First community-based educational foresight in Russia


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Prepare a roadmap for Russia’s way to the Education of the Future. Initiate the adoption of this roadmap through real projects

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First community-based educational foresight in Russia

  1. 1. EduCamp 2010 Moscow / Bekasovo 17-20 October 2010 an “un-conference” for those who shape the future of education: • educational innovators • experts in education, technology, humanitarian and creative industries • educational start-ups
  2. 2. Why do we need EduCamp  Russia does not participate in the global transformation of education.  The reform of Russian education is driven by several competing initiatives that address mainly short-term local issues.  To overcome this negative tendency, efforts and strategies of all active stakeholders should be streamlined.  This work should be done throughout the whole educational life-cycle , including, but not limited to, secondary or tertiary education
  3. 3. Aim of EduCamp  Prepare a roadmap for Russia’s way to the Education of the Future  Initiate the adoption of this roadmap through real projects
  4. 4. Objectives of EduCamp 2010  Develop a new agenda for Russian educational system relevant to the challenges of today’s world  Create an alliance of organizations aimed at promoting 21 century skills (similar to Partnership for 21 Century Skills initiative in the USA)  Launch several start-ups focused on the education of the future 4
  5. 5. Focus of discussions at EduCamp 2010 Higher and postgraduate education  Transformation of teaching methods and evaluation systems  Education and support for innovative, social and creative entrepreneurship School education  New technologies (humanitarian and information) for education and development  Developing project leadership and community outreach Education beyond educational system  New formats and organizational forms, methods and opportunities for life-long learning 5
  6. 6. Work formats for EduCamp 2010 Foresight A round of debates and brainstorms for developing the «Roadmap of education of the future» with key Russian experts Goal: to draft a foresight map «Education-2030» Start-up Generating ideas and designing educational start-ups using Nachinai.Com technology. Analysis of start-up success stories. Goal: develop 5-8 start-up ideas into investment projects Education A round of workshops on the best educational, technology and creativity practices. Goal: sharing experience, meeting new people, developing new contacts Webcast Interactive webcasts with international education experts Goal: to immerse the content of the “un-conference” into international educational trends» 6
  7. 7. What do we offer to our partners? Audience Access to a unique audience of people who shape the education of the future:  educational innovators  experts in education, technology, humanitarian and creative industries  educational start-ups Reputation  The event will have a broad public impact  The results of the “un-conference” will be presented to top-level official bodies such as Presidential Modernization Committee  The event will be covered in mass and professional media (online and offline) 7
  8. 8. What else do we offer to our partners? Dialogue with colleagues and experts  Opportunity to present and discuss with peers and experts your work relevant to EduCamp topics  Materials (video and presentations) will be published on the website of the “un-converence”, in social and media networks  Key outcomes of the conference will bepublished and discussed in professional community (, Intel Education Galaxy, etc.) PR  Opportunity for showcasing your brand during EduCamp (show-room, workshop, lecture, space branding, etc.) with support from our PR/communication team  Texts, photo, video content placement on partners/organizers/friends websites and in social network 8
  9. 9. Possible partner support Event organization  Financial and in-kind contributions: printing conference materials, travel and accommodation for participants, logistics, speaker fees  Volunteer help in organizing the event  Networking among the expert community  Technology support such as organizing a webcast for our international speakers  Information support: publish announcements and releases, organize webcast through your website, invite guests Content support  Organizing workshops and presentations Financing the future  Help our start-up projects with seed funding 9
  10. 10. EduCamp 2010 in detail Who, what, where, when, with whom
  11. 11. EduCamp 2010 organizers • Metaver: A network of Education 2.0 enthusiasts. • MAS «Intellect of the future»: Russian network of leaders in intellectual and creative education (more than 19K educators from 82 regions of Russia, 80K students, more than 200 yearly contests) • PH International: Operator of 12 educational programs for community development in Russia and CIS, including teacher education programs «Intel – Educaiton for the future» (more than 620K alumni since 2002) • Nachinai.Com: Organizer of professional events for start- up generation and provider of further support to start-up companies • Russian Technology Transfer Network: A network of 70+ innovation centres in 29 Russian regions focused on technology transfer between Russia and EU • FuturoTok: Initiative for developing communicative environments for post-information society 11
  12. 12. EduCamp 2010 overall structure 17 Oct 18 Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct Creation of “Roadmap for the future of education” introduction of main topics “Un-conference” opening, (in Russia and in the world) Discussion, follow-up Start-up weekend (with Nachinai.Com) plans Best educational practices (workshops) Webcasts with international experts 12
  13. 13. Mindmap for «Education -2030» foresight 13
  14. 14. Location of EduCamp 2010  SPA-resort Bekasovo (60 km from Moscow) 14
  15. 15. Our media channels  We have a variety of channels to talk to our audience  Educational institutions  International experts  TV  Web  Press  Radio We constantly expand this list 15
  16. 16. We would be happy to answer your questions Organizing Committee  Program, experts Pavel Luksha +7 985 363 89 92  Foresight Dmitry Peskov  Start-up weekend, venture financing Oleg Manchuliantsev  Partners’ workshops Tatyana Pirog  Fundraising Ilya Savchuk +7 916 121 1992 Our online network:  Communications and PR Olga Duka +7 903 618 92 84  Accommodation in Bekasovo Lev Lyashko