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What MCQ based Medical Entrance Exam Lacks


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Medical entrance exams are usually through competitive MCQ based entrance exam. There are inherent defects in the system that needs to be cleared before a fool proof way is evolved, particularly for large, diverse student communities in limited resource settings.

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What MCQ based Medical Entrance Exam Lacks

  1. 1. The Weak Link In MCQs Based Medical Examinations
  2. 2. Current System Lacks
  3. 3. Current System Lacks • A Standard Operating Procedure [SOP] for the preparation, validation of MCQs • Heard of any SOP been developed and followed, consistently all over the geographical boundary by all stake holders involved?
  4. 4. Current System Lacks • Validation of MCQs in the database by an internal/ external panel of examiners • Minimum qualification and experience of staff who has been preparing question paper/database
  5. 5. Current System Lacks • Examiners and conflict of interest • Training for Question paper setter to prepare MCQs specifically for this purpose? • Has any training program/modules been conducted? If so the frequency of the same?
  6. 6. Current System Lacks • How are the questions setters selected? • Minimum requirements to be an MCQ setter • Split of questions given for Knowledge, competence, comprehension, application, performance and action in each of the subject tested
  7. 7. Current System Lacks • Defining exact percentage of question related to Problem Based learning decided for exams? • MCQ distracters fixed arbitrarily without a scientific rationale employed for the same? • Content under representation (Under sampling of the content) countered in these examinations
  8. 8. Current System Lacks • Steps to minimize construct irrelevance variance (variables that systematically interfere with the ability to meaningfully interpret scores ratings) • Checking for issues related to test-wiseness such as Grammatical & Logical cues, Word repeats, Absolute terms, Implausible distracters, convergence be checked and negated
  9. 9. Current System Lacks • Minimum or no irrelevant difficulty agents such as Vague terms, poor sequence in numeric data, unnecessary information, unclear or ambiguous information, >1 or no correct answer etc., are kept to minimum? • Has the setters provided with item/distracters writing guidelines ?
  10. 10. Current System Lacks • Question paper checked for concerns (Content, formatting, style) checked after framed • Announcement of standard textbooks prescribed in each subject? • Has curricular validity been checked at least randomly?
  11. 11. Current System Lacks • Item analysis been performed to measure the difficulty index, discrimination index and distracter effectiveness for each MCQ or at least randomly to ensure inter/intra examiner variability and consistency • Steps to make MCQ as a measure of higher cognitive skills
  12. 12. All it needs is a • Standard Operating Procedure written and followed – in spirit and word • Will to change • All stakeholders to be a part of the system and not above/below it
  13. 13. Executive Organizational OutcomeConceptual Phase 1 • Inherent errors in the current system of MCQ Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 • Errors arising during the executing the process • Errors introduced by the examining authority • Failure of the system All These Errors Come Under BE THE CHANGE YOU ASPIRE.. To Find a Solution