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Modern Customer Service for Retail


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Modern Customer Service for Retail

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Modern Customer Service for Retail

  1. 1. MODERN CUSTOMER SERVICE Engage Customers, Empower Employees, Adapt Quickly VERY FEW RETAILERS SURVIVE BEYOND A GENERATION RETAIL AGENTS AREN’T EMPOWERED RETAILERS REAP THE BENEFITS Make it easy to serve customers Adapt easily to your business’ changing needs more spend from cross- channel shoppers10 3.5X higher sales with improved customer insight11 10% of consumers pay 10-25% more for better service12 86% MODERN CUSTOMER SERVICE means you Start modernizing today: ENGAGE CUSTOMERS EMPOWER EMPLOYEES ADAPT QUICKLY 1.  Go-Golf, “How People Spend Their Time Online,” February 2, 2012 2.  Forbes, “Are Brands Wielding More Influence In Social Media Than We Thought?” May 7, 2012 3.  Economist Intelligence Unit, “New Directions: Consumer Goods Companies Hone a Cross-Channel Approach to Consumer Marketing,” February 17, 2012 4.  Aberdeen Group, "The 2012 Omni-Channel Retail Experience," January 2012; Ravenshoe Packaging, "What is Shopper Marketing?" September 7, 2012 5.  Bigcommerce, "Only 12% of the Top 500 Online Retailers Have Mobile Support," July 14, 2010; Amdocs, "Improved Proactive Care, Mobile Self-Service Tools Can Increase Service Provider Net Promoter Scores," February 5, 2013 6.  BizReport, "Better customer service will increase online sales," July 20, 2010 7.  Ashton, "My Top 8 Drivers for Employee Engagement," 2014; National Business Research Institute, "Engaged or disengaged? That is the question," 2014 8.  LogMeIn & e-tailing group, “Fourth Annual BoldChat Live Chat Effectiveness Report,” June 7, 2012 9.  Ibid. 10.  ZDNet, "Five Big Data Trends Revolutionizing Retail," August 16, 2013 11.  Ibid. 12.  Harris Interactive, "Customer Experience Impact Report," 2011 HOW WELL ARE YOU ENGAGING CUSTOMERS? Make it easy for customers to engage with you haven’t integrated touch points even though 73% of consumers shop in 5+ channels4 75% lack mobile support even though 80% of service inquiries come from mobile devices5 88% reason consumers buy more online is better service6 #1 78% of consumers shop online1 81% of purchases are influenced by social2 41% of consumer goods companies now sell direct3 What’s your survive & thrive plan? aren’t engaged in their job but 72% believe they can improve service with the right tools7 69% of consumers say their first use of chat was for service while shopping online8 42% higher conversions with proactive chat9 8X