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SOA Directions and upgrade strategies


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prelegent:don Mowbray-Oracle

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SOA Directions and upgrade strategies

  1. 1. High Return SOA Strategies: Realizing the Potential of SOA<br />DR Donald Mowbray <br />Director, Emerging Technologies,<br />Oracle Europe Middle East & Africa<br />
  2. 2. <Insert Picture Here><br />Agenda<br />IT Priorities<br />State of SOA<br />Path to SOA Success<br />Oracle’s SOA Offerings<br />Next Steps<br />
  3. 3. IT Priorities<br />Shift beyond simply Cost Cutting to prepare for driving Growth & Innovation<br />Cost<br />Guarantee Service Level<br />Growth<br />New Products & Services<br />Self Service<br />Optimize Value Chain<br />Automation<br />Consolidation<br />Customer Intimacy<br />
  4. 4. IT Viewed as Strategic to Business Success More CIOs Report to CEOs than Before<br />Source: CIO Magazine, 2009<br />
  5. 5. Demand For IT To Improve Processes Increases In Downturn<br />44%<br />Rising; business units need help to automate and improve processes<br />40%<br />Staying the same<br />16%<br />Dropping; there are fewer new projects being requested or approved<br />Source: Information Week; Outlook 2009<br />
  6. 6. BPM & SOA Deliver Operational Efficiencies<br />Order Management Process<br />Customer Update<br />Partner Onboarding<br />Production Planning<br />Order Entry<br />Inventory Management<br />Billing<br />Shared Services<br />SOA Infrastructure<br />MAINFRAME<br />
  7. 7. Real Success, Proven Results with Oracle<br />Growth & <br />Innovation<br />Cost<br />Reduction<br />35% reduction in recurring maintenance and support costs<br />Integrate 11 acquisitions and build new business of bundling services with products<br />“Agile SOA Methodology” delivers “quote to contract” automation in < 6 months<br />Sale have blossomed from $1.8 million in 1999 to $834 million in 2008<br />Saved 60%+ of typical integration costs <br />Increased customer satisfaction from 47% to 82%<br />
  8. 8. Path to SOA Success<br />Reduce Integration Costs<br />Manage Growth with Governance<br />Improve Productivity<br />Challenges<br /><ul><li>Costly custom integrations
  9. 9. Customization of existing processes
  10. 10. Limited access to business services</li></ul>Challenges<br /><ul><li>Multiple Tools Sets
  11. 11. Multiple Container Deployment and Management</li></ul>Challenges<br /><ul><li>Measuring Impact Analysis
  12. 12. Managing SLAs
  13. 13. Change Management</li></li></ul><li>Improving Productivity<br />
  14. 14. Wireless Internet Video Camera <br />High Performance<br />Color Laser Printer<br />22” Widescreen LCD Monitor<br />Ergonomic, wireless keyboard<br />Wireless Ergonomic Mouse<br />1TB USB Hard Drive<br />Imagine if . . .Application assembly was as easy as connecting hardware<br />
  15. 15. Unified DT and RT Metadata<br /> Unified Customization<br />Unified Packaging & Lifecycle<br />Unified Design Time<br />Mediation<br />Web servicesand adapters<br />SCA Composite Editor<br />BPEL orchestration<br />Human Tasks<br />Spring /Java<br />Business Rules<br />Assembling Composite Applications Simplified Development Environment<br /><ul><li>Rapid, Standards-based Development</li></ul>Process Editor<br />Rules Editor<br />Routing Editor<br />
  16. 16. Unified Service PlatformReduces Infrastructure Complexity<br />Applicationcomposers<br />Service Assembly, Orchestration<br />Repository<br />BPEL<br />HumanWorkflow<br />Mediator<br />BusinessRules<br />IDE<br />BAM<br />11g Service Infrastructure<br />Policy Manager<br />Common JCA-based connectivity infrastructure<br />Optimized binding<br />Oracle Service Bus<br />B2B<br />Web-basedconsole<br />SOA Operations<br />Service virtualization, Shared Service Gateway, Monitoring<br />MAINFRAME<br />14<br />
  17. 17. Unified Platform for Services, Events & ProcessesEnd-to-end Real-Time Agility<br />EDA delivers real-time event processing for monitoring, analyzing, and acting on business process optimization.<br />CEP<br />EDN<br />BAM<br />event<br />Pub-Sub abstraction<br />createSupplier<br />Pattern Matchingacross- time- channels<br />Analytic Views<br />ADF page flowand BC<br />Mobile Devices<br />BAM Dashboards<br />Exception Alerts <br />Declarative<br />Rich subscription semantics<br />event<br />ContextEnrichment<br />Integrated Actions<br />JMS<br />SOA composite<br />ADF (active RCF & DVT)<br />Other event sources(feeds, etc.)<br />close loop<br />
  18. 18. Reducing Integration Costs<br />
  19. 19. Integration of IT Systems<br /><ul><li> 3 – 7x of license spent on services
  20. 20. Costly Upgrades
  21. 21. Proprietary skill sets</li></li></ul><li>Oracle Delivers Sustainable IntegrationOracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA)<br />Packaged Integration Flows For Specific Applications & Processes<br />AIA Process Integration Packs <br />AIA Foundation Packs <br />Oracle SOA & BPM Infrastructure<br />SOA/BPM Framework & Methodology<br />Reference <br />Process Models<br />Common Object Definitions <br />& Standard Shared Services<br />Registry & Repository<br />Service Management<br />B2B Integration<br />Process Management<br />Service Bus<br />Custom, legacy,<br /> others, …<br />
  22. 22. AIA Foundation PackAccelerates Time to Value<br />AIA Foundation Pack<br />Proven by Oracle, Used by Oracle<br />Business Process Driven Approach<br />Facilitates Fusion Applications Adoption<br />Includes 1000+ Standardized Services <br />Works with Any Application<br />5<br />Core Differentiators<br />Pre-built Content<br />(RPM/EBO/EBS)<br />Pre-Defined <br />Reference Patterns<br />SOA/BPM Framework <br />and Methodology<br />FMW <br />Methodology<br />Integration <br />Governance Tools<br />Developer <br />Utilities…<br /><ul><li>Faster Implementations
  23. 23. Reduced Risk
  24. 24. Lower Integration Costs</li></li></ul><li>Available AIA Foundation PacksCross Industry and Industry Specific Foundation Packs <br />Cross Industry Foundation Pack (Base Content and Tools)<br />Industry Specific Foundation Pack Extensions<br />(Industry Specific Process Models & EBO Content)<br /><ul><li>100+ Enterprise Business Objects
  25. 25. XSD (XML Schema Definition),
  26. 26. UML (Unified Modeling Language)
  27. 27. 1000+ Enterprise Business Services
  28. 28. WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
  29. 29. Enterprise Business Messages
  30. 30. Cross Industry Reference Process Models
  31. 31. Oracle BPA Suite Models (L0, L1, L2 and L3)
  32. 32. VCD, EPC and BPMN type models
  33. 33. SOA/BPM Framework and Methodology
  34. 34. Business Service Repository
  35. 35. Error Handling and Diagnostic Framework
  36. 36. Test Harness Framework (Comp App Validation System)
  37. 37. Developer productivity Utilities
  38. 38. Best Practices based programming Model</li></ul>Foundation Pack Extension for Comms:<br /><ul><li>Comms Enterprise Business Objects and related Services
  39. 39. Industry specific L1-L3 Business Process Models
  40. 40. Industry Standards Compliant</li></ul>Foundation Pack Extension for Utilities:<br /><ul><li>Utilities Enterprise Business Objects and related Services
  41. 41. Industry specific L1-L3 Business Process Models
  42. 42. Industry Standards Compliant</li></ul>Foundation Pack Extension for Insurance:<br /><ul><li>Insurance Enterprise Business Objects and related Services
  43. 43. Industry specific L1-L3 Business Process Models
  44. 44. Industry Standards Compliant</li></li></ul><li>Create Quote/Order<br />Bill/Payment<br />Configure Product<br />Check Availability<br />Pick, Pack, Ship<br />Confirm Order<br />AIA Process Integration Packs (PIPs)Designed for Specific Business Process – Reduces Costs & Effort<br />Silo’d Siebel Processes<br />Example: Oracle AIA Order to Cash<br />“Process Integration Pack”<br /><ul><li>Create Opportunity
  45. 45. Create Quote/Order
  46. 46. Confirm Order…
  47. 47. Bill/Payment</li></ul>Silo’d E-Business Suite Processes<br /><ul><li>Configure Product
  48. 48. Check Availability
  49. 49. Pick, Pack and Ship
  50. 50. Billing and payment processing…</li></ul>Delivers predefined processes and integration flows (average 10-20):<br /><ul><li>Customer Management (6 integration flows)
  51. 51. Order Management (2 integration flows)
  52. 52. Product Management (3 integration flows)
  53. 53. Price List Management (2 integration flows)
  54. 54. Process Integration for Quotes (1 integration flow)
  55. 55. Services Calls (ATP Check, Credit Check, Payment Auth, Shipping Charges)
  56. 56. Asset Management (3 integration flows)</li></li></ul><li>Available AIA Integration Packs35+ Cross Industry and Industry Specific Integration Packs <br />Industry Specific<br />Cross Industry<br />Process Integration Packs<br /><ul><li>Design to Release:(Agile PLM to Oracle EBS)
  57. 57. Design to Release:: Agile PLM to JDE E1
  58. 58. Design to Release: (Agile PLM to SAP)
  59. 59. Order to Cash: (Siebel to SAP)
  60. 60. Customer MDM: (UCM to SAP)
  61. 61. Order to Cash: (Siebel CRM to Oracle EBS Order Management))
  62. 62. Trade Promotions Mgmt: (Siebel CRM to Oracle Trade Mgmt)
  63. 63. Customer MDM (Siebel, EBS, UCM)
  64. 64. Product MDM (PIM, Siebel, EBS)
  65. 65. Lead to Order: (CRM On Demand to JDE World)
  66. 66. Lead to Order: (CRM On Demand to E-Business Suite)
  67. 67. Lead to Order (Oracle CRM On Demand to JDE E1)
  68. 68. Financial Consolidation (Oracle FAH to PeopleSoft)
  69. 69. Project Mgt: (Primavera to E-Business Suite)
  70. 70. Project Mgt: (Primavera to JD Edwards E1)
  71. 71. Workforce Administration for PSFT HR</li></ul>Direct Integrations<br /><ul><li>Order to Ship (Oracle EBS to OTM)
  72. 72. Trade Management (Demantra, Siebel CRM Consumer Goods)
  73. 73. Oracle Value Chain Planning (Demantra, JDE E1)
  74. 74. Oracle Value Chain Planning (Demantra, PSFT) Enterprise</li></ul>Process Integration Packs<br /><ul><li>Communications
  75. 75. Order to Bill (Siebel CRM to Oracle Comms BRM)
  76. 76. Agent Assisted Billing Care (Siebel CRM to Comms BRM)
  77. 77. Revenue Accounting (Oracle Comms BRM to Oracle EBS)
  78. 78. Customer MDM (Siebel Comms, UCM)
  79. 79. Logistics Service Providers
  80. 80. Financial Management (OTM to Oracle EBS)
  81. 81. Order Management ( OTM, Oracle EBS and Siebel CRM)
  82. 82. Driver Management (OTM and Oracle EBS)
  83. 83. Retail Financial Operations Control
  84. 84. Oracle Retail to PeopleSoft
  85. 85. Oracle Retail Merchandising to E-Business Suite
  86. 86. Banking Account Originations (Siebel CRM to i-flex)
  87. 87. Health Sciences: Oracle Clinical to Siebel Clinical
  88. 88. High Tech / Mfg: Siebel CRM to Oracle Incentive Compensation
  89. 89. Utilities Field Work: CC&B to MWM and WAM</li></ul>Direct Integrations<br /><ul><li>Life Sciences: Call to Case (Siebel Life Sciences to Oracle AERS)
  90. 90. Oracle Utilities : CC&B to PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials & CC&B to Oracle EBS and CC&B to JDE Financials
  91. 91. Oracle ETM to PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials
  92. 92. Oracle ETM to Oracle EBS Financials</li></li></ul><li>KPN Drives a Customer-Centric Approach and Simplifies IT Systems with Oracle AIA<br />Challenges<br />Solution<br /><ul><li>Accelerate time-to-market for Services and Products
  93. 93. Leverage common services across multiple channels
  94. 94. Simplify IT landscape and reduce IT costs </li></ul>Results<br /><ul><li>Automated Order to Billing Activation process
  95. 95. Reduced overall effort to go to market by 10-20%
  96. 96. Deployment in consumer fiber services division in less than 6 months
  97. 97. Accelerated time to market for new products and services by 30%
  98. 98. Integrated:
  99. 99. Oracle Siebel CRM 8.0
  100. 100. Oracle Financials
  101. 101. Oracle PeopleSoft Human Resources
  102. 102. Oracle Communications
  103. 103. Using
  104. 104. Oracle SOA Suite
  105. 105. AIA PIPs for Oracle Communications</li></li></ul><li>Drive Savings Throughout Integration Lifecycle<br />AIA Case Study Results*<br />Implement<br />Traditional custom integration<br />Application Integration Architecture<br />20% Cost reduction<br />Upgrade<br />55% Cost reduction<br />AIA Case Study Results*<br />Maintain<br />Average Initial<br />Implementation Time & Effort<br />10 Months<br />50% Cost reduction<br />30%<br />7 Months<br />3 Months<br />Average Upgrade Time & Effort<br />*Source: 5 year TCO Oracle Study with Telco Customers, 2008<br />50%<br />1.5 Mos<br />
  106. 106. Managing Growth with Governance<br />
  107. 107. Lack of Governance Inhibits SOA Adoption<br />Q: What, if anything, has or will inhibit SOA adoption at your company? (Infoworld)<br />Base: 592 (Among qualified respondents)<br />
  108. 108. Oracle SOA Governance Framework<br />SOA Governance Definition Method<br />SOA Governance Reference Model<br /><ul><li> Aligns People, Process, and Technology
  109. 109. Agile, Decision, and Accountability Framework</li></li></ul><li>SOA GovernanceClosed-Loop Lifecycle Control<br />Design<br />Develop<br />Analyze<br />& Model<br />Design Time<br />Deploy &<br />Secure<br />Policy Management<br />Monitor<br />Policies<br />& SLAs<br />Retire Services<br />Manage Change<br />SLA Management<br />
  110. 110. Integrated SOA Governance Comprehensive Governance & Policy Management<br />Registry/Repository<br />Policy Manager<br />SOA Management Pack<br />Publish, Discover, Change Manage Services<br />Federated Policy Manager<br />Provision Services & Monitor SLAs<br />
  111. 111. Oracle acquires<br /><ul><li>Background
  112. 112. In January 2010, Oracle announced the acquisition of SOA management leader – AmberPoint
  113. 113. The AmberPoint solution has become part of Oracle’s FMW SOA management and FMW WLS management
  114. 114. Heterogeneous support will be provided via Non-Oracle Middleware management
  115. 115. Extends our current SOA Management and WLS Management
  116. 116. Compelling value proposition
  117. 117. Highly differentiated
  118. 118. Complementary to existing Oracle products
  119. 119. Legal Entity Combination 1st April 2010</li></li></ul><li>SOA Management & Business Transaction Management<br />End-to-End, Application Level View<br />Process Engine<br />Service Bus<br />Live tracking of individual transactions<br />Spans all interacting tiers and applications, beyond a single app server<br />Encompasses servers, applications, ESB's, OSB, appliances, and more<br />Leverages transaction content for business visibility and interactive management<br />Non-invasive approach avoids modifying applications or messages<br />No "tracers" or headers required<br />Requires no coding/deployment cycle<br />Unique patent pending"fingerprinting“ algorithm<br />Doesn't disrupt applications or messaging systems<br />Overcomes "uncooperative" components beyond management control<br />
  120. 120.          <br />6000+ SOA CustomersSample List<br />
  121. 121. Oracle Product OfferingsComplete. Open. Integrated<br />Methodology Driven Process Design<br />Unified Events and Services, Process Execution<br />Service Registry, Repository, & Management<br />SOA Building Blocks & Productized <br />Integrations<br />SOA Governance<br />BPA Suite<br />AIA Foundation Packs & PIPS<br />
  122. 122. Oracle SOA & BPM ProductsBroad Industry Recognition for Innovation<br />Leader<br />Leader<br />“Hands down, the most comprehensive and easy to use SOA product on the market today”<br />Best Complex Event Processing Solution<br />Application Infrastructure for SOA Composite Projects MQ<br />Application Infrastructure for New Semantic SOA Application Projects MQ<br />Leader<br />Leader<br />Leader<br />Application Infrastructure for Back-End Application Integration Projects MQ<br />Integrated SOA Governance Technology Sets MQ<br />Forrester Wave: Enterprise Service Bus<br />Best Web Services Orchestration Solution<br />
  123. 123. Oracle Fusion MiddlewareComplete, Integrated, Hot-Pluggable, Best-of-Breed<br />
  124. 124. Next StepsTake the SOA & BPM Assessments –<br />Examination<br />Detailed survey focused on key process and architecture domains<br />Diagnosis<br />Based on complex analytics results<br />Compared vs. peer group<br /><ul><li>Prescription
  125. 125. Actions to Consider - Go forward plan based on results
  126. 126. Potential Business Impact - Best practices identified and utilized</li></li></ul><li>