Language of Social Media


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Discover the language of social media through the lens of Twitter.

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  • Flickr: Jason Howie
  • Language = signs, symbols, sounds, and other methods of communicating information, feelings, or ideas
  • User Activity
    Comparison of Social Networking Sites
  • Explaining Twitter:
  • Follow @orangecanton
  • How to use @ and d messages in #Twitter @megpickard
  • Tweet URL to workshop participants using #LAworkshop
  • Tweet this:
    How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
  • Tweet this:
    How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
  • Tweet this:
    How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
  • Tweet this:
    How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
  • Tweet this:
    How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
  • Tweet this:
    How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
  • Group work – come up with a list of differences
  • Each group to come up with a tweet with 3 or 4 words in alliteration
  • Each group to come up with a tweet with 1 or 2 onomatopoeias
  • Each group to come up with a tweet to include personification.
  • What do these images have in common?
  • Each group to come up with at least one oxymoron tweet
  • Each group to come up with a tweet that contains a newly coined term.
  • Group work – come up with a list
  • Language of Social Media

    1. 1. The Language of Social Media Sherrie Lee Flick r: Ja son H owi e
    2. 2. # @  idk post upload share follow tweet re-tweet lol brb woot
    3. 3. Flickr: Emilio Quintana What is the primary purpose of social media? To share and to be shared in return
    4. 4. mis und erst Inactive ood fa r ilia m uh? H e’s am er gr h a W st In ?
    5. 5. conversations share links news feed networking
    6. 6. First, find people to follow Flickr: Steve Garfield
    7. 7. What happens when you are "following" someone? You see their tweets in your home feed/ timeline. If they've marked their profile as “private”, they must accept you before you can see their Tweets. The reverse happens when someone is “following” you.
    8. 8. Follow @orangecanton
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Twitter Task #1 Find the following to follow: 3 People 2 News 1 Interest
    11. 11. @ DM RT # Twitter basics – symbols, letters and what they all mean.
    12. 12. @ @ precedes a username or "handle" whenever you want that user to see a tweet.
    13. 13. @ @username is a link to username’s Twitter profile
    14. 14. Mention I am learning about social media with @username1 and @username2
    15. 15. Reply or @reply 2 reply 2 another Twitter user / include them in tweet, put “@” b4 their username.
    16. 16. Reply or @reply @username thanks for sharing that article, it was great!
    17. 17. Reply or @reply Thanks @username for sharing that article, it was great!
    18. 18. Reply or @reply If @ is 1st character in tweet, reply is shown 2 “username” + any1 following both of you.
    19. 19. Reply or @reply If @ is not 1st character, then tweet is shown to all of your followers + “username”
    20. 20. Public Reply – everyone can see! Add a period before the username: .@username won first prize in our contest!
    21. 21. DM - Direct Message Pte comm btw 2 users. Use button or start with “D username” or “DM username”. You and username must follow each other.
    22. 22. Twitter Task #2 Have a conversation with people you are following on Twitter.
    23. 23. # - hashtag Marks keyword or topic, also used for humour. Click on #word to show all Tweets with #word.
    24. 24. # - hashtag Learning about Twitter at social media workshop with @newfriend. #LAworkshop
    25. 25. RT - retweet Re-posting another person’s tweet. Quick way to share information. “RT” gives credit to original poster.
    26. 26. RT - retweet RT @STcom Two women fined after being caught on camera for high-rise littering
    27. 27. RT - retweet Most tweets are re-tweets of updates in your timeline. To be “social”, add your comment/ compliment to the original tweet.
    28. 28. RT - retweet “Re-tweet” in will automatically send it out. Copy and paste original text in a new message so you can add new text.
    29. 29. RT - retweet How to tweet like a pro [from @tweetexpert] Great article! RT @tweetexpert How to tweet like a pro [ORIGINAL TWEET] [Your RE-TWEET]
    30. 30. MT – modified tweet How to tweet like a pro [from @tweetexpert] MT @tweetexpert I love this article on Twitter! [ORIGINAL TWEET] [Your RE-TWEET]
    31. 31. via @poster How to tweet like a pro [from @tweetexpert] I love this article on Twitter! (via @tweetexpert) [ORIGINAL TWEET] [Your RE-TWEET]
    32. 32. Re-tweets Don’t Plagiarise! Re-tweets should give credit to the poster (@username1) and to the originator of the tweet (@username2)
    33. 33. Re-tweets How to tweet like a pro 12hjklu by @tweetexpert Great Twitter advice from the experts! by @tweetexpert via @orangecanton [ORIGINAL TWEET] [TWEETED by @orangecanton] [Your RE-TWEET]
    34. 34. Twitter Task #3 1) Continue conversations or express your thoughts but this time add #LAworkshop at the end of your tweet. 2) Re-tweet at least three tweets in your timeline adding your own comments. 3) Click on #LAworkshop to see what people are saying and who is at the workshop.
    35. 35. Check #LAworkshop now for a link to a great social media cheat sheet!
    36. 36. Flickr: DonkeyHotey
    37. 37. How are you tweeting? By Oliver Widder, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license:
    38. 38. Let’s see how Twitter users are using language
    39. 39. Twitter Tips – Your Account Upload a photo. Don’t be an egg. Nobody wants to follow an egg. Craft your bio. You can be serious, witty, but don’t be long-winded. Who’s counting followers?
    40. 40. Twitter Tips – Your Tweets Keep tweets short. Max 140 characters but aim for 120 so there is space to RT. Try HootSuite, Seesmic, Tweetdeck Flickr: PromoBlog Use Twitter clients for easier retweeting, as well as integrating other social media accounts.
    41. 41. The Perfect Tweet How To Write The Perfect Tweet - AllTwitter
    42. 42. The Perfect Tweet Maximum readability Maximum retweetability Try these 3 tips
    43. 43. The Perfect Tweet #1 Take the time to craft your tweet accurately and pleasingly.
    44. 44. The Perfect Tweet #1 Just so fed up with the bad news on #sghaze. Can you stop complaining?!? Gloom and doom of #sghaze surround us but we can get through this together!
    45. 45. The Perfect Tweet #2 Read before you RT. Modify headline as you wish. Share discriminately.
    46. 46. The Perfect Tweet #3 Check for correct spelling and punctuation.
    47. 47. Now that you’re more familiar with tweeting, what’s the difference between the language of websites and the language of social media? Language of Social Media Language of Websites vs. Flickr: juque
    48. 48. O SEO Searchability Repeated key words ay ne w Websites irect D Readability The right length Info rm Social Media Word count Words = $ a ti v e Short and sweet Creative Two way Informal
    49. 49. Twitter = short form communication Content + Context = Communication To master Twitter, find your voice. Dare to have a personality. Be creative, get poetic!
    50. 50. Alliteration Repetition of similar sound at the beginning of words Better busy than bored Keep tweets short, simple and sweet. Fantastic fun in fantasy funland! Your turn! Craft a tweet with 3 or 4 words in alliteration
    51. 51. Flickr: BarbaraMae
    52. 52. Onomatopoeia Naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound Oof. Fell over in my heels. BARK BARK BARK my neighbour’s dog BARK BARK BARK Grrr. Burnt toast again. Your turn! Craft a tweet with 1 or 2 onomatopoeias
    53. 53. Personification Representing a thing or an object as person. Please don’t die lappy! I need you so bad! Meenie, I’m sorry I left you in the ladies. I will miss you! Nothing comes between me and my Sam! Your turn! Craft a tweet to include personification.
    54. 54. Flickr: Cedric Canard Flickr: Carlos Zavala Flickr: MR38
    55. 55. Oxymoron Figure of speech that combines normally contradictory terms jumbo shrimp extremely normal common delicacy Your turn! Craft a tweet that contains an oxymoron.
    56. 56. Neologism A newly coined term made up of existing words unfriend twitterholic bromance Your turn! Craft a tweet that includes a newly coined term.
    57. 57. Twitter Task #4 Get creative with your tweets! On your own or in pairs, compose tweets or RT with comments that contain the following: Alliteration , Onomatopoeia, Personification, Oxymoron, Neologism Remember to include #LAworkshop so we can track your tweets.
    58. 58. What are the dos and don’ts of using language in social media?
    59. 59. links hashtag short acknowledge images  gr8 meh
    60. 60. complain SHOUT jargon show off blab !!!!!
    61. 61. Twitter | LinkedIn | SlideShare @orangecanton