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Ugf10371 pdf 10371_0001

  1. 1. Usability and Features of OracleFusion Applications, Built uponOracle Fusion MiddlewareDebra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 0
  2. 2. Session ExtractWhen you buy a book on Amazon or a flight online, the systems are intuitive and easy to use and you don’t need a training course to use them. Oracle Fusion Applications bring this usability to your enterprise, with industry best processes. Simple to use, with everything in one place and business changes made by the business, these applications are what we have been waiting for. So how is this achieved? Oracle Fusion Applications are built with Oracle Fusion Middleware, and the features you will see in this presentation can be used to extend your current IT estate. Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 1
  3. 3. - Partner, King Training Resources - Board Member, ODTUG - Oracle Ace - Member Oak Table Network - Oracle Developer since 1986 - ADF & SOA Course Developer (and other King Training courses) - ODTUG Kscope 12 Best Speaker: John King Fusion Middleware TrackDebra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 2
  4. 4. Oracle Users ‘Lighting the Fuse’ - Real World Fusion DevelopmentOracle Fusion Middleware is still an abstract concept for many –ODTUG has assembled leading practitioners to show the real-world usefulness of the many tools included11:00-11:45 Debra Lilley Usability and Features of Fusion Apps, Built upon Fusion Middleware12:00-12:45 Mark Farnham Jump-start Your Fusion Jerry Ireland Middleware Installation1:00-1:45 Tina Thorstenson Fusion in Higher Education2:15-3:00 Mark Rittman Integrating BI with Oracle Fusion Middleware: Tips, Techniques, and Opportunities3:15-4:15 Luc Bors Mobile Development with Jdeveloper and ADF Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 3
  5. 5. Debra Lilley – Oracle ACE Director, OCP & Oracle Masters – Oracle Alliance Director and Fusion Champion for Fujitsu UK & Ireland – Fusion Applications UX advocate – Council Member and Past President UKOUG – Oracle App since 9.4.1 (17 years) – End User Advisor for Constellation Research – 2008 Oracle Magazine Award ‘User Group Evangelist of the Year – 2011 SOA Community Award WinnerDebra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 4
  6. 6. Oracle Slide with permission 5
  7. 7. Fusion ApplicationsDebra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 6 6
  8. 8. Design PrinciplesOracle Slide with permission 7
  9. 9. Fusion Apps DemoOracle Slide with permission 8
  10. 10. Understanding Fusion Applications• What we do today And in• Enter Journals – ADI Fusion Apps• The impact – run a report / query a balance• Slice & dice / Consolidate – export to OFA / HFM• Query a journal entry – identify user Everything in – FND_user one place – Corporate address book – Phone / email• Add a flexfield – Include in ETL – Add to each level of BI Apps? Debra Lilley ? OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 9
  11. 11. The Database• Just Two unless………….. – You install in stages – You Use in Co-existence model• BI Apps Data warehouse• Fusion Apps Transactional Database – Schema (EBS & Siebel Based) – MetaData Store – Essbase Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 10
  12. 12. Same Questions Every TimeCan I do it in the Cloud?Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 11
  13. 13. The Tube Map• Simple to Navigate• Lines or Routes• Stops or stations Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 12
  14. 14. Our Topology Artist • Sten Vesterli – Danish Oracle User Group – Author of Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Enterprise-Application- Development/dp/1849681880 – Oracle ACE Director and Fusion Applications UX AdvocateDebra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 13
  15. 15. Map Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 14
  16. 16. Richard Bingham• Oracle Fusion Applications Support• Author of First Book• Chapter 1 available at his stop• http://richardbingham.w Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 15
  17. 17. Richard BinghamSenior Principal Engineer, Proactive Support, Supportability Engineering • I have one of the best jobs at Oracle – We innovate, automate, improve, analyze and collaborate to provide “best support” experience to Oracle customers. • 12 years with Oracle Support • Done my time in the SR trenches, now making it better!! Oracle Slide with permission 16
  18. 18. Oracle’s Commitment to Providing Best Support Built the Best Support Team • Formed in 2008, 3 years before the product release • 250 Engineers trained globally & 100+ more in 8-12months • Multi-discipline – Oracle Applications: EBS, PLSFT, SBL, JDE etc – Oracle Technologies: Apps, FMw, RDBMS, Dev Tools etc • Fully backed by Oracle DevelopmentOracle Slide with permission 17
  19. 19. Oracle’s Commitment to Providing Best Support Participated in entire product development lifecycle with proactive focus Supportability Engineering Strategy Launch & • Focus on Error preventionRelease Planning Maintenance Requirements Processes • Input into feature design Design Construct Supportability Engineering Release Readiness • Supportability design Quality reviews • Tooling and processes Fusion Support Delivery • Supportability testing • Focus on faster resolution Application Maintenance And Support • Incidents & Diagnostics • Error message reviews Oracle Slide with permission 18
  20. 20. Glimpse: The Fusion Support Ecosystem Embedded HelpUser Experience Great Feedback MessagesUser Assistance Central Help PortalUser Support MyOracleSupport Embedded Diagnostic Frameworks Oracle Slide with permission 19
  21. 21. TAKE AWAYSFusion<Insert Picture Here> Applications is a window on FMWinvestment in FMW today is aninvestment protected, it is key toOracle Fusion ApplicationsMost important, YOURUSERGROUP CAN HELP YOUUNDERSTAND
  22. 22. QuestionsDebra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 21
  23. 23. My Presentations• Mon 10:30 – 10:50 SBH4843 Booth 2407 MS Exhibit Hall – How Fujitsu Built Its Oracle Cloud for Its Customers• Wed 11:45 12:45 CON10923 MW 2012 – Consolidation: Optimize Your Entire Oracle Investment as a Platform for Growth• Wed 15:30 16:30 CON9467 MW 3002 – Oracles Roadmap to a Simple, Modern User Experience• Wed 17:00 18:00 CON3543 MW 3002 – Consolidation for the Cloud Debra Lilley OOW ODTUG Fusion Symposium 2012 22
  24. 24. Thanks To: • Fusion Apps Development Team • Fusion UX Team • For the Invitation • You for listeningOracle Slide with permission 23