Partner Webcast - Rethink HR! Introducing new Fusion HCM


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Delivered on 05 july 2012
by Csaba Feher, Oracle HCM Senior Sales Consultant
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Partner Webcast - Rethink HR! Introducing new Fusion HCM

  1. 1. “This slide format serves to call attention to a quote from a prominent customer, executive, or thought leader in regards to a particular topic.” Name Title, Company Name CUSTOMER 1| © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. <Insert Picture Here>Partner WebcastRethink HR! Introducing New Fusion HCMCsaba Fehér, Senior HCM Sales Consultantcsaba.feher@oracle.comJuly 5, 2012
  4. 4. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 4
  5. 5. £1000,000 £500,000How many HCM customers do we have £250,000 Globally? £125,000 £64,000 £32,000 £16,000 £8,000 £4,000 £2,000 £1,000 £500 £300 a) 12,500+ b) 4,500+ £200 £100 c) 2,000+ d) 8,000+
  6. 6. World’s Greatest HCM Solutions The largest HCM installed base, with 12,500 global customers 2 of the top 3 world largest employers are using our HCM 80% of the world largest employers are using our HCM
  7. 7. £1000,000Grartner’s HCM market share report for £500,000 £250,0002010/2011 states that our global market £125,000 £64,000 growth is? £32,000 £16,000 £8,000 £4,000 £2,000 £1,000 £500 £300 a) 16.5% b) 4.5% £200 £100 c) 1% d) 9%
  8. 8. Gartner: HCM Vendor Growth Oracle the market leader in HCM Oracle took over the top market share in HCM in 2005. By 2007, it had 38% of the market, while SAP had 32% - Source:(Gartner MarketScope for Large Enterprise HRMS, 2008) WW HCM Vendor Growth EMEA HCM Vendor Growth 19.7% 16.5% 16.9% 23.2% Growth 2010 13.7% 17.4% Growth 2011 Growth 2010 10.5% Growth 2011 8.0% 8.3% 9.9% 7.3% 8.3% 4.9% 3.1% 0.8% -7.0% SAP Oracle Kronos Concur SAP Oracle Sage NorthgateSource: Gartner’: “Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide 2011,” March 29, 2012, By Colleen Graham, Joanne Correia, David Coyle, Fabrizio Biscotti, Matthew Cheung, Ruggero Contu,Yanna Dharmasthira, Tom Eid, Chad Eschinger, Bianca Granetto, Hai Hong Swinehart, Sharon Mertz, Chris Pang, Asheesh Raina, Dan Sommer, Bhavish Sood, Marianne DAquila, Laurie Wursterand Jie Zhang
  9. 9. Analyst reports
  10. 10. £1000,000 £500,000How Many HCM products can we offer? £250,000 £125,000 £64,000 £32,000 £16,000 £8,000 £4,000 £2,000 £1,000 £500 £300 a) 3 b) 4 £200 £100 c) 5 d) 2
  11. 11. Greatest Choice of HCM SolutionsE-Business PSFT A variety of world class solutions to meeting customer needs Fusion Taleo
  12. 12. Oracle Fusion ApplicationsWHY?-HOW?-WHAT? 12
  13. 13. The Driving Force: A New Inflection Point 13
  14. 14. Oracle Fusion ApplicationsWHY?-HOW?-WHAT? 14
  15. 15. The Making of Fusion ApplicationsStarted with a Modern PlatformIndustry-leading, standards-based, configurable, adaptive and secure FusionMiddlewareBuilt Best Practice Business Processes Based On Hundreds of Years ofLearningE-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SiebelReinvented the User ExperienceRole-based user interface, embedded decision support, pervasive collaborationMade Ready for the CloudPrivate or public cloudAll in Collaboration with Oracle’s Customers and Partners
  16. 16. Designed for (and by) people like you.Financial Services Professional High Tech Communications Services Education & Healthcare Retail Manufacturing & Research Other 16
  17. 17. The New Standard for WorkCustomer-Driven User Experience User Experience Program Field Studies Usability Testing 1,000 Customers 700 Users 4,000 Hours • 180 roles • 18 usability labs • 6 countries Up to 60% • 8 locations worldwide • E-Business Suite, Siebel, Productivity • Recording of eye- PeopleSoft, JD Edwards hand-screen behavior Gain* * Estimate based on models 17
  18. 18. Oracle Fusion ApplicationsWHY?-HOW?-WHAT? 18
  19. 19. Oracle Fusion HCM TALEO COMING SOON Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management NEWHuman Payroll & Compensation Performance &Resources Benefits Management Goal Mgmt Learning Workforce Workforce Network at Predictions Lifecycle Mgr Work Talent Review Recruitment Org Chart Poeple Gallery Worker Portrait Workforce Directory Management Network at Work Time&Labor HR
  20. 20. Complete Choice Upgrades Solutions Deployment Applications Unlimited  Oracle Applications  Public Cloud  Lifetime Support  Suite  Private Cloud  Continued  Family  On Premise Innovation  Module  Hybrid  Frequent Releases  Integrations 20
  21. 21. Oracle Fusion ApplicationsFUSION HCM DEMO 21
  22. 22. Provides Value for the Entire Workforce 22
  23. 23. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Value for the Entire Workforce Value for HR Professionals Value for Managers and Business Leaders 23
  24. 24. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management The Power to The Power The Power to OPTIMIZE to KNOW ACT Effective Empowered Engaged Management HR Professionals Employees 24
  25. 25. OLD REALITYHuman ResourcesOur HR systemkeeps us fromhaving a completeand accurate viewof our workforce.
  26. 26. OLD REALITY Self ServiceI need to automatemy HRtransactions andhave a better viewof my workforce. 26
  27. 27. OLD REALITY Networking We rely on who we know or who we’ve met. I wish there was a better way to network with employees. 27
  28. 28. Network at Work • Person Gallery • Org Chart • Worker Portrait • Activities and Interests • Kudos • Connections • My Portrait • Network Activities DEMO
  29. 29. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “Fusion alleviates a lot of the administrative tasks on HR, and HR can really transform into what they want to be, which is more a business partner to the senior executive team. They have more time to do analytics rather than making address changes. ” – Cox Communications
  30. 30. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “Loved it. Layout, layout, hot- links, train-stops - ease of setup. Quick access to everything that is needed to complete the setups” “I liked the layout. Easy for me to read, understand and make changes” – Prince Georges County Public Schools 30
  31. 31. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “The network at work capabilities are awesome. Younger employees are already doing it.” “They want to be able to connect and find people who do this. And they dont want to have to go through this whole chain of command and proper channels to find the answer to a simple question.” – California State University 31
  32. 32. OLD REALITYAnalyzing the WorkforceWe are alwaysreacting toissues, instead ofbeing able toanticipate andprevent them. 32
  33. 33. OLD REALITYCompensationI have very littlebudget to spend and Ihave no idea if it’sgetting allocatedeffectively. 33
  34. 34. SVP HCM • Workforce Predictions (SVP) • Manager Resource Dashboard • Org Chart • Workforce Compensation • Talent Review • My Portrait (Worker) DEMO
  35. 35. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “The analytics just make it pop, you know? The charts, the graphing, the predictive analytics is really neat. The modeling capability in the compensation module was another great feature. We just dont have that today. So having that kind of capability is really exciting.” – McKesson 35
  36. 36. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “Our managers will be able to give raises on the spot by looking at the real-time analytical reports and knowing exactly how much they can give without jeopardizing their budget.” – Vance Info 36
  37. 37. OLD REALITY Supporting Leadership in their Talent DecisionsI spend more timepreparing documentsfor a leadershipmeeting than I doadding value. 37
  38. 38. Talent Review • Talent Review meeting • 9-box • Move Worker in the 9-box DEMO
  39. 39. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “Our Talent Review meetings will be much more meaningful using this product. The data that is captured and the abilities to make updates to the system immediately is an attractive feature.” – Cox Communications 39
  40. 40. OLD REALITYSetting Goals I set goals once a year and never look at them until review time. 40
  41. 41. Goal Management • Performance goals • Development goals • Personal goals • Add goals • Align goals • Organization goals • My Directs Goals • My Organization Goals DEMO
  42. 42. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “What’s new in how you manage goals is very exciting. Its so much more dynamic, and it allows so much more interaction between the employee and the manager. Just by the ease of the tool -- and it makes it a lot simpler to do the various pieces of the puzzle.” – California State University 42
  43. 43. OLD REALITY The Performance ReviewEveryone thinksperformance reviewsare a hassle. Peopledon’t see the value. 43
  44. 44. Performance Management • My Organization • My Directs • Competencies • Goals • Overall Summary • Overall Ratings • Kudos • My Performance DEMO
  45. 45. Oracle Fusion HCM Reality “With performance management, Oracles got something we like. Its not cumbersome. I think the easiest sell is to a manager because it will take him one minute to do a transaction -- whereas today it takes him 10 minutes.” “Oracle really listened to us.” – University Hospitals 45
  46. 46. Next Steps Continue on Your Current Path Adopt a Co-existence Strategy Embrace the Full Fusion Suite 46
  47. 47. 47
  48. 48. “This slide format serves to call attention to a quote from a prominent customer, executive, or thought leader in regards to a particular topic.” Name Title, Company Name CUSTOMER 48| © 2011 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential