THE BEST Wordpress SEO Plugins


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THE BEST Wordpress SEO Plugins

  1. 1. Top WordPress PluginsMy Best WordPress Plugins ListHere you will find plugins that I personally use and acouple that come highly recommended by top onlinemarketers. You may not need them all, but they worktogether beautifully. Stop by and check every once in awhile because I will add new ones after I’ve testedperformance.Akismet – If you set your blog up to allow comments- you are going to get spammed. There arepeople out there who use programs to find blogs and dump hundreds if not thousands of links inyour comment boxes to create inbound links to their sites. Akismet comes with the basicWordPress installation. To activate it all you need is an API key so follow the directions with theplugin to get yours. Use that key on all of your blog sites. Then you can go into your dashboardand lose all that spam with two clicks. If you decide to not allow comments- delete it. You don’twant your database filled with things you are not using. You want a fast loading blog.Auto Excerpt Everywhere – If you are using the HeatMap Theme you may not need this- butthis plugin automatically displays excerpts instead of full post contents in your blog. Customexcerpts and generated excerpts supported.Clicky by Yoast – Website analytics help you manage your blog. I like this one better thanGoogle Analytics. Don’t use both- pick one.CMS Tree Page View I love this simple plugin. When I write posts I generally start with thebasics of a topic. My next post is more advanced on that topic, but WordPress wants to displaymy posts in the order I publish them- so the more advanced are what you see first- not good.Reordering meant manually changing the dates. Not with this plugin. It sets up pages as a “tree”and allows me to drag and drop to re-order them. Go into “settings” and set it up for Posts andyou can drag and drop for posts too. It’s free, simple, and killer!Delete Duplicate Posts – Sometimes you have so much going on it’s hard to remember that youalready posted a particular article. Duplications will cost you in rankings so this plugin runs inthe background making sure you avoid that mistake.Efficient Related Posts – A related posts plugin that works quickly even with thousands of postsand tags. Can be added automatically to the end of posts.Enhanced Search Box – This WordPress plugin simply adds some nice un-obtrusive Javascriptfunctionality to the basic search box. This works out-of-the-box on a WordPress search box onceactivated and gives you the ability to control the default search text from the admin panel.
  2. 2. Exclude Pages – This plugin adds a checkbox, “include this page in menus”, which is checkedby default. If you uncheck it, the page will not appear in any listings of pages so if you want tohave a page that can only be found by having the actual link, this will do it. I offer people whoregister on this site a ton of information on a page just like that. If you want to see the page youhave to register and the link is then sent via my autoresponder email system. You won’t see thepage title anywhere on the site.FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend – This is a plugin detects all ways to access your originalWordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner. You have got to make use of the RSSfeed capability of your blog. Make it easy for people to find your site and keep coming back.Flash Video Player – The flash video plugin for WordPress allows the addition of video (andother media) to a WordPress website using standards-compliant markup and the leading opensource software (Jeroen Wijering’s FLV Player and Geoff Stearns’ SWFObject JavascriptLibrary).FLV Embed – This plugin allows you to put compliant Flash video (FLV) into your posts andsupports video sitemap generation.MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja – This is a killer must-have plugin if you want to monetize yoursite. It lets you copy those long affiliate codes and make them look like they are links to anothersection of your site. There’s a box that allows you to “open in another window” so your visitorstays on your site. And in the tools above all your new posts and pages there will be a drop downlist of each affiliate link you create in the system. You can highlight any words and make theminto anchor text without going into the html. This plugin also allows you to have that doneautomatically. Rapidly increase your affiliate earnings with this monster plugin. It’s veryaffordable- even with the license to allow use on multiple blogs- the way I purchased it. Get thisfirst and then get the Max Banner Ads Plugin below.Max Banner Ads – Banners have proven to get a high click through rate. Most affiliateprograms offer banners. All you need to do is copy the code for the banner and split it to be inputinto this plugin. It’s really simple. There are two parts to the code: the source of the image,which you find by looking for src=”(and then copy what is between the quotation marks), andyour affiliate link. If you use their Ninja Affiliate above you can put in the Ninja Link as youraffiliate link. They work great together.MaxBlogPress Optin Form Adder – You can build and add optin registration forms to yourWordPress blog without dealing with code. If you have an Aweber account you won’t need thisbecause you have great templates there to use in creating forms.Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin will automatically generate a special XML sitemap whichwill help search engines to better index the pages and posts on your blog.No Duplicate Content in Comments – Check comments for duplicate content using GoogleAJAX Search API as they are published. The reason: It prevents people from writing out a
  3. 3. comment and pasting it all over the internet on blog after blog just to get backlinks to their sites.You don’t want duplicate content of any kind showing up on your blog.Official Statcounter Plugin For WordPress – The Official StatCounter WordPress Pluginbrings you all the powerful StatCounter features to your WordPress blog. If your blog is a busyplace, this is a great credibility builder.OnlyWire for WordPress – This one is critical for SEO and promotion. OnlyWire syndicatesyour blog posts to over 30 social networking sites simultaneously when you publish. It takes timeto manually register at all the sites they submit to- but you cannot miss this opportunity. Makesure to check the “auto post all posts” and do not check “auto post all revisions”.Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – This plugin moves all the dashboard management to the topof the dashboard as drop down options. You can try it and if you don’t like the feel of it-deactivate the plugin and you’ll go back to having the controls on the left.Pop Up Domination – Popup Domination is one of the Best WordPress Plugins in existencetoday for capturing leads. It’s loaded with different themes and theme options to match the lookand feel of your WordPress site. I’m telling you that there is absolutely no other popupWordPress Plugin available that compares to the style and effectiveness of Popup Domination.Out of all of the Best WordPress Plugins that do pop up, Pop Up Domination is #1Redirect Old Slugs – Redirect Old Slugs allows you to change your post slugs (the unique URLestablished for your posts) without breaking your permalinks. People requesting the old link willbe redirected to the new link. This all happens automatically so if you decide to change link titlesfor better SEO you are not going to lose any inbound links that you may have worked hard toget.Revision Control – When you write a Post or Page WordPress and you save a draft or publishWordPress saves both the old version and the new. Before I activated this plugin on this site Iwas putting my Super Tools Page together. I looked at the bottom of my dashboard whileworking on that page only to find over 50 revisions were saved. I certainly don’t want to clog mydata base and slow down my site with revisions I will never need. I manually deleted over 50.With the Revision Control WordPress Plugin you can limit the number of post revisions thatremain in storage and never think about it again. I set mine to save only 3.SEO Friendly Images – SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress SEO plugin which automaticallyupdates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes. If your images donot have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the optionsyou set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.SEO No Duplicate – This plugin helps you manage your search engine duplicate content, bysetting your post page’s canonical to the permalink.SEO Smart Links – Having incoming links from high ranked sites is a key to high ranking foryou. Internal links from one article in your site back to another in your site is positive too- not
  4. 4. nearly as relevant as external links- but helpful. The search engines see your internal links as away to enhance your visitors’ experience on your site. It does. And the longer people stay onyour site is important too, so giving them an easy way to find more relevant content is just plainsmart. This plugin will interlink keywords to your other articles for you.Sticky Manager – I use my Heatmap Theme’s Featured Page component to keep my“Welcome” page as my landing page. This plugin lets you Stick a post in first position if that’swhat you are after. Allows simple management of sticky posts from a centralized admin panel.Thank Me Later – This plugin is great. It sends an email to all first-time visitors. You cancompose your email for another call to action- or anything you’d like.TweetMeme Button – This plugin adds a button which easily lets you retweet your blog posts.Tweet Old Post – If you’ve been building a Twitter following this WordPress plugin is theperfect way to sprinkle your posts into your tweets. It has options to add hashtags, leading textand more.Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger – The Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger replacesthe standard WordPress build-in ping functionality and makes many improvements to itincluding making sure your revisions don’t all ping and ping and ping making you look like youare spamming the pinging universe. I have to also tell you that when I first decided to use this Idownloaded the zip file and could not upload it and have it activated. I discovered that the zipcontained another file and the plugin was inside that. It’s called a nested file. I used Filezilla tosolve that by uploading using the FTP (file transfer protocol). It’s free and easy to work. Justdrag and drop. If you are going to put a new plugin into multiple blog sites this FTP Client is ahuge time saver too.User Role Editor – User Role Editor WordPress plugin makes the role capabilities changingeasy. You can change any standard WordPress user role (except administrator).Video Widget – Add more than 25 types of video in your sidebar. Only video Id is required soit’s simple and fast.WordPress Editorial Calendar – This plugin provides a crisp, clean editorial calendar of yourposts both past and present. You can drag and drop articles from one date to another, edit themand much more. This is an amazing organizational tool.WordPress SEO by Yoast: WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most complete free WordPress SEOplugin that exists today for users. It incorporates everything from a snippetpreview that helps you optimize your page titles, meta descriptions and keywords to XMLsitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between. After a couple years of using All In OneSEO Pack I can tell you this is far superior. Don’t try to use both.WP-DBManager – Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restoredatabase, delete backup database , drop or empty tables and run selected queries. Supports
  5. 5. automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database. One of it’s mostimpressive feature is it’s ability to email the entire WordPress database so you can save abackup. By the way, keep your backups in your gmail account on their server. There’s no pointin backing up your data base on you own computer and then losing that backup if your hard drivedies.WP-PageNavi – Those “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” links are boring. With WP-PaveNaviyou can get page buttons so users can go directly to whichever page they want. Plus they look alot better than plain little links.WP Super Cache – This WordPress plugin is a must-have free plugin for two reasons. First, itmakes your pages load much faster. Second, since it stores static versions of your site, it requiresmuch less CPU processing than using WordPress all by itself and enhances your visitors’experience.WP Widget Cache – Cache the output of your blog widgets. Usually it will significantly reducethe SQL queries to your database and speed up your site.