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Why Oral SPA sonic toothbrush


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Learn more about Oral SPA sonic toothbrush

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Why Oral SPA sonic toothbrush

  1. 1. ? ? ?? Why Oral SPASonic Toothbrush?
  2. 2. How fast can youbrush your teeth?300 times? 1,000 times? a minute?
  3. 3. Manual toothbrushmaximum 300 strokes per minute
  4. 4. Non-sonic type electric toothbrushes 2,500 to 7,500 strokes per minute
  5. 5. Oral SPA sonic toothbrush25,000 brush strokes per minute
  6. 6. Effective Plaque &Bacteria RemovalThe high number of sonictoothbrushes strokes whipsaliva and toothpaste into abubbly oxygenated froththat penetrates betweenteeth and into the gum line,dislodging hidden plaqueand the destructive acidsand bacteria.
  7. 7. 3D Brushing UP-DOWN IN-OUT NORMAL BRUSHING SONIC BRUSHINGNormal brushing with sonic vibration plus themotion of these agitated fluids is capable ofdislodging dental plaque, even beyond where thebristles of the toothbrush actually touch.
  8. 8. Reduction of Gum BleedingA sonic toothbrush can clean your teeth without thebristles touching on the teeth and gum. Thus, gumbleeding can be reduced without bristles brushingtoo hard on the gum.
  9. 9. Double layered Trilobal bristle ORAL SPA Bristle Normal BristleDouble layered bristle allowing more spaces forbristle tips movement. Trilobal filament providemore effective cleaning by generating more fluidsthan mono filament.
  10. 10. Replaceable Ameba Brush HeadCompletely soft with a patented proprietary locking system foruser-convenience and non-profligate spending. They are moreaffordable now thanks to this simple design.Flosser HeadComplete oral hygiene involves more than brushing teeth. AmebaFlosser head (included) are design to help keep your mouthhealthy by reaching the spaces your brush cannot.Waterproof & Durable bodySurvived the toughest in-house waterproof testing and yet stillvibrating deep inside 1m of water. Metallic finishing stainless steelbody ensure our product works in all weather condition.Energy SavingRequired only 1 AA battery to power 30 continuous brushing hours.For a dentist suggested 5 minutes brushing duration, 2 times aday, it lasts more than 180 days. Its Green!
  11. 11. If you want to have this teeth
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  13. 13. You may grab anSonic toothbrush NOW!