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Gestión de infraestructura tomcat/Tom EE con tfactory


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Gestion de infraestructura tomcat/Tom EE con tFactory
Speaker: Cesar Hernandez
Event: OTN Tour 2016 - Guatemala

Published in: Technology
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Gestión de infraestructura tomcat/Tom EE con tfactory

  1. 1. Gestión de infraestructura Tomcat/TomEE con tFactory César Hernández CesarHernandezGt @CesarHgt CesarHernandezGt Guatemala OTN Tour 2016
  2. 2. ●  Arquitecto de software ●  Parte de OTN Speaker Bureau. ●  Oracle Certified Professional ●  Autor artículos en Oracle Technology Network Latinoamérica. ●  Revisor técnico para Manning Publications Co. ●  +8 años Diseño e impl. de Java EE. ●  Personal Training y conferencias técnicas. ●  Blogger de TIC’s independiente César Hernández. CesarHernandezGt @CesarHgt CesarHernandezGt Artículos OTN.
  3. 3. /Guate.Java.User.Group Grupo de Usuarios Java Guatemala /ouggt Grupo de Usuarios Oracle Guatemala /nullpointersband Java Community Rock Band /EventosJEspanol JEspañol Participación activa en comunidades otn-speaker-bureau OTN Speaker Bureau
  4. 4. Agenda ● Apache Tomcat o Uso o Tecnología o Punto de vista comercial o DevOps ● tFactory o Casos de uso comúnes o Características o Arquitectura o Demo ● QA
  5. 5. Apache Tomcat (Usage) Eclipse community survey 2014 Java Tools and Technologies Landscape for 2014
  6. 6. Apache Tomcat (Usage) Jlastic Software Stacks Market Share: 2nd Quarter of 2015 of-2015/ Most popular Java EE containers: 2015 edition
  7. 7. Apache Tomcat (Technology) 1999 2003 2007 2011 2014 Today Tomcat 9.0.30 TomEE 7.0.1
  8. 8. Apache Tomcat (Commercial) ● Monitoring o Profiling tools o JVM Communication (JMX) o Internal components ● Management o Configurations o Deployments o Security o Data Sources o Multi server environment
  9. 9. Apache Tomcat (DevOps) ● “Kind of Management” o Configurations o Deployments o Security o Data Sources o Multi server environment jboss-ews-2-0
  10. 10. tFactory Open Source Project to manage Apache Tomcat™ instances over a network easily. @tFactorySystem
  11. 11. tFactory
  12. 12. tFactory
  13. 13. tFactory common usage scenario ●  Which ports are available in a remote server? ●  Which ports does the current instances have configured on remote server? ●  Can you create a new instance in less than 1 minutes with custom settigns? ●  Can you give me a report of all the instances in our environment with his respective ports configuration now?
  14. 14. tFactory common usage scenario ●  Can you create a image template and be distributed on remote servers in less than 2 minute? ●  What are we going to do if operations guys don't know how to use use Chef, Puppet or other hightech cool tool that can help to manage Apache Tomcat™ intances?
  15. 15. tFactory features ●  Add/Remove remote servers. ●  Monitor remote t-factory-agent status. ●  Register/Deregister instances already created on remote servers. ●  Creation of new instances on remote servers with auto and manual selection of available ports. ●  Instance template catalog capability. ●  Monitor changes on configuration (currently server.xml file) of remote instances. ●  Internationalized GUI
  16. 16. tFactory architecture Vm Container <http(s)>
  17. 17. tFactory Demo Apache Tomcat and Apache TomEE
  18. 18. tFactory Roadmap ●  Authentication and Authorization ●  Log4j incorporation ●  Configure memory parameters to instances when they are created from the tFactory server. ●  Configure jmx port parameter to instances when they are created from the tFactory server. ●  Datasource managements. ●  GUI edition of global configurations.
  19. 19. tFactory is Open Source Open for Contributing ● ● ●  @tFactorySystem
  20. 20. PREGUNTAS? César Hernández CesarHernandezGt @CesarHgt CesarHernandezGt