile is designed badly and  looks very basic, I would question  whether the brand was really behind  it’ Marguerite Pain, 32, Cambridge Marguerite Pain, 32, Cambridge
  17. 17. Huge opportunity if you get it right Post comments about it on other websites (28%) IM others about the advertiser (34%) Forward the advertiser to a friend (19%) Text their friends about it (24%) Talk about the Write or upload content advertiser on a forum about the advertiser on (18%) their own blog or website (18%)
  18. 18. Increase brand preference amongst 16-25 year olds by creating a partnership between Samsung & Music Creating a long term relationship with the audience. Adding value to their community
  19. 19. Creating a relationship with Bebo beyond  advertising Music with Samsung Bebo Nights: Beat: Music Homepage The Samsung’s Home on A daily Bebo will be for A monthly live gig co- on music show Bebo. produced by held at exclusively Samsung Backstage Samsung, Beboers access, competitions, Bebo Endemol and polls, Gibsons studios Branded blogs and videos
  20. 20. The Samsung Beat Hub on Bebo
  21. 21. The qualitative responses
  22. 22. What it has achieved so far.. Exposure 10,200,000 unique users (that’s nearly everyone on Bebo) 6,250,000 Views of the Beat Music show (Daily Music Video show created by Endemol) 745,000 Samsung profile views (the highest number of advertiser views on bebo – ever!)